11 Ways to Decorate With Barn Doors

White barn door with black railing covering closet in large bedroom

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

While barn doors are characteristically country, they've become a trendy mainstay in farmhouses and modern homes alike. Oozing with vintage charm, a barn door is an easy way to add separation and style to bathrooms, closets, bedrooms and more. They're also surprisingly versatile; they feel just rustic enough to highlight that charming vintage bookcase ​but modern enough to jibe well with a mid-century console table. If you're looking for inspiration for how to take this modern farmhouse look into your own home, look no further. 

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    Conceal a Bathroom

    farm doors for a toilet
    Farmhouse for Five

    A half-bath is a great place to utilize a barn door. One of the biggest advantages of the style is that it takes up less floor space than a traditional swinging door, which makes it great for rooms where you want to fit a bathroom in a small area. This adorable traditional-style barn door from Farmhouse for Five uses a large roller system that stands out and adds an industrial feel to a well-established look.  

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    Try Barn Doors in Your Kitchen

    Chalkboard Barn Door
    The Handmade Home

    This amazing chalkboard barn door from The Handmade Home is a wonderful way to conceal a pantry in a kitchen and add bonus space for notes, reminders and to-buy lists. The all-black look is timelessly classy and lends an "upscale farm-to-table restaurant" feel to this exposed brick kitchen. he entirely flat door gives a lot of surface space. A chalkboard barn door would also work wonderfully in a kids' bedroom or playroom (and could save your walls from endless crayon scrubbings). 

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    Go Mini

    mini barn doors
    The Painted Hive

    A barn door doesn't have to be full-sized. This adorable mini-barn door from  The Painted Hive is a great idea in farmhouse-style kitchens or laundry rooms where you want to conceal dishwashers, trash cans or, in this blogger's case, a washer-dryer. While the finished product looks store-bought, this barn door can be DIY-ed in just an afternoon with only a few materials. 

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    The Gilded Age

    gold slided barn doors
    M Pression

    We're all about giving your home decor the Midas touch these days, so we can't help but gush over this stunning and classy gold barn door idea. This rose gold and metal door is a great way to take the barn door look and apply it to a modern or contemporary home. While these dual-doors conceal a master bath, a metallic or gold barn door would also work as a stunning closet door in a bedroom or living space. 

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    A Barn Door Side Table

    a bookcase with a barn door

    sarahashleyallen / Instagram

    If you're up for DIY-ing your side tables, why not add a barn door to create a unique nook for books, gaming consoles or tidbits you can't find other homes for? You can easily recreate this modern farmhouse-style side table by removing a small unit's doors and adding a DIY mini-barn door. Since one shelf of the piece will always be exposed, make sure to brush up on your styling skills to keep the look clean and neat. ​

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    Try Some Chevron

    chevron barn door

    honeynhydrangea / Instagram

    Textures and patterns are a great way to give a room a lot of punch without a lot of effort. Copy this chevron stripe barn door idea from honeynhydrangea to update any room instantly. The texture can be added organically by attaching wooden boards, or by simply painting the design onto a large piece of plywood. 

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    Go Bold With Color

    green barn door
    The Honeycomb Home

    Barn doors are also a great way to add an eye-catching splash of color. Whether you're gaga for green like blogger The Honeycomb Home, or you just want to try a different favorite color, painting a store-bought barn door is an easy way to customize it to your taste and blend it to fit your aesthetic. 

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    Hide a TV

    Barn door hiding a tv
    Liz Marie Blog

    If you and your partner can't agree on that big screen TV purchase, maybe this adorable barn door idea from Liz Marie Blog will change your mind. Using the sliding door mechanism to hide large electronics (like that 70 inch you just can't stomach in your living room) is a great way to turn a family room into a formal living room instantly. 

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    A Mirrored Barn Door

    Mirrored barn door in a bathroom
    Irwin Builds

    Swapping out a traditional bathroom or closet door with a barn door doesn't mean giving up mirror space. This gorgeous rustic idea from Irwin Builds is wonderful inspiration for working a mirrored barn door into your home. Just make sure to follow good feng shui rules when deciding what to mirror.