How to Decorate for Christmas

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    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Fresh and fun Christmas living room
    White living room with green and red Christmas decorations. Ray Katchatorian / Getty images

    For anyone who likes to decorate, Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year.  It's fun, it's festive, and it allows you to indulge and adorn your home in a special way. No matter what your style it's easy to find a way to add the spirit of the holidays into your home. In this case a color scheme of white, blue, red and green makes for a fun and fresh holiday palette. The white walls, white furniture, and natural sisal rug provide a perfect backdrop for hits of blue...MORE and red decorations, as well as the natural green provided by the Christmas tree and wreaths.

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    Deck the Halls

    Entryway with holiday theme
    Simple holiday entryway. Ray Kachatorian / Getty Images

    The entryway is the first thing people see when they visit your home.  It's also the first thing you and your family see when you come home. So don't forget to make it welcoming and festive by adding a little holiday flair. You don't want so much that the area becomes crowded, but a couple of additions like wreaths, ornaments, and even a throw in your holiday color palette can do the trick. Remember that while you want it to be festive, it also needs to be functional. Don't...MORE clutter up tables with too many decorations, and don't take up valuable floor space that could end up being tripping hazards.

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    Focus on the Mantel

    Swedish style Christmas mantel
    White Christmas mantel with stockings and wreath. Ray Katchatorian / Getty Images

    No area gets more attention when it comes to decorating for Christmas than the fireplace mantel. It's the focal point of any room, so if you've got one make the most of it. This sweet mantel is fresh and fun thanks to the playful candy decorations and adorable stockings. The large wreath draws the eye upward and provides the perfect finishing touch. Remember that when people enter this room the mantel is what their eyes will automatically be drawn to. So don't just toss a few items...MORE up there and hope for the best. Consider balance, scale, theme, and of course, color.

    *Designer tip - a fireplace doesn't have to be functional to be fun. In this case chalkboard paint provides a clever backdrop for writing cute messages or drawing playful pictures. Placing candles or birch logs in front of a non-functioning fireplace is another great option.

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    Play with Colorful Candies

    Candy Decorations on Christmas Mantel
    Christmas Candy on Mantel. Ray Kachatorian / Getty Images

    If you want to decorate for Christmas without spending a lot of money there are plenty of ways to do it. Natural decor is great for a more rustic look, but decorating with inexpensive candies that can be purchased in bulk is a fantastic way to bring in a lot of bright and playful colors without blowing your budget. If you really want to make an impact be sure to divide them up by color and then display them in large amounts in clear glass jars. If you just display a couple they may get lost in...MORE the room, but when grouped together as they are in this case, they provide a strong, graphic punch that reinforces the holiday color scheme.

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    Dining Room Decor

    Swedish style holiday dining table
    Simple white holiday dining table. Ray Kachatorian / Getty Images

    The dining room is one of the heavy hitters when it comes to Christmas decorating. It's the centerpiece for great meals and gatherings with loved ones. So whether you like to go over the top with your Christmas decorating, or you prefer to keep it simple, make sure the dining room gets a little love. In this case the dining room was kept very simple, yet the decor compliments the holiday palette perfectly. A simple table runner, small glass vases, and classic white flowers are all that's...MORE needed to provide a little holiday uplift. 

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    Enhance What You've Already Got

    Red and white holiday wreath
    Wreath hanging on a cabinet door. Ray Kachatorian / Getty Images

    Rather than trying to force a color scheme, the best way to decorate for Christmas is to opt for colors that enhance the existing pieces in your home. In this case the color scheme was already white and soft blue, so decorations in a shade of bright red provide the perfect pop. When the color scheme is well thought out and thoughtfully applied, you don't need to over do it. A simple embellishment can have a significant - and festive - impact.

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    Ode to Ornaments

    Silver and blue Christmas ornaments
    Blue and Silver Christmas tree ornaments. Ray Kachatorian / Getty Images

     Most Christmas decorating involves enhancing and adorning what already exits in your home - but not the Christmas tree. The tree is brought in specifically for the season, and it becomes the showpiece of the entire event. Some people like to collect ornaments over time and display them every year, while others like to change their ornaments and color scheme every few years. Whatever you prefer, try to make sure that your tree compliments the rest of your decor. While you can certainly include...MORE meaningful ornaments whose colors aren't a prefect match, try to make sure that the majority of ornaments suit the colors of your other holiday decorations. And remember that when it comes to Christmas tree ornaments you can never have too many. 

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    A Perfect Place Setting

    Christmas table setting
    Blue and silver holiday place setting. Liliboas / Getty Images

    When it comes to decorating for Christmas, every detail counts. So when it comes to place settings for holiday meals, consider your color scheme and plan accordingly. If you can change the dishes or glassware regularly to suit your colors go for it, but if  you don't want to have to purchase new dishes every year, stick with something simple (such as white) and then add colors through items like napkins rings and placeholders. Colorful glasses are also a great and often inexpensive way to...MORE change up holiday place settings.

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    It's All in the Details

    Blue and white Christmas cookis
    Color coordinated Christmas cookies. Ray Kachatorian / Getty Images

    If you really want to impress your guests and add that extra special touch, take your holiday theme all the way by serving sweet treats that fit in with your color scheme. Friends and family who come to visit will be delighted when you serve up Christmas cookies that match the decorations! It's easy to do and it's something everyone will appreciate. Truly great Christmas decorating is all about making people feel welcome and cozy, so take the extra step to make them feel special.