Decorating Ideas For Feature Walls

Using a Feature Wall as a Focal Point

Feature wall home decor
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Every room should have a focal point, a place of interest that is the highlight of a space. Yet, many rooms lack this necessary feature. Adding an accent or feature wall is a great way to create a fabulous focal point without spending too much time or money.

Below are some fun decorating ideas for feature walls, as well as links to tips and how-to instructions for creating your own feature wall.

Paint is one of the simplest ways to add a feature wall.

You can choose one bold color to highlight an accent wall, but why stop there? Even inexperienced painters can easily stencil or paint designs on a wall or ceiling, and faux finishes make fabulous feature walls. Or go with a bit of bling and choose a glitter or metallic paint.
Paper or Fabric
No need to splurge on expensive wallpaper. It’s easy and inexpensive to decoupage pretty paper or a printed fabric to a wall surface. Check gift wrapping and scrapbooking sections of stores for inexpensive papers in a variety of colors and patterns. In bathrooms or kitchens where water damage may occur, cover the finished decoupaged fabric or paper surface with an acrylic sealer.
Decals are extremely easy to install and now come in about a million different designs. Some decal companies even let you design your own. And decals are perfect for renters or temporary home dwellers, allowing you to install a feature wall that you can take with you when you move.

To save money, check online for coupons, Groupons or other savings that may be offered.
Mirrors are perfect for feature walls since they reflect light and images and add movement and visual interest to a space. Mirrors also work well to add depth to a space and visually broaden a narrow room.

Use one large mirror, or for more excitement, arrange a collection of mirrors together in a group.
A large piece of artwork or a collection arranged together can make a grand feature wall. And think outside of the two-dimensional box. Antique kitchen utensils, decorative plates or even a sensational rug can be hung to create a unique feature wall.
Expensive wainscoting is very easy to fake on a budget, and a wainscoting wall can add a large amount of visual interest and beauty to a space. Wainscoting styles range from traditional to contemporary and from simple to ornate, and most wainscoting projects can be completed in one weekend by those with even basic carpentry skills.
Broken or mismatched tile can be found at building supply stores for pennies – or even for free! Or (carefully) break tiles, pottery or glass to create your own. If you need pottery to craft your mosaic, check yard sales, flea markets, and local estate ​sales. Tip: Make sure the wall you apply your mosaic to can support the weight of the material plus grout. Depending upon your design, you may not need to use grout. Plan carefully.​
Building Supplies
Metal, stone, tile or wood applied to the wall surface can make a beautiful feature wall.

And great deals can be had if you are willing to look. To save huge amounts of money, check building reclaim centers or closeout lots, and ask about seconds.
Recycled Items
The sky is the limit when you craft a feature wall from old items; plus, cast-off items are usually super cheap! Using salvaged or reclaimed items, you can make a one-of-a-kind feature wall that doubles as a work of art. Old pallets, barn wood or old bricks can make beautiful feature walls, but I’ve even seen an amazing feature wall crafted from old paint sticks.