Easy Feng Shui: Decorate Your House with Colour Red

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    The Warmth of Fire

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    Red is the colour of the feng shui fire element, the colour of warmth, excitement and passion. Just like your body needs warmth in any season, the same applies to your home: it needs warmth, and that means it needs at least a bit of red colour.

    You might think you do not like colour red, but I assure you there is at least one red colour tone out there that is sure to capture your heart. So go for it, discover it and bring it home!

    These feng shui colour tips will help you make better decisions...MORE when it comes to decorating your house with red. Be it your bedroom or your kitchen, find out where red is your best bet.

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    The Famous Red Door

    Red front door
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    Let's start with the famous red door. A feng shui beginner will insist that having a red door is very lucky for a house. Not exactly.

    If you have a South or Southwest facing front door, then yes, red colour is an excellent choice for your house. However, if your front door is facing East, West or Northwest, then better leave red for another house.

    Why? The reason lies in the interaction of the five feng shui elements and specific energies they bring to each area of your house (when properly...MORE applied.)

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    Red Focal Point: Look at Me!

    Red home decor
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    The best way to introduce your house to colour red - if the two have not been introduced before - is with red colour accents. Depending on the style of your home, as well as the existing decor scheme, you might have to spend some time before you find that perfect red.

    It might be a plum red, or a purple red, or maybe a fire engine red, who knows? You have to experiment and find the red colour that will compliment your existing home decor the most. Be sure to find that red, though, and bring it...MORE home.

    The right red colour always creates a happy, vibrant, energizing feeling that every home needs. Bring red with the colour of vases, pillows, rugs or a dramatic focal point of luxurious curtains.

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    The Red Room

    Red cinema room
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    The hardest application of red colour in any home is to use it as an overall room colour. Unless you are working with a talented interior designer, of course!

    Feng shui-wise, you have to be careful with a strong presence of red, because some areas in your house just do not benefit from it. The East bagua area is an obvious feng shui example where a red colour decor scheme should be avoided.

    If you plan to paint a whole room in red - which can be strikingly beautiful! - first check that your room...MORE is not located in the East, Southeast, West or Northwest areas of your home.

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    A Bedroom in Red?

    Red bedroom
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    Red colour is much welcomed in any adult bedroom, no matter which feng shui bagua area the bedroom is located in. The secret is to bring red colour with various decor accents, and not as an overall room colour.

    Because the best feng shui bedroom is a bedroom that promotes good sleep, as well as sexual healing, you have to find the right way to bring the fiery red into your bedroom. Too much red and your sleep will be affected; too little red and there can be a sense of apathy and coldness between...MORE sexual partners. Find the right balance.

    The smartest way to bring colour red into your bedroom is with decor accessories, such as pillows, blankets, candles, art, etc. This allows you to have more reds in the winter and less in the summer; in other words, it gives you control over the bedroom temperature.

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    A Must Have - Red in Kitchen or Dining

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    If there is one area in your home that definitely needs fire energy - and red colour is an expression of fire energy - then it is your kitchen and dining area. The feng shui rule here is similar to the bedroom rule for using colour red, meaning better go for striking accents rather than overall room colour.

    Unless, of course, your kitchen and dining are located in the South or Southwest bagua areas. Then you can go really wild with red colour and have an excuse that this is good feng shui!

    Red...MORE kitchen appliances and kitchen art, as well as red dining chairs or red lighting are often the easiest way to bring red colour into these two areas.

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    Always Good Feng Shui - Red Accessories

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    What you do for Christmas is often good to do year round. Beautiful red colour accessories, be they table linens, lampshades or pillows enliven any home and any party.

    If your spirits are low and your energy is down, reach for some fire energy in red colour accessories. That is, in addition to those chocolate cookies, of course!

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    Red Colour in Your Garden

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    Another place to be sure to treat with at least some vibrant red is your garden. Be it a chair, a statue or a whole bed of red roses - red colour brings auspicious energy into any garden. When your garden has great energy, your house benefits from it.

    And when your house has great feng shui energy, who benefits from it?

    You, of course.

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    Red Flowers and Red Candles - Always In

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    When everything else fails - you have messed up your kitchen walls with an awful looking orange red, your spouse refuses to go into your newly decorated bedroom and the expensive silk pillows have to go back to the store (again), do not despair.

    Pat yourself on the back for trying to do your best, remember you are getting better all the time and look on the bright side. And there, on the bright side, you will see an abundance of red colour candles and red flowers.

    Bring them home.

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