How to Declutter Your Countertops in 4 Easy Steps

Decluttered Kitchen

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Is it just us, or are kitchen counters the biggest clutter magnets ever? It seems like, of all the spaces in our homes, our countertops are the hardest to keep consistently clean, clear, and clutter-free. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

We recently connected with Bria Hammel, CEO and Creative Director of Bria Hammel Interiors, who assured us that no, we’re not alone, and yes, there is a solution. Read on for 4 easy steps to keep your kitchen countertops clutter-free.

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    Start With the Easiest Culprits

    Decluttered kitchen

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    If you’re standing in your kitchen wondering how things went awry, take a deep breath—and then, Hammel advises tackling the most obvious offenders.

    Dishes are culprit #1 in making your kitchen countertop look cluttered, Hammel says. Her first order of kitchen-clearing business is this: “If you dry dishes on a mat beside the sink, putting those away can instantly make your kitchen feel tidier," she says.

    From there, remove anything that obviously doesn’t belong in the kitchen, and then work with what’s left.

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    Give Everything a Home

    Decluttered Kitchen

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    Kitchen organizers aren’t on-trend just because they make your kitchen look cuter. Hammel assures us that they really, truly do maximize your kitchen’s functionality and storage space. 

    “Buy as many organizational pieces for your drawers and cabinets as possible,” Hammel tells us. Think: pots/pans organizers, spice racks, and cleaning supplies bins. "Most clutter arises when you don’t have a designated space for something. So, if you know exactly what bin, drawer, or box an item goes in, it eliminates a lot of clutter," she says.

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    Stash Your Small Appliances

    Clutter free kitchen

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    If you’re really low on counter space, Hammel says it might be time to consider storing your smaller appliances in easy-to-reach places. 

    “If possible, try and create a space in your cabinetry or pantry to store your small appliances,” she says. “It’s incredible how much more open and decluttered your kitchen can feel when you take away those smaller appliances, like your toaster, air fryer, or pressure cooker, that end up eating up valuable counter space.”

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    Use Vertical Space

    Floor to ceiling kitchen cabinetry

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    Whether you’re designing a brand new kitchen or working with an existing space, Hammel tells us there’s one thing that will save your counter space. That would be maximizing the height of your kitchen to its full capacity. 

    “We like to ensure that cabinets are brought all the way up to the ceiling—or as high as they can go!” Hammel says. “The extra cabinet space will alleviate clutter by providing additional storage.”

    But if you’re not blessed with sky-high cabinetry, you can still use the space above your cabinets to maximize your storage. Invest in decorative baskets for the vertical space that’s not in use, and keep your seasonal kitchenware, rarely-used appliances, and excess dry goods out of sight but not out of mind.