Decorating Ideas for Small Bedrooms

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    Bold and Beautiful

    It would be nice to have a large master bedroom with plenty of space to spare, but the fact is that many of us don't. In fact, many homes and condos have very small bedrooms that can barely fit a bed and a chest of drawers. But just because a room is small it doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of great decorating opportunities.

    Take a look at these photos of small bedrooms. Some are bigger than others, but none would be considered particularly large. It just goes to show that size doesn't matter. A small bedroom can be remarkably stylish and efficient.

    This bedroom isn't tiny, but it's not huge either. The combination of colors and patterns on the wall draws the eye up so you don't notice the somewhat limited floor space.

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    Express Yourself

    A bedroom, no matter what the size, should express the personality of those who live there. This small bohemian look is full of fun and personality.

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    Romantic Style

    If your look is romantic and pretty you can still achieve it in a small bedroom. This room demonstrates it beautifully.

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    Clean and Contemporary

    Small Contemporary Bedroom

    When you live in a small space keep your accessories to a minimum. This room has very few extras which keeps it from looking cluttered.

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    White and Airy

    White on white bedroom
    French Larkspur

    A white color scheme isn't just fresh, it's calming. Carved details and fabric embellishments add depth and keep it from looking boring.

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    Sleek and Sophisticated

    A no-fuss, frill-free room is ideal for a small,contemporary space.

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    Sophisticated Chic

    Neutral color scheme in bedroom
    The Couture Rooms

    This room is feminine yet it's free of frills. Mirrored furniture and a soft color scheme help to make the room feel enlarged.

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    A Winning Combination

    This room demonstrates that you can have a big impact in a small space. The combination of salmony pink, soft blue and white is both soothing and interesting.

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    Bold Patterns

    Patterned Bedroom
    Laurey W Glenn / Southern Living

    A bold pattern on the walls distracts from how small this room really is.