25 DIY Mother's Day Decor Ideas

Show your mom how much you love her with these homemade decor projects. Decorate your house to celebrate mom or for the Mother's Day party you are hosting. Here are 25 easy and beautiful DIY ideas perfect for Mother's Day!

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    DIY Floral Mother's Day Banner
    DIY Floral Mother's Day Banner. Studio DIY

    Create a large Mother's Day banner using cardboard and flowers to easily decorate for your Mother's Day celebrations. Even if you are out of town this Mother's Day you can still craft this banner and send your mom a picture of you holding your handmade floral Mother's Day banner as a surprise gift that will make her smile.

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    DIY Mom Floral Backdrop
    DIY Mom Floral Backdrop. Proper

    Surprise your mom by creating a dramatic focal wall out of a plastic trellis decorated with mom spelled out of 125 carnations. The best part is as the flowers are just threaded through the trellis, at the end of your Mother's Day celebration you can pull out the carnations and present you mom with a ginormous bouquet of flowers.

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    DIY Mother's Day Food Banner
    DIY Mother's Day Food Banner. Studio DIY

    Start Mother's Day off for your mom by pampering her with breakfast in bed topped with this cute printable Mother's Day food flag that you can easily stick into her favorite breakfast treat such as pancakes or muffins.

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    DIY Wood Plaque For Mother's Day
    DIY Wood Plaque For Mother's Day. Lovely Indeed

    Add a handmade mother themed wood plaque to decorate this Mother's Day which is perfect to leave in your mom's house year round to make her smile. 

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    DIY Gilded Flowers
    DIY Gilded Flowers. A Kailo Chic Life

    While you mother might expect flowers for Mother's Day, these DIY gold gilded flowers are certain to surprise her as they take regular flowers and make them extra special. 

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    DIY Flower Chair Garland
    DIY Flower Chair Garland. The Proper

    Get ready for having your mother over for brunch this Mother's Day by decorating your dining room with flowers to make the brunch feel extra special. One unexpected way to use flowers to decorate your dining room is by stringing together carnations together to form flower garlands to drape over each chair.

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    DIY Typography Mother's Day Cake Toppers
    DIY Typography Mother's Day Cake Toppers. The Proper

    Decorate your homemade Mother's Day cake with a DIY cake topper that says all the different ways to says mother, such as mama, and mummy mother in a variety of different types. Using a Cricut machine you can download the template and cut the design onto cardstock and hot glued the cut design to BBQ skewers for a cake topper that takes under 10 minutes to make.

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    DIY Balloon Arch
    DIY Balloon Arch. A Beautiful Mess

    Nothing says a party like having tons of balloons! Instead of just leaving a few balloons clustered around your home for your Mother's Day party, create a spectacular balloon arch which is perfect to put by your front door, or over the snack table. 

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    DIY Mini Mother's Day Garland
    DIY Mini Mother's Day Garland. Homey Oh My

    Get ready for Mother's Day by crafting an adorable mini Mother's Day garland which you can hang over the meal you make for your mom by tying the garland onto two wooden dowels.

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    DIY Hanging Flower Backdrop
    DIY Hanging Flower Backdrop. Sugar And Cloth

    This DIY hanging flower backdrop makes it look like it is raining gorgeous flowers from the ceiling, and makes an amazing backdrop for all the photos you will want to take with your mom this Mother's Day. Using wire you can hang flowers upside down to make a sweet smelling wall of flowers just in time for Mother's Day.

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    DIY Mother's Day Table Cloth
    DIY Mother's Day Table Cloth. A Kailo Chic Life

    Temporarily decorate your table cloth for Mother's Day by using a Cricut or Silhouette machine to cut adhesive vinyl to cut out the pattern which you can stick onto the tablecloth and peel off once the party is over. 

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    DIY Floral Chanderlier
    DIY Floral Chanderlier. Sugar And Cloth

    Temporarily enhance your chandelier with a floral wreath that will sit around your chandelier which is an innovative way to bring flowers into you home for your Mother's Day party this year.

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    DIY Butterfly Centerpiece
    DIY Butterfly Centerpiece. Design Improvised

    Decorate your table for your Mother's Day brunch with a dreamy DIY centerpiece of Baby's Breath flowers with some artificial butterflies flying over the cluster of tiny white flowers. Once the Mother's Day brunch is over, make sure to send mom home over with some leftovers and your handmade butterfly centerpiece.

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    DIY Paper Party Snack Cups
    DIY Paper Party Snack Cups. Tell Love And Party

    Decorate your food table at the Mother's Day party you are hosting by making individual snack cups for everyone to grab and take with them at the party. These snack cups are not only quick to make but are an easy way to incorporate your party's color scheme to your food table.

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    DIY Floral Wreath
    DIY Floral Wreath. A Kailo Chic Life

    Thank your wife for the wonderful job she has done raising your children by welcoming her the moment she arrives home with a beautiful floral wreath that you can hang on the front door with an assortment of her favorite flowers. 

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    DIY Mother's Day Garland
    DIY Mother's Day Garland. Design Improvised

    Make a beautiful Mother's Day garland that combines a lace design and flowers by using a paper punch and a stencil to create a garland which can be decorated with artificial flowers. Once you completed the garland it is ready to be hung outside or against a wall to decorate for your Mother's Day party.

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    DIY Drink Stir Sticks
    DIY Drink Stir Sticks. Tell Love And Party

    This DIY strawberry drink stir stick is super cute and the perfect way to decorate your mom's breakfast by making her a delicious strawberry smoothie which you can enhance with your crafted drink stir stick.

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    DIY Flower Honeycombs
    DIY Flower Honeycombs. Studio DIY

    Take regular paper honeycombs found at party stores and enhance them with a few fresh flowers to make some lovely party decor perfect for celebrating Mother's Day.

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    DIY Butterfly Tiered Serving Tray
    DIY Butterfly Tiered Serving Tray. Design Improvised

    Craft a whimsical multi-tiered serving tray decorated with small paper butterflies as the perfect way to serve appetizers or desserts for your Mother's Day celebration. 

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    DIY Floral Dishes And Backdrop
    DIY Floral Dishes And Backdrop. Studio DIY

    For a truly Instagram-worthy Mother's Day party craft, a large floral wall with tons of artificial flower blossoms as the backdrop to your table setting as the backdrop to your table setting and then continue the floral design by adding silk flowers to the edges of cups and dishes to continue the flower theme onto the table. The end result will look truly spectacular and will create a magical dining experience your mom will never forget.

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    DIY Printable Mother's Day Cake Topper
    DIY Printable Mother's Day Cake Topper. Oh Happy Day

    Update the plain store-bought cake you bought for dessert for Mother's Day and decorate it with printable flowers that you can stick into the top of the cake.

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    DIY Floral Crown Station
    DIY Floral Crown Station. Tell Love And Party

    Decorate for your Mother's Day celebrations by making a floral crown DIYing station with a variety of beautiful flowers and all the other supplies needed to make floral crowns. Not only is the floral crown station beautiful, but making the flower crowns will be a fun addition to your party! Once everyone is wearing their floral crown make sure to take a photo of everyone together with their new DIY crowns, it is sure to make a wonderful photo your mom will love.

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    DIY Printable Mother's Day Art
    DIY Printable Mother's Day Art. A Joyful Riot

    Forgot about Mother's Day? It is okay, you still have time to decorate your house before your mom comes back home with this beautiful printable Mother's Day artwork that you can download and print. Once you have the free printed art, find a blank space on a wall and stick it up with washi tape for some free and quick to DIY decor.

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    DIY Mother's Day Crown
    DIY Mother's Day Crown. Mr. Printables

    Help mom feel like a queen for the day by making her a crown to wear this Mother's Day.

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    DIY Paper Gardenia
    DIY Paper Gardenia. Lia Griffith

    Craft your mom a vase filled with handmade paper gardenia that will last all year long and makes the perfect centerpiece for Mother's Day.