Feng Shui Decorating Colors for All Rooms in Your Home

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    Find Your Best Feng Shui Colors

    living room design
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    If you are looking for best feng shui colors for a specific room in your house but do not have the time to define your feng shui bagua, this quick guide to best feng shui color combos will help you.

    It applies to any room in your house - from your living room to your children's room, from kitchen to laundry -  because it nourishes the basic feng shui energy that is needed there.

    Of course, as with everything feng shui, this is just a beginning. You can further customize the colors by the specific use of the room, and even by the feng shui birth element of the person who uses the room most often. However, let not the complexity of feng shui stop you from delving into the world of good energy!

    Take the first step, and everything will get easier and simpler for you as you go along. 

    Let's find now the best feng shui colors for your room; we will do that according to the facing direction of the room. 

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    East Room Colors

    green colors with color palette
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    If you are looking for best colors for an East facing room, be it a living room or a child's room, then the colors of the Wood element - green and brown - are your best friend. Blue and black colors are also good feng shui for an East room. Limit red and purple colors.

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    Southeast Room Colors

    dining room with blue and green folding doors
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    Southeast area rooms love the same colors as the East area - green, brown, blue and black, with one addition - golden tones, as traditionally Southeast is considered to be the Money area in one's home, so bring some gold colored treasures into a Southeast living room or dining.

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    South Room Colors

    bright drawing of a color wheel
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    South rooms have a lot of fire and they love it! Feng shui-wise, best colors to create good energy in your South facing rooms are the Fire and Wood element colors - red, orange, purple, pink, strong yellow, as well as green and brown. Try to limit a strong presence of blue and black colors in your South facing rooms.

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    Southwest Room Colors

    red roses and a red color palette
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    Best feng shui in Southwest facing rooms is created by the warm and nourishing earthy colors - meaning colors of clay, pottery, earthenware, bricks, etc. Fire colors are also excellent for a Southwest room, so you can also go for warm red, pink or coral. Considering that this area in feng shui in connected to your love and marriage energy, add a touch of romance with a floral print or some sensual fabric in blush skin color tones. 

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    West Room Colors

    a white cup with milk on a wood table
    (c) color.romanuke.com

    A West facing room needs (and loves) a strong presence of the Metal feng shui element, which is expressed in colors gray and white, as well as all metallic finishes. It also loves the warmth of nourishing earthy colors. Avoid a strong presence of fiery colors, deep blues, and blacks.

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    Northwest Room Colors

    above view of jars of paint in gray hues
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    Northwest area rooms also love the Metal feng shui element, so the same colors are good here: grays, whites, all metallic finishes and warm earthy colors from nature. Avoid fiery colors, avoid black and blue colors. As this is the area connected to Heavenly Blessings in feng shui, a small metal Buddha statue can work very well here.

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    North Room Colors

    stairway in a home
    via thecuriousbumblebee.com

    North loves water, water and more water! So, all shades of blue and black colors are excellent here. White, gray and all metallic finishes are also helping create good feng shui in a North facing room. Avoid a strong presence of earthy colors.

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    Northeast Room Colors

    Buddha mural on wall
    (c) StyleaWall/etsy.com

    A Northeast facing room loves the Fire and Earth feng shui elements and is connected to the energy of spiritual growth and cultivation. This golden Buddha wall mural expresses perfectly the best feng shui energy for the Northeast location. Color-wise, all earthy colors plus red, oranges, purple, magenta, as well as golden finishes are excellent here.

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    More Color Explorations

    bathroom view with mint green paint
    via bellemason23.com

    So, there you have it, a quick guide to best feng shui colors for any room in your house (according to the location of the room).









    Want to go more in-depth with the feng shui use of color? Make some time to understand the feng shui energy map of your home, called the bagua.

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