Decorate the Bedroom for Fall

When the weather starts turning chilly, it's time to warm up your room.

A few warm accents heat up the fall bedroom.
Get your bedroom ready for fall. moodboard/Getty Images

When the kids are back in school, nightfall comes earlier, the days are still warm but the evenings are cool… it can only mean one thing. Fall has arrived. Embrace the season of colorful leaves, harvest celebrations and lengthening nights with a few changes to your bedroom décor that say welcome to autumn. The key is to add autumn contrast with just a few accent pieces.

Color it Fall

The longer nights and cooler temperatures of fall call for a touch of warm color to reduce the chill.

The traditional autumn colors of gold, orange, brown and burnt red work well in a bedroom already decorated with warm colors, or with a neutral color scheme – just add a few more touches for an extra dose of heat.

But what if your bedroom’s palette leans toward the cool side of blue, green or purple? You can still work a little autumn magic into the space by choosing muted shades that work with your existing color scheme. Picture pumpkin orange in a purple room, a touch of mustard yellow with green or burnt red in a blue bedroom. Use fall color to create a bit of contrast in your existing color scheme, but limit the accents to just one or two pieces.

Switch Out the Accessories

There is no need to completely redo your bedroom with the changing of the seasons, but switching one or two accessories to acknowledge the time of year keeps your bedroom feeling fresh and styled. Try just a few of the following ideas for impact that doesn’t go overboard.

  • Throw blankets: There’s nothing like a cozy, warm, woolen throw blanket. The nubby texture is an additional bonus – cooler weather calls for heavier, more textured fabrics. Choose a throw blanket in a fall color, and use it to dress up the foot of your bed, add an extra layer at night, or keep you warm when relaxing on the couch.
  • Toss pillows: When the weather turns nippy, your bed will look extra inviting with a few throw pillows in fall colors and patterns. Choose pillows with a variety of textures – velvet, plush, leather, embroidery, tassels, trim, suede and canvas add warmth and interest to autumn decor.  
  • Twinkle lights: Not just for the holidays, a string of white twinkle lights is a great way to add a little bit of whimsy to your room while chasing away those long, dark night blues. Wind the lights around your curtain rod or up the bedposts.
  • Candles: It’s always nice to have a candle on your nightstand when romance is on the schedule – even more so when the nights are long and cold. For fall, group two or three candles in autumn colors. To avoid sensory overload, make sure only one candle is fragrant. And of course, always stay safe by blowing the candle out when it's time to sleep.
  • Fall foliage: Bring a bit of the outdoors into your bedroom with a display of dried leaves, seedpods or interesting twigs arranged in a burnished metal or wood vase.
  • Autumn artwork: Who says you have to keep the same artwork on your walls all year long? Keep your room interesting by changing the pictures out seasonally. For autumn, hang a picture or two with a fall landscape or harvest scene.
  • Lampshades: Pure white lampshades are nice in the summer, but when fall comes calling, top your lamps with shades in softer beige, tan or autumn colors.
  • Tray: Instead of shiny metal or porcelain, set a wicker or wood tray on your dresser to hold perfume, jewelry and other pretty necessities.

It doesn’t take much to ready your bedroom for fall – just a few cozy accessories in the warm colors of autumn will do the trick. So put away your lightweight fabrics and bright colors until spring rolls around, and instead, turn to cozy texture and earth-toned color through the cooler months.