How to Decide on Your Type of Herb Garden

Which Herb Garden is Right For Me?

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 The first decision that you'll ever have to make when herb gardening is what style of herb garden or are you going to be? This is a question that demands some thought and introspection. Luckily there are more than one herb garden styles out there to meet anyone's garden needs.

The indoor herb Gardner-the indoor gardener is someone who loves having herbs at their fingertips throughout the year. It is perhaps a cook who likes fresh herbs, someone who enjoys fresh herbs and their tees, and someone who maybe doesn't have enough outside property to grow a garden straight into the ground. For me, I live in the northern area and although I enjoyed my outdoor gardens I rely on my indoor garden to keep me in fresh herbs throughout the year. If you are someone who likes to snip fresh herbs in their recipes, enjoy a quick cuppa tea in the evening, or even just likes to run your hand over herbs and enjoy the scent of fresh herbs growing, the indoor garden maybe the one for you.

The container herb garden -the container garden or is someone who either doesn't have a lot of room to garden perhaps it's someone with out her yard or without a way to create a garden bed or beds in the yard and using containers removes all of the digging and backbreaking work that can be entailed and starting a new garden bed. Simply fill your content containers with container mix soil, plant your herbs and you're ready to go. It's always a good idea to have a few outdoor containers on your deck or near your front door, just so that you can enjoy them coming and going from your home, and also to make them accessible so that you use them more often.

Wild herb garden -the wild herb Gardner, the most appealing to me, is someone who utilizes the natural plant life growing around their garden landscape. Wild herb gardeners certainly can transplant and encourage different types of wild herbs to continue to grow, but they also take note of the other plant life that is growing in the same location and gardens accordingly. Wild urban gardening may look a bit of a mess to some people but to those that enjoy it a wild herb is a classic style and reflex the appreciation that one has for mother nature, and the intriguing sense that the herbs you need the most seem to pop up wherever you're located.

The raised bed herb gardener-these lovely and accessible gardens are wonderful for people who have poor so oil around their home, and those that like the convenience of having their garden bed raised up just a bit (most of us after spending the day in a ground level garden can appreciate that.) Raised bed Garden means that the gardener is able to plant at least two weeks earlier than those who plant directly in the ground because the soil will heat up faster, there will be less weeds, and less trouble from wildlife. There really is no reason against raised bed gardening, unless it is the fact that somehow you can't build the beds yourself. Even then, there are simple garden kits that you either popped open, or snap together and then fill with garden soil and you're done. The raised bed Garden maybe for you if you need a little help reaching your garden, or if you're thinking ahead to a time when you may need extra help,  build those garden beds now.And finally raised bed Gardens just make good sense when you live in an area that has a particularly short growing season, you can extend that season with a warmer soil in the bed and they're also easier to cover the crops so that Frost doesn't affect them giving yourself to or three extra weeks on either end of the growing season.