Deane Biermeier

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Deane Biermeier is a contractor with nearly 30 years experience in home repair, maintenance, remodeling, and carpentry.


  • Member of The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board
  • 27+ years of experience in the remodeling, repair, and maintenance of residential property industry
  • 16+ years self-employed in the industry
  • Licensed building contractor from 2002 to 2008 (contractor number BC-572364)
  • Currently active in the operation of a local home repair and DIY consultation service
  • Certified lead carpenter by The National Association of the Remodeling Industry in 2003
  • Received the Environmental Protection Agency certification

  • Received the Minnesota Special Engineers Boiler license

  • Past owner of two residential remodeling firms and a rental property maintenance firm
  • Past content provider for local real estate investing and house flipping website


Deane’s career in remodeling began in the early '90s when he started a residential siding company along with two partners. His first job as a carpenter and contractor involved removing the roof of a one-story home and replacing it with a second story. From there, he went on to gain experience in all aspects of home remodeling.

In 2008, he left the mainstream contracting business to fill a void in the growing single-family rental property maintenance field. This endeavor allowed him to acquire vast knowledge and skills in the areas of electrical installation and repair, HVAC repair, plumbing, and appliance repair under the tutelage of industry experts.

Deane worked for several investors on house-flipping projects but had often missed the one-on-one connections of the home maintenance field. Recently, Deane has gone back to his love of maintaining a small home repair service along with a consulting service which empowers his customers to tackle their DIY projects.


A Word From Deane Biermeier

“Over the years, I thought that my favorite part of remodeling and repair had been the happiness of my customers. What I have learned recently is that being able to teach and enable my customers to do the work themselves has been even more rewarding. I’m truly excited to be working with The Spruce to offer accurate and pertinent information to a large audience to enable and assure them that they can tackle their DIY home projects."


Certifications and Licenses

  • Received the National Association of the Remodelers Institute lead carpenter certification

  • Received the Environmental Protection Agency certification

  • Received the Minnesota Special Engineers Boiler license

  • Certified lead carpenter by The National Association of the Remodeling Industry in 2003

Expertise: Home repair, maintenance, and remodeling, DIY consulting, Carpentry
Title: Contractor

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