Decorating Bedrooms With White Walls

A white room with greenery and neutral accents

Martin Barraud / Getty Images 

Deep, bold colors of paint on bedroom walls are so popular right now; you might feel a bit embarrassed to admit you harbor a love for plain-Jane white. Or maybe you’re a renter and are stuck with the ubiquitous Swiss coffee. Either way, there’s nothing to be ashamed of and nothing wrong with white paint in the bedroom. In fact, the color of fresh snow, delicious vanilla, and fluffy summer clouds works with every decorating style, soothes and relaxes, and is happy to either play a starring role in your décor or take a backseat to more intense hues. If you need more proof that white walls rock in the bedroom, just check out the eight rooms featured here.

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    Go Au Naturel

    Bedroom with white walls and wood-colored accents
    Coastal Living

    Clean and serene, white walls are the perfect backdrop for natural elements like the bamboo window blinds, bark-wrapped bedside lamp, roughhewn wooden plate, and stone planter shown off in the room featured here. With a palette limited to white and a few touches of muted accent color, the rustic accessories take center stage, yet all the white keeps the overall vibe contemporary, not primitive or country.

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    Mix and Match Patterns

    White bedroom with a mix of patterns
    Apartment Therapy

    When your walls, ceiling, and floor are white, you have a lot more freedom to mix and match colorful patterns throughout the rest of the room to your heart’s content, as demonstrated here. Despite the mismatched patterns, there’s nothing chaotic about this bedroom. That’s because the patterns are all botanical designs, and stick with a blue, yellow and green palette. As long as you keep one or two elements in common, you can generally mix patterns without fear of clashing.

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    Embrace White

    All white bedroom with white interior
    Love This Life

    Tranquil, relaxed, calm. There are lots of words to describe a bedroom that’s entirely decorated in white, and all of them mean the same thing: you’ll feel peaceful and serene. Add in traditional furnishings with thick upholstery and plenty of subdued brass and bronze accents, like the room shown here, and you up the luxe factor by a thousand. Gorgeous.

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    White Plus One

    White room with a bright-colored accent

    All it takes is one bright color to turn all white into all right. This room is full of fun contemporary touches: chevron drapes, clear Plexiglas bench, abstract floral print, and midcentury-inspired white upholstered bench. The turquoise accents are cool and quirky, but you could use any bright hue you like for a similar effect. Just keep your walls white and then pick your favorite accent color.

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    White Gets Eclectic

    White room with soft warm accent colors
    Lauren Liess

    An eclectic decorating style doesn’t mean anything goes, it means that there are a variety of styles combined in such a way that they harmonize despite their differences. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with a limited palette. For an example of eclectic done right, check out the room featured here. The old-fashioned brass bed, traditional upholstered chair and contemporary, simple bedside dresser are nicely complemented by the fur area rug, elegant chandelier, and contemporary swing-arm bedside lamp. But it’s the palette of white plus a few neutrals that ties everything together.

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    Add Lots of Color

    White room with bright colors

    If you love bright colors, cheer up your bedroom with your favorite intense hues. To prevent overload, however, use white as the backdrop, as demonstrated here. When you stick with white on your walls, as well as the majority of the room’s furnishings, you can get a little crazy with accent colors without fear of garishness.

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    Highlight Accessories

    White room with modern accessories

    If you want to highlight a few spectacular accessories in your room, choose simple white walls. Content to play a supporting role, they won’t distract from your focal points. This room shows off an unusual light fixture, a luxurious fur rug, metallic throw pillows, and intriguing artwork, all while maintaining a simple, clean decorating style. That would be difficult to pull off with any other color on the walls.