New Year's Decor Refreshes for Every MBTI Type

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As the end of this year finally comes to a close, we're all looking forward to starting a brand new chapter. While we'll naturally be preparing for further changes ourselves, why not change up our homes as well? Don't worry, you don't have to completely overhaul your home to start the new year right. Just adding some simple touches can make your space feel brand new again.

We all have our distinct preferences in how we decorate our homes, but our personality types can give some fascinating insight on how to incorporate them. Check out your personality type below and see which New Year's decor trend is perfect for you.

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    ENFP: Make It Personal

    You've likely spent the last year feeling isolated and stuck indoors, and given that will still be the case moving into 2021, personalizing your home with things that make you happy is exactly what you'll be striving towards. Throwing out all the traditional rules to mix and match concepts sounds intimidating, but will give you the freedom to put what you truly love into your home. Don't worry about impressing everyone else.

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    INFP: Cottagecore Concepts

    The Cottagecore aesthetic has overtaken most of our lives lately, so it's not surprising it would sneak into your home as well. With its focus on simplicity, soft hues, and memories of a simpler time, Cottagecore elements will be the perfect refresh your home has been looking for. Purchasing vintage or reclaimed furniture pieces, thick woven blankets, and mixing lighter shades are some subtle ways to get started.

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    ENTP: Sustainable Modern Options

    Moving forward is always a goal of yours, and this last year has likely pushed you to the limits. You'll be looking towards more modern touches to make your home feel new again, as well as items that are produced sustainably. Just because something is made out of recycled materials or forgoing harmful plastics doesn't mean it can't have a fresh, clean look. Seeking them out won't be as hard as you think.

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    INTP: Rustic Core Refresh

    A combination of modern and Cottagecore, this type of atmosphere usually asks us to slow down and give ourselves space to think. What better mood to set for yourself? This trend is a more sophisticated take on the emerging Cottagecore vibe, but still leaving room for contemporary aspects. Grabbing some lighter wooden pieces from thrift stores and incorporating some vintage pattern pillowcases are subtle ways to bring old and newer styles together.

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    ESFJ: French Country Vintage

    You lean towards something warm and inviting, so why not take a page from french country vintage styles? Mixing old and new ideas is a recurring theme for the upcoming year, and this particular style strives to maintain a classic feel while holding onto current statements. Muted colors like beige, pink, lilac, and even green can add pops of color without screaming for attention. Don't be afraid to embrace all-natural materials like cotton and wood to pull the space together.

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    ISFJ: Ocean Tones

    Oceans and blue-ish tones are making themselves known this year, and this is perfect for your relaxed, calming demeanor. You like to create comfortable spaces for yourself and others. Adding these tones is an easy addition to any room and tends to pair well with most color schemes while leaving the home feeling serene as well as sophisticated.

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    ESTJ: Ditch The Gray

    You're all for the classics, but you don't mind a little change now and then. Neutrals are always a popular staple, but rather than sticking with colder tones like grays and bright whites, 2021 can be a time to soften those harsh colors. Switch those darker tones for some warm neutral shades like eggshell, beige, and creme. 

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    ISTJ: Stick To The Classics

    Modern and minimalist style has been the rage for years, and while they still have their place, there is a growing fondness for traditionalism resurfacing. You have a strong appreciation for timeless styles that take you back to a place of security and comfort. Adding classic art pieces and balancing out your space to be more symmetrical are small ways to add some traditional aspects to your home for the new year.

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    ENFJ: Add Some Greenery

    Nothing livens up a space more than gorgeous plants, right? Houseplants as decor are not exactly a new trend, but it's only going to grow this next year. While upkeep is a daunting task for most, that isn't the case for your nurturing personality. Whether you decide to add small plants to certain areas or create an entire shelf dedicated to them, houseplants will provide that perfect pop of color and texture.

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    Embrace the "Grandmillenial" Style

    You're an old soul, but you don't necessarily like to stay stuck in the past. The grandmillenial style that is rising in popularity is a perfect transition into a new year for you. This style mixes modern design ideas with vintage-style furniture to create a cozy vibe without being outdated. Elements of crochet, antique wooden chairs, and other "old-school" touches mixed with current color schemes and trendy floral accents are a perfect way to change up your look without going overboard.

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    ESTP: Travel The Globe, In Your Own Home

    We've all been struggling with the lack of travel these last several months, but that doesn't mean you can't bring those concepts into your home. Global trends are making a comeback in 2021, and as someone who wishes you could be out there experiencing it all, this can be the pick me up you need for yourself as well as your home. Adding decorative stones, plenty of plant life, and patterns inspired by other cultures will help you feel a little less restricted.

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    ISTP: Maximalist and Minimalist: Why Choose?

    You've never been one to play by the rules, have you? Minimalism has been trendy over the last few years, and maximalism has slowly made its way into the scene. 2021 asks us to change things up and be unafraid of throwing things together. Mixing and matching these two trends sounds overwhelming to some. Still, it can work as the perfect blend between your interests and preferences. Why do one when you can do both?

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    ESFP: Add a Midas Touch!

    Adding a touch of gold is a surefire way to bring something new to the table. Gold can take almost any color scheme or patterned theme and make it feel fresh again. You have a slight flair for the dramatic, so don't be shy in where you add a golden touch. As a bonus, gold is a classic staple, so even when the trends change, you'll never truly be out of style.

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    ISFP: Handmade and Hands-On

    Getting personal has played a big theme that will undoubtedly be moving into 2021. We can sense the difference between carbon-copy, mass-manufactured options vs. handmade items and precise craftsmanship. While your styles may vary with your creative streak, find decor and furniture that will make a unique statement because you know they can't be found just anywhere. And if they're local? Even better.

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    ENTJ: Divide and Conquer

    The last year has pushed us to develop creative ways to maintain our privacy, even when it seems overwhelming. This is still a continuing factor in the new year. Rather than temporary fixes in the moment, creating intentional divisions to allow everyone to have their own space is a perfect refresh for you. Simple changes like creating specific areas sectioned off by furniture, investing in stylish dividers, or hanging curtains that can be moved out of the way easily can bring a whole new impression to your home.

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    INTJ: Earthy and Grounded

    You aren't opposed to neutrals, but you prefer to have a little more color in your life. Earth grounded shades are giving neutrals a run for their money this year. Adding in shades of beige, dark green, and various brown tones can create an environment that feels grounded as well as brand new.