25 Beautiful Staircase Decorations For Christmas

christmas stair decorations

Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

'Tis the season to deck the halls and enjoy all that the holidays have to offer. There's far more to decorating your home for Christmas than stringing lights on the tree or hanging a wreath on the front door, though. Keep in mind that the staircase and its surrounding area is also an excellent place to incorporate some festive touches.

No matter whether your staircase is on the smaller side or is relatively expansive, you can get ultra creative with garlands, ornaments, and other decorative accents. These festive staircase decorating ideas will have you feeling holly and jolly in no time.

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    String Some Lights

    christmas stair decorations

    @gems_home_ / Instagram

    Zhush up your garland by layering in other festive touches, such as pinecone shaped string lights and little village houses. This setup is excellent for those who prefer a more subdued color scheme (there's no bold red to be found here) but are still all about embracing holiday spirit.

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    Add Some Extras

    christmas stair decorations

    @dailefarrell / Instagram

    Have fun with the area in front of your staircase, too—incorporating a small basket, stool, or both will allow you to display additional seasonal accent pieces that will make you smile every time you walk in the door.

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    Spell It Out

    christmas stair decorations

    @sagelantern / Instagram

    Oversized letters can be used to spell out a seasonal phrase like "joy" or "Noel," and we love the idea of placing a wreath where the letter "O" should go to create a little extra holiday spirit. These letters can easily be found at craft stores and can be painted or customized to your liking.

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    Hang Those Stockings

    christmas stair decorations

    @shellysfarmhouse / Instagram

    No chimney? No problem. Hang stockings by the staircase with care for a fun spin on tradition. Bonus points if you include one for your furry friend, too.

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    Go for the Gold

    christmas stair decorations

    @sweetzuzudesigns / Instagram

    For a glam take on holiday decor, go for white and gold accents like these elegant stockings that complement the elegant grandfather clock nestled beneath the staircase.

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    Transform Your Table

    christmas stair decorations

    @decoratinglife.ca / Instagram

    Have a small table that lives at the bottom of your stairwell? Give it a makeover for the holidays and display mini trees, candles, ornaments, or whatever else strikes your fancy on top. Adding small doses of Christmas decor throughout the home doesn't have to be complicated.

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    Do a DIY

    christmas stair decorations

    @hilltown_house / Instagram

    If you're in the mood for a DIY, construct your own garland using dried orange slices and sprigs of greenery. Bring on the festivity and yummy scents.

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    Bring on the Bells

    christmas stair decorations

    @sweetcarolinefarmhouse / Instagram

    Bells look elegant and pop against this garland-wrapped black banister. It's easy to jazz up a plain garland with festive touches—ribbon is a no-fail addition, too.

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    Make a Statement

    christmas stair decorations

    @tiatalula / Instagram

    Paper decorations are ultra timeless and look fantastic paired with greenery. If you're looking to make a garland appear more full and intricate, try weaving in strands of eucalyptus.

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    Hang a Sunburst

    christmas stair decorations

    @designbydama / Instagram

    These DIY paper sunbursts look like snowflakes when paired with seasonal greens. Sans garland, these decorations don't scream "Christmas" and therefore can be kept on display all winter long.

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    Try Some Ivy

    christmas stair decorations

    @edwardian_seaside_home / Instagram

    If you're looking to add more greenery beyond just a garland, think about displaying ivy on the staircase, too, and weave in some berries. To add some extra color, place berry branches in a vase, and you're golden.

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    Extend an Olive Branch

    christmas stair decorations

    @thatfunkymonkeysb / Instagram

    You don't need to go overboard on Christmas trees when decorating for the season—if you wish to incorporate year round plants into your staircase design, go for it. Here, an olive tree pairs perfectly with an olive branch style garland for a Mediterranean-inspired take on seasonal decor.

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    Keep It Classic

    christmas stair decorations

    @rumfieldhomestead / Instagram

    If you're a traditionalist, there's nothing better than a classic garland with some dried orange slices—and of course, plenty of big red bows. This setup is super budget-friendly, too.

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    Tie a Bow

    christmas stair decorations

    @ivorylanehome / Instagram

    If your decor already leans more vintage-looking or shabby chic, you can create a similar look with white bows. Keeping ribbons nice and long adds an extra dose of elegance.

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    Collect Some Pinecones

    christmas stair decorations

    @moxieandmint / Instagram

    Add an additional natural touch to your garland with pretty pine cones. Whether you purchase some or go foraging in your own backyard, they're gorgeous to display in various ways all winter long.

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    Trim the Tree

    christmas stair decorations

    @bloom_jennybrooks / Instagram

    If you don't want to disrupt your living room or family room layout, you can always place your tree in the stairwell. This display brings so much joy with the addition of a garland, bows, and beads going up the banister.

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    Think Tall

    christmas stair decorations

    @handmadeforeverhome / Instagram

    Climbing this garland-filled staircase is just half the fun... the real reward is at the top. Hanging ornaments from the ceiling is a great way to keep the spirit going all throughout the house.

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    Light it Up

    christmas stair decorations

    @thehousethatbrumbuilt / Instagram

    You don't need a long winding banister to make your staircase look pretty. Even a simple railing can be jazzed up with decor—and lining the steps with cute flameless candles really adds some oomph.

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    Stay Natural

    christmas stair decorations

    @hannahbeaumontlaurencia / Instagram

    For a more rustic look, style your garland in an imperfect fashion, allowing branches of various lengths to pop out. This is an excellent way to achieve a cozy, secluded cabin look at home.

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    Enjoy Eucalyptus

    christmas stair decorations

    @firstsenseinteriors / Instagram

    Skip the regular garland and opt for eucalyptus if you like. Scattering ornaments throughout is a simple way to elevate a classic.

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    Get Crafty

    christmas stair decorations

    @dwellaware / Instagram

    For an ultra-cute DIY, make mini Christmas trees out of wooden dowels and attach them to your garland, like Dwell Aware did here. These decorations would also look adorable lining the mantel or standing atop a dresser.

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    Make a Major Statement

    christmas stair decorations

    @showpiece_events / Instagram

    Go big or go home. If you're all about larger-than-life cheer, display Nutcracker statues that will command guests' attention, and steal the show.

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    Embrace the Basics

    christmas stair decorations

    @riveroakhome / Instagram

    Not into adding bits and bobs galore to your garland? There's nothing wrong with simply sticking with the basics. We can imagine this stairwell smells pretty darn amazing, too, thanks to all the evergreen.

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    Decorate with Vintage Christmas Cards

    christmas stair decorations

    Inspired By Charm

    This bright and cheery staircase from Inspired By Charm mixes balsam fir, cedar, and red ball ornament garlands, then embellishes them with LED string lights, pine cones, and vintage Christmas cards and envelopes attached with wooden clothespins to create a festive and inviting vibe in the entryway.

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    Decorate Down Under

    christmas stair decor

    Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Emily Henderson Design decked out niches under the staircase and on the half landing of this open staircase with holiday touches like a wreath and a mini Christmas tree and decorative star wall light. A pair of fluffy stockings hanging from the open wood slat staircase wall adds some festive warmth to the modern space.