How to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Autumnal front entryway of home

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Decorating for fall is one of the best parts of the season. Whether you’re more of a mid-century modern type or someone who can’t get enough farmhouse in their life, it’s easier than you think to transform your home into an autumnal escape. 

If time and budget constraints have you avoiding decorating for the season, you’ll be pleased to know that it takes very little to make your home fall-ready. A few swaps of everyday items and a couple seasonal additions will instantly change the look and feel of your home—no long, expensive investments required. A lot of the items also work well into the winter, and some even year-round (hello, throw pillows), so you won’t be taking them down as fast as you put them up. The trick is putting it all together cohesively in your living spaces.

Getting Started With Fall Decorating

There are a whole host of ways to breathe autumn into your home. Whether you're concerned about going overboard with gourds in every corner or are unsure of where to even begin, there are a few key decorating techniques to keep in mind.

  • Replace everyday items. Seasonal decor doesn't need to be tacky or solely holiday-focused. If you're not one for purchasing black cat motifs, pumpkin printed towels, and turkey placemats—that's fine! Instead replace items like your napkins or plates with ones that feature classic fall hues like mustard yellow, burgundy, and amber.
  • Add seasonal flowers and greenery. Another easy update? Incorporate dried grasses (we love pampas grass or wheat), fall flowers (think mums or sedum) or preserved leaves into your decor. Add a wreath of fall leaves or eucalyptus for another seasonal touch.
  • Rearrange and add small touches. Sometimes, simply shaking up your ordinary layout can help welcome fall. Move your side table, take out your fluffiest blankets and throw pillows from your closet, and pile them high in a basket within easy reach. Change out your everyday bedding out for warmer sheet sheet sets in warm colors. Or, do something as simple as creating a simmer pot to change the scent in your home.

To help you in selecting your autumn decor picks, we've rounded up our must-have products for putting together the perfect fall home. Knockout two tasks with one read by finding inspiration and shopping your favorite items below.

Add Organic Touches

Fill your home with pumpkins and gourds, but finish the look with seasonal botanicals. You may have put your garden to bed, but by no means does autumn have to be a plant-less season. Branches, berry-encrusted wreaths, and bundles of straw are just a few ways you can bring the outdoors in during harvest season. It might be getting chillier outside, but these seasonal touches will keep things feeling cozy. 

Fall decor in room
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Embrace Fall Colors and Patterns

Wallpaper can add a dramatic statement to any room, but has long been out of reach for renters and commitment phobes alike. Enter, removable wallpaper. A stylish solution, temporary wallpaper gives you the flexibility to switch up your style seasonally and really makes your space feel finished.

Fall decor items on a tabletop
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Make Everything Feel Cozy

Swapping out pillows, curtains and throw blankets is a great way to update your space each season. While we can’t stay curled up on our cozy couches all day long, you might as well make your place as inviting as possible for when you do get some coveted homebody time. Soft knit throws and plush accent pillows will turn your home into a warm and fuzzy sanctuary.

Autumnal themed decor on bench
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Warm Up Your Table

A little personalization goes a long way. Even if you simply trade out your everyday white dishes for some mustard-colored plates or your favorite statement cup for autumnal mugs, these little changes won’t go unnoticed. There’s nothing that welcomes fall with open arms quite like the perfect tablescape and dishware.

Table settings on fall themed table
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