How to Hide a Pillar in a Living Room

living room with pillar

Seth Caplan for DATE Interiors

If your living room happens to feature a pillar and you're less than thrilled about it, we're here to help. There are plenty of ways to conceal this architectural feature or design around it so that it appears intentional and not so cumbersome, we promise!

We spoke with designers who weighed in with their tried and true tips. And who knows, you may just end up loving a space more after getting creative with your pillar. After all, as designer Billy Ceglia says, "Pillars and columns in a space can really throw a wrench into a furniture layout, but sometimes they can be just the curveball a designer needs to think outside the box and create a special moment in an otherwise typical space." Read on for some of our favorite well-executed pillar moments.

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    Keep Paint Neutral


    Seth Caplan for DATE Interiors

    By painting your pillar the same color that is used on the surrounding walls, it will blend into the space more seamlessly than it would if it were left a different shade. This will "minimize visual impact," says designer Molly Torres Portnof of DATE Interiors. Now is not the time to opt for an accent color! In general, a neutral, white paint color like the one used in this space is a smart choice given that it doesn't command too much attention visually.

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    Match Your Pillar to a Room's Trim

    pillar in living room

    Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

    If you crave a bolder shade for the majority of your living room, then paint your pillar in the same color that you'll be using on the trim so that it looks less severe. White is a safe choice and will blend nicely with any more vibrant hue that you select for the walls, such as the bright blue shown her.e

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    Hang Pendant Lighting Strategically

    pillar in living room

    Maite Granda

    Not thrilled with the appearance of your pillar? Go ahead and make something you do love the star of the show, no paint needed. Here, pendant lighting hung nearby is immediately eye-catching and distracts from the plain white pillar. The more sparkly, the better!

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    Choose Furniture in a Complementary Shade

    pillar in living room

    Andrea Rugg / Getty Images

    Maybe your pillar is made from concrete and is not as easy to cover with paint. In this case, opting for furniture in a hue that matches your pillar (in this case, gray) is an excellent choice. This will allow the pillar to blend in with the other elements in the space and make it seem like more intentional of a fixture.

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    Select Decor Accordingly

    pillar in living room

    ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

    Additionally, in other cases where you're unable to paint over your pillar, you may wish to opt for accent pieces that complement the pillar style so that it seems like more of a seamless extension of the space. The pillar shown in this room gives off an industrial look and looks right at home with the sleek, modern furniture used in this space, whereas ultra traditional or grandmillennial decor would immediately appear out of place.

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    Make It Funky

    pillar in living room

    Maite Granda

    Make your pillar look less basic and more like an artistic masterpiece by thinking outside the box with paint! Here, black and white paint makes all the difference in this living and dining space and really adds sophistication to the pillar.

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    Configure Furniture Strategically

    pillar in living room

    in4mal / Getty Images

    If you don't love it, don't look at it. Place your furniture so that it is turned away from the pillar rather than directly facing it. In this space, those sitting on the sofa won't be staring directly at the pillar; instead they can be positioned to face a television or beautiful gallery wall on the other side of the room.

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    Place Statement Seating in Front of It

    pillar in living room

    Yael Weiss

    In a similar vein, an accent chair an ottoman can be placed directly in front of a pillar to help conceal it and draw the focus on that section of the room elsewhere. Adding a floor lamp and side table to the area help solidify the vignette even further.

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    Go Big With Lighting

    pendant light

    sihuo0860371 / Getty Images

    Here is another instance in which light fixtures steal the show in a living room with pillars. Hanging lighting on each side of the pillar can be a strategic way to enhance this area while making it functional, too—more brightness!