Unexpected Ways to Tap into Fall Harvest to Decorate Your Home

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    Hello Fall Harvest

    Cornhusk Garland
    Cornhusk Garland. Martha Stewart

    Welcome the fall harvest into your homes. Fall arrives swiftly adding its crispness to the air and follows with an abundance of bounty in autumnal tones. Beauty is available in the most unexpected places and it's all for the taking as the holidays are beginning to approach and we must decorate our homes accordingly. Simple touches around the home greet the pleasant time of year and help transition us into the cooler weather. Many fall harvest decorations can be found in your own yard but DIY...MORE projects are always a creative way to add to a new fall look. Often times the holidays can create unrealistic expectations about decorating our homes and cause unnecessary stress to some of the loveliest months. Decorate within your means and time, these suggestions will not only leave your home feeling magical this summer but they will bring joy and happiness through each project. You will leave your fall harvest feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

    Follow these ideas for a fall harvest to remember with these unexpected ways to decorate your home.

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    Dahlias in Bloom

    Dahlias in Bloom
    Dahlias in Bloom. Floret Flowers

    For those entertainers born with a green thumb fall harvest means dahlias are in bloom! Spring and summer is all about that green but fall means rich, luxurious hues of magenta, rose, deep violet and crimson are all in plain site. Dahlia's are one of the most beautiful creatures and first natural signifiers of fall flowers on the way. Dahlias and other fall blooms are gorgeous in single stem vases or you can create small arrangements to place throughout your home. If you are a beginner...MORE florists or more advanced in your skill you can't go wrong with bringing home some gorgeous fall flowers to spruce up your interiors.

    Fresh flowers are simply the first rule of adding to your home decor for entertaining. They help guests feel welcome, smell like a dream and look picturesque in just the right natural sunlight.

    Follow these tips for growing your own dahlias for fall.

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    Foraged Nature Wreath

    Foraged Wreath
    DIY Foraged Wreath. The Rosy Life

    When was the last time you explored your own yard to see what nature has to offer you? Foraging is not a new concept but something that is drawing a lot of recent interest for those looking to unplug and reconnect with their surroundings. Foraging is very tactile, visual and stimulating to the senses. Keep your eyes, ears and smell open when looking for things that would be a beautiful instrument in creating a fall inspired nature leaf. Pine cones, pine feathers, fallen twigs, newly colored...MORE leaves, berries and herbs all are wonderful ingredients for  a DIY home masterpiece. Remember there is no right and wrong with a foraged nature wreath so follow what's calling to you when taking time to discover.

    Love this gorgeous and super easy DIY for a foraged wreath from The Rosy Life.

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    Pinecone Lamp Finial

    Pinecone Lamp Finial
    Pinecone Lamp Finial. Martha Stewart

    Not only do pinecone's make lovely additions to your foraged fall wreath but they are also the sweetest lamp finial toppers. Pinecones are a subtle and simple touch to fall home decorating. Guests will be so enthralled by the enticing smell of pine before they notice your clever trick to top your lamps with them. When decorating following the rule of less is more sometimes can create a luxe, elevated thought and design to your home. An easy project like pinecone lamp finial's is a great...MORE example of this theory.

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    Cornhusk Fall Garland

    Cornhusk Garland
    Cornhusk Garland. Martha Stewart

    Earth toned cornhusks are everywhere this time of year. If you don't live on a farm and grow corn yourself you can always turn to the always trustworthy farmer's market for fall colored dried cornhusks ready for decorating. Another option is drying your own husks and experiencing the beauty of each kernel transitioning from shades of yellow to burnt orange, rusty reds and chocolate brown. A cornhusk fall garland is lovely addition to either your interior or exterior entryway of your...MORE home. A deck or backyard draped in a cornhusk fall garland is also a fun idea for seasonal outdoor entertaining for children and adult parties alike. A fall cornhusk garland transitions easily from day to night with a little help from string lights.

    Here is a DIY for your own fall cornhusk garland from Martha Stewart.

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    Firefly Lantern
    Firefly Lantern. Etsy

    Lighting is always important as the sun begins to set earlier this time of year. If you are still spending quite a bit of time outdoors enjoying the new crisp fall air, it might be a good idea to invest in some lanterns for additional mood lighting for seasonal events. If you are into hosting parties at your place regularly lanterns are perfect for creating idyllic walk ways to lead your guests to the gathering. They also create the most beautiful light for sunset to dusk timing. Moroccan...MORE lanterns are gorgeous anytime of the year but if you aren't ready to splurge on outdoor decor another idea is looking into different sized jars and tea light candles.

    20 Amazing DIY Paper Lanterns and Lamps from Architecture and Design. Etsy has some great examples as well like this Firefly Lantern.

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    Homemade Mulling Spices

    Mulling Spices
    Mulling Spices. Reading My Tea Leaves

    Sure you can head to your local supermarket to buy spices or you can make them yourself. Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and cloves are specific to season and you can choose your favorites to make a seasonal all-spice blend to have on hand in your kitchen. Mix with red wine for a lovely spicy hot mulled wine for to keep you warm when the weather chills. Buy small pouches to bag your spices and share with friends as holiday gifts. Spice pouches are thoughtful gift any day of the week and...MORE also work as great party favors this time of year as well. 

    Reading My Tea Leaves has an adorable recipe for mulling spices that serves as the perfect small gesture around the holidays.

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    Wool Blankets

    Woolrich Blanket
    Woolrich Striped Blanket. Woolrich

    Wool blankets are a decorative home addition that makes everything feel cozier. Wool blankets look beautiful tossed across your bed for extra fall warmth, over a chair and folded atop your sofa. A stack of wool blankets on a mantle create an inviting atmosphere for overnight guests and easily help people feel at home. Pulling out the wool blankets for fall is a quick way to give your home an instant fall makeover. Plaid, checkered, striped and solid coloring are fun to mix and match and...MORE experiment with home styling.

    Wool blankets by WOOLRICH are the best, love them both vintage and new. Pendleton also makes beautiful options and these collaboration with One Kings Lane has gorgeous choices as well.

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    Jewel-Tone Home Accents

    Jewel Tone Door Decor
    Jewel Tone Door Decor. Martha Stewart

     Rich jewel tones are a strong signifier that the fall harvest is upon us. You can find this hints in nature, at your nearest Target and at the farmer's market. Rich beets, sweet potatoes and greens are slowly slipping into your family meals. Our wardrobe is starting to be full of camel's, burgundy and emerald greens and this translates easily into home decor as well. Pillows, throws, wall art in jewel tones make the most of the fall harvest with deep home accents. Take a painting or...MORE drawing class to create your own art in your home. Develop some film you have been holding onto and get a larger size print for wall art. Look into natural DIY dyes to create rich and embellished pillow cases and throws for around your home. These can be great gift ideas as well come holiday season. A gorgeous hand dyed pillow makes perfect seating if you are using a bench for entertaining this season.

    Try these jewel tone accents from Pop Sugar to make you swoon.

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    DIY Fall Candle

    DIY Holiday Essential Oil Candles
    DIY Holiday Essential Oil Candles. Paper Blog

    A woodsy fall scent invigorates the senses and is a subtle reminder to guests that autumn is in the air quite literally. Pine, sandalwood, tobacco, cedar, patchouli take you from feeling every day to fall. Guests can have a high sensitivity to smell so be sure to find a fall scent that lingers but is not too overbearing. You want to have gentle touches of the season throughout your space but leave guests feeling comfortable and not itching for the door. You can purchase already developed fall...MORE candles or room sprays online here. If you have a couple of spare minutes this season try a candle making workshop to create your own. If you can't make it to a group class there are plenty of DIY's online that work with the most beautiful essential oil scents. Choose the candle process that works for you and let your house smell of all the richness of the fall harvest.

    Try this delicious lavender rosemary scented candle from Live Simply.

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    Gourd Garland

    Gourd Garland
    Gourd Garland. Martha Stewart

    The sweetest crop of the fall harvest are adorable mini gourds. A pumpkin can be considered a guard but they also come in plenty of cute shapes, sizes and colors for the season. A gourd garland is a fun project both adults and children alike. Visiting the local farmer's market to make your pick in gourds is special treat and a fun time to be imaginative with children. After you've made your garland appropriate selects for your gourds, follow this simple how to on arranging into fall...MORE harvest decor. There is no carving involved for this project so your guards should last well into the fall season.

    Follow these steps for a pretty garland made out of teeny gourds from Martha Stewart.

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    Pumpkin Vases

    Pumpkin Vase
    Pumpkin Vase. DIY Enthusiasts

    Light by a pumpkin vase is so magical in the autumn air. Pumpkin vases are a beautiful outdoor replacement for expensive lanterns and make beautiful fall harvest decor when entertaining. Pumpkin vases can come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. It's really gorgeous to cluster groups of 3 pumpkin vases to illuminate a walkway to guests into your party. You can also leave this lighting option around your deck, in the yard and throughout your house as your party goes into the night.

    DIY...MORE Enthusiasts share 14 easy pumpkin centerpieces and gorgeous fall decorating ideas.

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    Cranberry Flower Frog

    Cranberry Flower Frog
    Cranberry Flower Frog. Martha Stewart

    Be imaginative for your fall harvest arrangement. Replace the standard frog that florists use to hold flowers into place for season cranberries. These little berries are appropriate in color and texture for the fall harvest. They make the sweetest addition to your arrangements and guests will gush over your acute attention to detail.

    Here's the how-to from Martha Stewart.