Unique Ways to Decorate a Staircase Railing for Christmas

The most popular way to decorate a staircase railing or banister for the holidays is with green garland festooned with bows, lights and faux florals and berries. It can be difficult, however, to get the hang of this. Many times--even with considerable effort--garlands can look untidy, with electrical cords showing and fallen pine needles all over the stairs. By the time is Christmas is over, a banister with fresh garland can look more bedraggled than bedazzled. If you don't have a knack for...MORE decorating your banister the traditional way, there are lots of other options.  These unique ways to decorate a staircase railing are much easier--and less messy--to achieve, but are still festive and fun.  

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    Paper Poinsettias

    paper poinsettias on banister
    Paper Poinsettias on Banister. Lowe's

    Showy paper poinsettias are a cinch to make and result in a unique holiday display on a staircase. White flowers with metallic centers would match any color scheme, or go for a mix of red, pink and green blooms for a modern yet traditional color palette. String on some bulbs for added interest.

    Project Source for Vinyl Flowers: Lowe's

    Project Source for Paper Poinsettias

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    Snowflakes on the Stairs

    snowflakes on banister
    Snowflakes on Banister. Better Homes and Gardens

    Large snowflakes massed on the banister look gorgeous all winter long--not just during the holidays.  You can make your own flakes out of simple craft materials, or find them ready-made at the dollar store.

    Project Source for Wooden Snowflakes: Better Homes and Gardens

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    Ornaments and Bulbs

    bulbs on banister
    Bulbs on Banister. Stylish Settings

    The simple addition of bulbs hung from ribbon on a banister brightens up the stairwell, and requires little to no skill. Have a safe holiday season by using shatter-proof or plastic bulbs instead of the fragile glass variety--especially if there are children in the house.

    Project Source: Stylish Settings

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    Wreaths on the Banister

    wreaths on banister
    Wreaths on Banister. Migonis Home

    It's still possible to get the greenery effect without the hassle of garland by hanging mini wreaths at intervals all the way up a banister.  Loop some pretty ribbon through them for a pop of color. Artificial wreaths can be picked up fairly inexpensively from craft and hobby stores and can be re-used from year to year with just a little fluffing.

    Project Source: Migonis Home 

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    Stockings on the Stairs

    stockings on stairs
    Stockings on Stairs. Martha Stewart

    If you don't have a fireplace, hang stockings on the banister instead.  This is a great idea for homes with children, because they can race down the stairs Christmas morning to find their stockings all filled up.

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    Christmas Card Display

    christmas cards on stairs
    Christmas Card Display on Stairs. Clover Lane

    As an alternative to a tabletop Christmas card holder or one you hang on a wall, string your Christmas cards and other holiday greetings up as a garland on the stairs.  Tie long ribbons to the banister, and attach the cards with clothespins.  This is a great idea if your home is short on space.

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    Tie on Tinsel

    tinsel on banister
    Tinsel on Banister. HGTV

    Long ropes of metallic tinsel bring holiday cheer to your stairwell.  Hang bulbs on it for added color and shine.  Avoid wrapping it too tightly; drape it loosely instead for a more elegant look.

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    Hanging Advent Calendar

    advent packages on banister
    Advent Calendar on Banister. Happy Home Blog

    Hang tiny packages numbered 1 through 25 on the banister for a delightful advent calendar.  Use envelopes, small white gift boxes festooned with colorful ribbon, or "brown paper packages tied up with string," as seen here.

    Project Source: Happy Home Blog