How to Decide Between 1 or 2 Bathrooms in Your Apartment

Bedroom and bathroom interior with wallpaper and paint in beige and gray
Jon Lovette / Getty Images

If you're looking to rent an apartment alone or with a roommate, should you get one that has one or two bathrooms? Apartments with two bathrooms offer many benefits, but they also mean more rent.

Here's how to decide if a two-bathroom apartment is worth the added expense for you.

If You're Renting With a Roommate

There's a strong case to be made for having a second bathroom if you're renting an apartment with a roommate. You might decide it's worth paying the extra rent for the following reasons:

  • Privacy: Two roommates, two bathrooms means each person has a bathroom to call their own. While you might use each other's bathroom (in fact, you'll need to for showering if you've only got one full one), you'll each have your own space to store toiletries, medication, and other personal items.
  • Convenience: Having only one bathroom for two people opens the door to awkward or unpleasant situations, such as if one roommate needs to use the toilet urgently while the other has just started a shower. If you have two bathrooms, then neither roommate needs to rush or change schedules to accommodate the other.
  • Backup: Nearly every apartment dweller experiences a problem with a toilet once in a while. If one of your bathrooms goes out of order, you'll be glad you've got a second one at your disposal until the problem has been resolved.

If You're Renting Alone

If you're planning on living in an apartment without roommates, then you need only one bathroom, right?

Not necessarily. The case for having only one bathroom is certainly stronger if you're living alone, but many people who don't have roommates still prefer having that extra bathroom. Here are reasons why you might want two bathrooms:

  • Privacy: Having two bathrooms gives you the luxury of being able to keep the bathroom closest to your bedroom private if that's important to you. This means you can have the second bathroom be the one that guests use, and perhaps spend more effort and money on that bathroom's decor. You could keep your medications and private toiletries in the bathroom that you primarily use, out of sight and reach of curious guests.
  • Backup: As mentioned above, you'll appreciate having an extra bathroom if one of your toilets stops working properly.

If you choose to live in an apartment that has only one bathroom, have a backup plan in mind in case your bathroom goes out of order. For instance, you might arrange to use a neighbor's bathroom until yours gets fixed, or you may know of a nearby store, restaurant, coffee shop, or library with a bathroom you can use.

What About a Half-Bathroom?

If you're looking to rent an apartment alone and you've decided you want two bathrooms, a half-bathroom is probably all you need for the second one. But if you're looking for a two-bathroom apartment with a roommate, does it matter much if that second bathroom is just a half-bathroom?

Most renters would probably say no. People care more about having a second toilet than a second shower. An extra half-bathroom offers an extra toilet (and sink), which fits many people's needs and budgets.

That said, if you're willing to pay for it, you and your roommate may enjoy the benefits of an apartment that comes with two full bathrooms. In addition to the increase in privacy that comes with two showers, an extra shower brings more convenience. You and your roommate won't need to worry about coordinating your morning routines or getting ready to go out for the evening.

One bathroom or two, full bathroom or half, the choice is yours to make. Whatever you decide on, be sure to stick to it as part of your criteria for finding the perfect apartment.