Decorating in the American Coastal Style

Coastal style. Photo © morgueFile

Originating in coastal homes across America, especially those located on the Atlantic coastline, this increasingly popular style is rapidly moving into the mainland.

The American Coastal style is full of light and comfort, and is calm as a summer breeze across the waves. If you love soft furnishings, ocean hues and a room that imparts a feeling of breezy goodness, you’ll love the casual yet classic American Coastal style.

The heart of an American Coastal style home is fellowship and relaxation, so naturally, there is an emphasis on beautifully worn and weather-battered decorations. Nothing should be too precious in an American Coastal style home – shells should be handled, furniture should be snuggle-worthy, and drawers should be opened and stuffed with mementos.

Many confuse American Coastal with Cottage style decorating, but there are differences. The American Coastal style stands on its own with nautical decor, natural elements and a distinct lack of florals.

Typical characteristics of an American Coastal style space:

  • Ocean and sky hues
  • White as a predominate color
  • Light-reflecting materials such as glass or mirrors
  • Rattan, sea grass, bamboo, cane or teak
  • Nautical and natural or “found” decor
  • Natural fibers such as linen, sisal, jute, and cottons
  • Easy-care floors such as tile or hardwood
  • Weather-beaten or distressed woods
  • Painted furnishings