12 Clever Ways to Display Crystals at Home

Airplant resting in clear bowl surrounded by crystals on wooden surface

The Spruce / Adelyn Duchala

Can't get enough of crystals? If that's the case, you're in luck. Crystals are surely fun to display around the house on the coffee table or bookshelf, but if you're looking to up the ante a bit, we have 12 projects for you. These DIYs are all super simple and make it possible to easily incorporate crystals into more areas of your home in no time. All you need to do most of them is some strong glue!

Whether you're looking to get more organized, showcase favorite photographs, or make your space look a little more glam, these are the projects for you. Keep reading to get inspired!

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    Crystal Command Center

    crystal hanging display

    Natalie Shaw

    Who couldn't benefit from an extra hanging station to store bags, coats, scarves, and the like? Kids and adults will fall for this creative solution, which can be displayed in the hallway, bedroom, bathroom, you name it! This command center looks ultra glam, but it is actually a simple DIY that involves picking out crystal knobs and adhering them to a wooden plaque. (Got a favorite crystal you love? Glue it directly to the board, no hardware store knobs required!)

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    Luxe Light

    crystal light


    We all have little nooks in our homes that could benefit from a bit more light. This crystal display functions sort of as a night light would but looks way cooler. Plus, when it's turned off, it still doubles as eye-catching decor. It's most definitely a win-win!

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    Crown Jewels

    crystal jewelry box

    Stephanie Gerber

    Jewelry addict or not, everyone needs a safe place to store their favorite baubles and keep smaller pieces like thin bracelets, rings, and earrings, safe and out of reach from pets and little ones. This DIY jewelry box, featuring a crystal top, is simple yet still super glam.

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    Shiny Wine Topper

    crystal wine stoppers

    Dani Barbe

    Wine, anyone? Your next happy hour gathering is about to get a little more glam! These wine stoppers feature—you guessed it—shimmering crystals on top. They would be a great party favor for a milestone birthday or bachelorette, too, and are easy to make in large quantities if needed. We won't blame you if you choose to display a few on your bar cart all the time.

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    Terrific Terrarium

    crystal terrarium

    Dani Barbe

    Give your crystals a permanent home by designing a chic terrarium in which to display them. This one also features air plants, which add a lovely green touch.

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    Chic Coasters

    diy crystal coasters

    A Beautiful Mess

    Say goodbye to those paper coaters laying on your coffee table that have most definitely seen better days. These DIY gilded coasters make for a lovely gift idea and will brighten up your every day setup at home, too.

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    Fun Photo Display

    crystal photo display

    A Beautiful Mess

    We can't get enough of this fun way to display favorite photos! Grab some crystals, print out a few of your favorite prints, and get to work crafting. It's so rare that we take the time to display non-digital photographs these days—now you have the perfect excuse to honor fave memories (Polaroid photos, anyone?) without ruining your home aesthetic.

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    Marvelous Magnets

    crystal magnets

    Molly Madfis

    A project that can be tackled in just five minutes? We're here for it! This crystal magnet DIY will ensure that important notes and reminders don't get lost around your apartment while looking visually appealing.

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    Cool Candle

    crystal candle

    Joanna Hawley

    This candle has crystals on top and hidden inside, making it ultra cool. It's relatively easy to make yourself using minimal materials, too. Choose a vessel that you'll enjoy reusing once the candle is burnt through—this one is large enough to serve as a cute dish to hold loose change on a nightstand, for example.

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    Sweet Succulent Holder

    crystal planters

    Joanna Hawley

    Looking to add more green friends to your home? While settle for a plain old plant pot for that adorable succulent when you can place it in a crystal planter that will bring you joy all day long? This DIY project will light up your life day in and out.

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    Fab Frame

    crystal picture frame

    Erica Stolman

    Go on and grab that glue gun! This glam picture frame will add major pizzazz to your desk or dresser and it's so easy it can be completed while you watch a TV show.

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    3D Art

    crystal wall hanging


    As much as we love framed artwork, there's something about sculptural wall hangings that are so special and eye catching. Add some intrigue to your walls with this crystal wall hanging that you can put together using some materials from the craft store—and one from nature!