The Declaration of Independence for Kids

Learn About the United States Declaration of Independence Using the Internet

USA,Washington DC,National Archives Declaration of Independence
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The Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, as a formal statement announcing the independence of the United States of America from the British Empire. This extraordinary document is at the heart of America’s democratic ideals. Kids should appreciate it for the national treasure that it is. There are some fine websites on the Internet that examine the Declaration of Independence.

Let’s take a look at some of them, broken down into the specific grade levels they were designed for.

Declaration for Grades K - 5

The Declaration of Independence is a web page featuring a video created for younger kids to explain the basics of the historic proclamation. In the three minute streaming video, produced by BrainPOP, a young man explains the Declaration of Independence to a funny robot. The content is educational and very appealing. Younger kids will take away some simple facts while older kids will absorb all of the video’s information. It is a great starting point for learning about the Declaration of Independence. 

Declaration for Grades 3 - 5

The Declaration of Independence for Grades 3 -5 is simple, kid-friendly webpage created specifically for younger children by Congress for Kids. The site offers the fundamentals of the Declaration of Independence in a straightforward manner with vocabulary appropriate for ages 6 through 10.

The website also provides Declaration of Independence related information in the form of Projects You Can Do, Things to Think About, a fun quiz and a link to recommended books.

Declaration for Middle School Students

The Declaration of Independence for Middle School Students is a webpage produced by the Central Rappahannock Regional Library that provides an overview of the timeless document.

It also offers a list of books and Internet links about the Declaration of Independence and related topics such as the Founding Fathers, Colonial Williamsburg, and the year 1776 in history.

Declaration for High School Students

The Declaration of Independence: A History is an intelligent, comprehensive article for high school students as well as adults. This quality webpage offers an in-depth account of the Declaration, beginning with its drafting and ending with its current preservation at the National Archives. Any student who utilizes this source material to write a report on the subject, has a great possibility of earning an A+ for his or her efforts. This exceptional article can be printed as a 10 page document.

Read the Declaration of Independence Online

The Declaration of Independence is available to download online, and I would recommend that you do just that. There is nothing like experiencing it first-hand. The Declaration is more than a patriotic symbol. It is more than a priceless artifact preserved in a museum. It is a living document that sums up our national character. It needs to be read by its fortunate heirs, in order to be truly appreciated. So take the time. It is only a little over a thousand words – but they are among the most influential thousand words ever written.