Color Crush: 6 Fun Ways To Decorate With Pink

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    Color Crush: 6 Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Pink

    There is just something about the color pink. It's fun and cheerful but at the same time it can be bold and daring. We worry about over-using it, but maybe we worry a little too much. With so many shades and tones to choose from, it can work in more spaces than we tend to think. So whether you prefer a soft and subtle rose for a serene and pretty space or a bright and vibrant fuchsia to kick things up a notch, pink is definitely a color you want to have in your home. And as the weather warms up, pink is a beautiful, summery color to incorporate into a space. Even when things cool down again, the pops of pink in our rooms will keep us feeling warm just a little bit longer. It's probably clear by now that we've got more than a little crush on pink. And to help you see why, we’ve put together a few simple tips on how to bring this bright and versatile color into your home decor.

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    Pink and Copper

    Color Crush 6 Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Pink

    When incorporating pink into your space, try adding some copper or rose gold metallics into the room. Metallics are a natural complement to the softer pinks, creating very pretty, very relaxed spaces. Here the metallic overhead lights pick up the pink of the surrounding room so well that they appear to have a pink sheen to them. It's a great way to combine masculine and feminine touches in a space.

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    Light and Dark

    For something with a bit more contrast, try pairing soft shades of pink with darker colors. Navy, black and dark grays look extremely bold and sophisticated next to the subtle color. Mixing your colors in this way will create a balanced look and ensure that your space doesn’t look too soft and fluffy.

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    Make It Bold

    One of the benefits of a strong, bright pink is that it can work surprisingly well with other bright colors. Layering bold pink shades with velvety reds and cool blues is an exciting combination that will lead to some very sophisticated looking rooms. When using so many bold shades, the small neutral pops of white, black and brown – as seen in this gallery wall – are very important for keeping your wilder colors in check. But even if you're not looking to wash your walls in bright pink tones, using artwork and picture frames to add quick bursts of color is always a good idea.

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    Pink Textiles

    If you're not ready to commit to pink furniture or gallons of paint, but you'd still love to work in a few splashes of this lovely color, try using textiles. Bedding sets, pillows, and throw blankets are a quick, easy, and affordable way to jazz up your room with some happy moments of pink. And every shade of pink looks great paired against crisp white sheets or pillow cases.

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    Neutral Pink

    If you're looking for a neutral color palette that still has a bit of color and interest, try painting your walls a very light, fresh shade of pink. Where white walls feel very crisp but not very warm, pink can give the same neutral backdrop with just the slightest hint of warmth, making it a space you can really sink into. You'll still have a calm and neutral palette to begin layering other colors onto, but with that little something extra to make it feel different than your average white or cream room.

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    Lots Of Pink

    Color Crush 6 Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Pink. Revista Glamour

    By this point, you're probably starting to see why pink is one of our very favorite colors. Now if you’re feeling really adventurous, try painting an entire room a shade of bright, hot pink. It can be scary, we know, but the wow-factor is undeniable. If you're to take the leap and paint your room bright pink (or any bright shade), first be sure to include plenty of good lighting. This illuminates the space, and creates the illusion that other shades of the color are being layered throughout the room. Good luck and have lots of fun!