6 Decor Ideas to Copy From Home Depot's Vacation House

primary bedroom in white with cozy textures

The Home Depot

You’ve probably been to Home Depot to buy hardware or gardening supplies, but did you know you can also get decor there? Like really good decor? For proof, just look to their latest project, a home makeover in the Berkshires, in partnership with VRBO.

To see the house before and after, it’s like night and day. No reno work was done; the transformation was accomplished only through decorative changes. (Okay, so they did get rid of one unnecessary door, but that barely counts.) Design and DIY influencers Holly and Brad Lauritzen of @ourfauxfarmhouse, Fariha Nasir of @pennies_for_a_fortune, and Danielle Guerrero of @ournestonpowell were tasked with redoing different areas of the house. And everything used in the transformation was from Home Depot.

Since decorating is the next step after renovating or doing home improvement work, it seemed logical to Home Depot to enter that space. The store is "not just do-it-yourself, it’s decorate-it-yourself,” explains Corinne Bentzen, general manager for The Home Depot Home.

"If you think of us a few years ago, would you have thought we’d have a winter wonderland in our stores for the holidays or an amazing Halloween presence? " notes Bentzen. And she's not wrong: Home Depot sold the viral 12-foot skeleton and has gained a reputation as a seasonal decor hub. "That has all evolved, so this is the beginning of journey for us."

Here are six truly good ideas we spotted while touring the home.

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    Embrace All the Colors and Patterns

    wallpaper and patterned bedroom

    Design by @pennies_for_a_fortune / Photo by Jenny Hughes

    Go bolder, go darker, go brighter. Mix floral patterned wallpaper with a striped bedspread and another floral pillow. Self-expression through decor really blossomed in the past few years as we’ve spent so much more time at home, and Bentzen doesn’t seem the trend stopping in 2023. “People are really discovering how they can express themselves through color and pattern, and the more they see it, [they] get more confident with it,” remarks Bentzen.

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    Mix Many Textures

    reading nook

    Design by @ourfauxfarmhouse / Photo by Jenny Hughes

    Bouclé accent chairs, faux fur pillows, linen curtains… Every room in the house was full of decor items in all kinds of textures. In a room like the primary bedroom where most everything was white, cream, or gray, texture brought everything to life.

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    Wallpaper Everything

    top floor lounge area

    Design by @ournestonpowell / Photo by Jenny Hughes

    The Lauritzens wallpapered the first-floor bathroom; Guerrero used wallpaper to turn a wall inlet into a sweet nook; and Nasir smartly covered up a very 1970's mirrored sliding closet door with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

    Wallpaper used to be thought of as a huge project that was more home reno than design, but Bertzen sees that changing in part thanks to the rise of DIY influencers who post how-to videos. "Just having a video on how to do [a project] has made it so much more attainable for everybody than having to figure it out," comments Bertzen. "You just feel so much more confident to be able to take it on."

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    Change the Outlet Covers

    kitchen with gold outlet covers

    Design by @ourfauxfarmhouse / Photo by Jenny Hughes

    Outlet covers can be decorative. But there's a 99 percent chance you have white or off-white outlet covers, and you've probably never even considered changing them. The Berkshires' house has gold outlet covers. It’s a small but high impact change. With matte wallpapers and paint colors, cozy chairs, and mostly wood furniture pieces, the electrical covers added great pops of contrast. In the kitchen, the gold covers matched the sink and cabinet hardware.

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    Repeat Elements

    autumnal dining

    Design by @ourfauxfarmhouse / Photo by Jenny Hughes

    Three different designers took on the roughly 10 spaces spread across the four-level home, but they all felt cohesive. The secret? Repetition. The seating areas in the dining room, on the patio, and on the roof deck have different chairs, but they're all made of wicker. Each of the four wallpapers used throughout the house show leaves and florals. Trios of decorative boxes were split up and placed around the house.

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    Get Creative With Rugs

    rooftop firepit

    Design by @ournestonpowell / Photo by Jenny Hughes

    Think beyond the same standard area rugs in the obvious places. Guerrero placed an outdoor rug under a gas firepit on the rooftop deck. Runners were used in spaces that were neither long nor narrow. Rugs of various styles — traditional, southwest-inspired, and patterned — were featured in the home, and they were all from Home Depot. "We want to make sure that whatever your style is that we have something on trend and on great value," explains Bertzen.