Refresh Your Space Sustainably With These 5 Tips

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Decluttering your space is not an easy task, especially if you're trying to be eco-conscious when it comes to your organizing and cleaning decisions. But with apps like Facebook Marketplace that allow you to list and resell items that no longer work for your life (and shop for secondhand furniture and decor), it’s easier than ever to incorporate sustainability into your life. 

Our Senior Social Media Manager, Emma Glubiak, recently spoke with Facebook Marketplace's representative, Roya Winner, about their best eco-friendly tips to declutter and refresh your home.

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    Make a Plan

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    Cleaning out your space can often be a daunting challenge if you feel overwhelmed or don't know where to start. Begin by creating a plan where you organize similar tasks into chunks, so it's easier and less intimidating to complete. It'll also help you stay motivated to keep going since it's more manageable.

    • Set a Timer: Set a timer for 15 minutes to dedicate yourself to decluttering, so you don't get distracted or unmotivated. This way, you can take short breaks in between intervals.
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    Declutter Your Space

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    Make your space more approachable by focusing on four categories when decluttering:

    • Trash: Items you don't want or broken/damaged goods that are too worn out to donate or repair.
    • Giving Away and Selling: Ask yourself, "can someone else benefit from this item that I no longer benefit from?" If so, start to brainstorm places that you would want to donate to or platforms you would want to list your items onto.
    • Storage: Items that aren't needed on a regular basis, but could be used another season.
    • Putting It Away: Items that are used daily, but aren't placed in the right spot or need a proper spot to be placed in to be more accessible.

    Prepare boxes for the above categories when decluttering, so the amount of items can be cut down and easier to organize.

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    List Items

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    Once you have a good idea about what you want to resell, find a platform like Facebook Marketplace and start listing your items. Reselling allows your items to find a second home instead of ending up in a landfill. Some tips to consider when creating eye-catching listings:

    • Post a Clear Image: Make sure it is well lit when taking photos (natural lighting is ideal).
    • Write Out a Clear Description: Be sure to include specific details about your listing whether it be the brand, colors, type of style, or size. This allows users to get a better idea of what to expect.
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    Use Eco-Friendly Products

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    Many cleaning brands have recently taken initiatives to create safe and effective products that are made up of organic ingredients, which are better for the environment. Alternatively, you can also make easy DIY cleaning solutions at home.

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    Out With the Old and in With the New

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    Refreshing your space doesn't just involve getting rid of and organizing old items. It can also be a great opportunity to bring in new items if you're in need of a change or have been wanting to try a new decor style. With the money you made from reselling your old items you can go ahead and buy other pieces that fit your new style.

    Changing seasons are a great opportunity to shift the decor in your space. "The new season often comes with a desire to say goodbye to excess clutter in your way and start fresh," says Glubiak.

    Buying pre-owned or pre-used items is a sustainable way to shop and avoid fast-furniture. However, be sure to properly clean and sanitize any used items.