Decorating Dorm Room Feng Shui Tips

Can You Create Good Feng Shui when Decorating Your Dorm Room?

Girl talking on the phone on her dorm room bed
Decorating your dorm room with feng shui is fun, as well time well spent. Jupiterimages / Getty Images

Decorating your dorm room might seem like a big feng shui challenge, that's for sure. However, if you approach it with the right mindset and with the right feng shui decorating tips for your dorm room - your success is assured. What makes decorating dorm rooms a challenging project and how can feng shui help you? Let's look into it.

Decorating Dorm Room Feng Shui Challenge 1

You have to share your dorm room with other people, and you never know how feng shui-friendly their decorating style is. What I mean by feng shui friendly decorating style is basically people who do not like to be surrounded by clutter and have a cool decorating style of their own. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Most of the time, though, at least one of your dorm roommates will be anywhere from a light to a very serious version of a feng shui decorating dorm room disaster. Hopefully, only one.

So, you have very little dorm room space to call your own, a lot of stuff to fit into it, and the potential of tons of clutter from your dorm roommates. Plus, not only you need to have it all fit, you also want to express yourself by decorating your space with cool stuff to enjoy it.

No reason to despair, though, as feng shui has many tips to help you with your dorm room decorating process. Here are some easy feng shui solutions:

  • You have to keep your clutter under control, so spend some time to make a clear list of what you will need throughout the year, and how you will store it. Purchase several similar baskets or boxes to be sure you have a storing space for everything. You do not have to go all Martha Stewart about it, but do choose good looking stuff for storing; you will have to look at it for at least the next 9 months.
  • Establish a clear, easy system for yourself as to what you do with all the incoming stuff: papers, school supplies, books, beer (just kidding!). You have to have a clear system from the very beginning, otherwise, you will get swamped by yours (and others!) stuff. Learn to be neat, this is cool feng shui.
  • Be sure you bring decorating items with you that you totally love, this is good feng shui. I do not know what you are into - Beatles or Bieber (Justin, I mean) - but you have to indulge yourself in creating a cool space that has the energy to support you through all the ups and downs of the exciting college life.
  • Decorate with your health in mind - find out about plants that clear the air, full-spectrum lights, how you can solve a myriad of decorating challenges with mirrors, etc. You can become a feng shui decor whiz pretty quick, we have tons of info for you on this site, and none of the solutions include a three-legged frog. Unless you want it, of course.

Decorating Dorm Room Feng Shui Challenge 2

In addition to the dorm room decorating challenges we just looked into, let's not forget the main one - you will have to sleep and study in this dorm room for the whole year! Meaning: you have to have a comfortable bed to get a good night sleep, you have to have space for your computer, printer, etc. In other words, you just have to make it work for a student who will absorb a large amount of info in the next 9 months. (This is the main reason you are there, right?)

You have to deal with all the electronics without creating a mess of your health (get familiar with the dangers of high EMFs); you need good quality air to feed your brain, you need good quality light to stay happy and healthy.  Here are some feng shui solutions:

  • Be sure you create a good feng shui bed. Depending on your specific dorm room bed, you might want to bring an additional mattress, warm blankets, good bedding, etc. This is important, as not getting good quality sleep will eventually wear you down and reflect in lower grades. Not fun.
  • Do your best in creating a good work area. This will be a challenge, I assure you, but it can also be exciting and rewarding. Good lighting, good seating, good organization - start with these three basics.
  • A stylish small filing cabinet can be very helpful. If you are not totally digital, a message/bulletin board is a must. The reason I say this is because it is good to see all the tasks you have to accomplish, but it is not good to have your computer on all the time. Just for the sake of your health, you need to take breaks from all electronics.
  • You are about to experience exciting, fun and truly great times when you make tons of new friends, fall in love once or twice, face situations you never knew existed, etc. Which means, having a good feng shui energy in your space is a huge benefit.

When you have some time after all the basics here are covered, you can look into feng shui bagua colors that are best for you, your best directions, and most common feng shui bedroom for love mistakes. You want to have it all covered to be sure there is a good support system there for you.

Last, but surely not least - clear boundaries are excellent feng shui for decorating dorm rooms. The more clear you are with your boundaries - personal, as well as space boundaries - the more successful you will be.