Everything You Need to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

decorating a tree with ornaments

Chelsea Victoria / Stocksy

There's no better symbol of the holiday season than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. However, it's easy for a Christmas tree to look a bit like a mismatched hodge-podge if you don't put a little bit of thought into how you're decorating. Start by selecting the tree, then put it in the right place in your home and choose how you want it to look — soon, your home will look picture-perfect for the holidays.

Picking the Perfect Tree

Not all Christmas trees are created equal. A certain type of tree, whether a fir or spruce, might be a better option for your preferences or your home. Consider what you prefer in looks, whether it's tight branches or airy, light green or dark needles, or heavy or light on fragrance. Don't forget to measure the tree to make sure it will fit in your home.

Christmas Tree Color Schemes

The colors of Christmas can become a sensory overload if you don't keep it in check. However, everything will look more streamlined if you choose a color scheme for your decor. There are a number of ways to choose a color scheme, whether it's taking a cue from your home's current color palette or the hues from a favorite Christmas tree ornament.

Christmas Tree Themes

Rather than throwing everything from stars to candy canes to reindeers on the tree, pick one theme and stick to it. You can even choose from multiple themes if you have more than one smaller Christmas trees, as it would allow you to have snowmen on one tree, glass balls on another, and so on.

Christmas Tree Trimming Parties

What's more festive than trimming your Christmas tree? Trimming your Christmas tree with friends and family by your side. Invite the guests to come help decorate the tree while serving brunch or appetizers, as well as mimosas or festive mocktails. Light a fire in your fireplace, and play Christmas carols as background music. 

DIY Ornaments

Have kids? On a budget? Just want to have some creative fun? Make your own Christmas tree ornaments with a few simple supplies.

Select the Perfect Topper

There are many varied options available for Christmas tree toppers, so it's really up to your preferences. Some people prefer angels on the top of their trees, while other families like to have the classic star.

Scandinavian Christmas Trees

Even though trees are a symbol of Christmas, use of evergreen trees in Scandinavia predates the holiday celebration in the country. These days, Scandinavian Christmas tree styles have become such a fashionable decorating choice. It's minimalist approach to decorating includes a reliance on neutral color palettes with natural elements scattered in as highlights. 

Recycle Your Tree

When the presents are opened and the eggnog has been drunk, the holiday starts to wind down. Whether you like to take the tree down right after the holiday or wait until the new year, you'll have to put the tree somewhere. Do the responsible thing and recycle your Christmas tree.