Decorating the Bedroom with Contemporary Florals

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    Contemporary Florals

    Photo courtesy of House to Home

    While florals have always been a decorating classic, their trendiness rises and falls with popular style and tastes. During Shabby Chic’s heyday through the 1990s, small, pastel floral patterns were extremely popular throughout every room of the house. But over the past decade, stronger geometrics, brighter color and clean minimalism have dimmed some of floral’s luster.

    Florals are back, however, but today’s patterns and colors aren’t your grandma’s fussy, dainty prints, or the wishy-washy pales of years gone by. Contemporary florals are bold, colorful and not afraid to make a decorating statement.

    The key to contemporary floral style is to keep the pattern confined to just a few strong accents, rather than overloading the room with a mix of soft floral patterns, as was popular in the past. Take a look at the eight bedrooms featured here – each uses one bold floral accent to wake up the space. Now that’s flower power!

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    Floral Wall Decals

    Photo courtesy of Azure Interior

    Think contemporary style and floral pattern can’t mix? Then take a look at this minimalist bedroom. It’s sleek, modern and spare – except for the stylized chrysanthemum wall decals adorning the space at the head of the bed. Best of all, wall decals are perfect for renters, or anyone who gets bored of her décor easily. When you’re ready for a change, just peel the decals away and apply a new design. Whatever decorating style you love, there is a wall decal in a floral pattern to match.

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    Floral Artwork

    Photo courtesy of Lushome

    When you have a painting this colorful and strong on the wall above your bed, there’s no need for a headboard – the artwork takes a headboard’s place. A large floral painting, print, tapestry or quilt is a great way to add a blast of color to a neutral bedroom. The cheerful floral painting shown here is nearly an abstract, but you could substitute something more realistic if you like – just make sure the artwork is large, colorful and fun.

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    Floral Bedding

    Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Bedroom

    Floral-print bedding is nothing new in the bedroom, but wow! The sheets and bedspread shown here take flower power to a whole other level. Since your bed is the major player in your bedroom’s style, covering it with a garden of flowers immediately adds cheerful charm to the space. But unless you are aiming for country-cottage style, stay away from small flowers or soft color. Instead, choose bedding with a bright, big and realistic floral pattern for the most current look.    

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    Floral Wallpaper

    Photo courtesy of Harlequin

    Wallpaper is back, and it’s better than ever: easier to hang, easier to remove, and available in a huge range of great floral designs like the one shown here. This is nothing like those fussy little floral prints you remember from 1980s kitchens– the new style is far more colorful and strong, but the key to wallpaper that looks current, not like yesterday’s news, is to choose a pattern that is large enough to really make an impact. Whether you paper one wall as an accent, or all four walls for maximum effect, stick with solid bedding to avoid busyness.  

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    Floral Curtains

    Photo courtesy of Atmosphere Interior Design

    Beautiful curtains do double duty –they detract from a not-so-great view outside your bedroom window, and they add considerable impact to your bedroom’s style. And when you choose a colorful, large floral print like the one shown here, the curtains themselves become the great view. Floral curtains work with just about every decorating style – just look for colors that match the rest of your décor.

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    Floral Ceiling Fixture

    Photo courtesy of Decoist

    If you’ve been staring at a boring glass bowl over a lightbulb on your bedroom ceiling for as long as you can remember, consider switching your fixture out with something as striking as the floral design shown here. Unexpected and a bit whimsical, a high-impact hanging fixture is all you need to banish boredom from the bedroom – it’s hard to beat an accessory like this for room-finishing style.

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    Floral Throw Pillows

    Photo courtesy of Homedit

    Add a couple of bold floral throw pillows to your bed, and watch it take on instant style. This bedroom is updated Shabby Chic done right – it still has all the trademarks of that easy theme: lots of white, ornate iron bed, feminine chandelier, plenty of flowers. But instead of the ruffles, distressed wood and small floral prints of the past, it’s updated with touches of bright color, large florals and a mirror-finish nightstand. No matter what your decorating style, however, a toss pillow or two in a contemporary floral print is just right.

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    Floral Headboard

    Photo courtesy of Craft Little Gnome

    Why settle for a plain headboard when you could have a floral stunner like the one shown here? And why pay a fortune for a headboard when you could make one yourself for a fraction of the cost AND choose fabric that you love? If that sounds good to you, then head over to Crafty Little Gnome, where you’ll find complete directions for making the headboard featured here.  Just remember to keep it contemporary with a floral print that is large and colorful.