Craft & Decorating Jobs from Home

Turning Your Love of Decorating & Crafting into a Career

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Creativity is in high demand. The number of people pursuing creative careers along with crafting and decorating jobs is on the rise. Not only that, the type and number of careers that demand creative people are also growing. Combine that demand with the popularity of crafting sales websites and online marketing, and you have the making of a large crafting community full of people that are working from home while supporting themselves and doing what they love.

If enjoy being creative or crafty and have a love of home design or decorating, being self-employed and working from home can be a good choice. There is little overhead, you can set your own hours and your own pay, and you don’t have to share profits with anyone. Of course, you don’t share costs or responsibilities with anyone either, which could be why many at-home businesses fail.

However, with a bit of hard work and creative energy, you can be successful with a decorating or craft job from home. Decorating and crafting careers are varied and growing, so you have many choices when choosing what you would like to do. Use your creativity and work from home with these ideas.

Crafting Sales

Crafting sales are a booming business and it’s easy to get started. However, the most successful crafting entrepreneurs are those who have a strong talent and have carved out a niche in the field. To reach the most people with your crafts, the best thing to do is to sell at as many different types of venues as possible – a personal website, online in a store like Etsy or ArtFire, at craft fairs and in local galleries and museums are only a few possibilities.

For more information, see About’s Arts and Crafts Business site.

Crafting and/or Decorating Journalism

There is an increasing demand for writers and/or bloggers who possess knowledge of interior design, decorating, crafting and more. If your creative outlet is writing but you also have a passion for a specialized area of design, furniture, decorating, art or crafting, blogging can be a surprisingly great way to make some extra money.

Some fulltime bloggers have actually turned blogging into a career. Great computer skills are a must, and you may need to be proficient in HTML though many blogging sites don't require it. It also helps to have a good understanding of online networking and social networking sites, as this will be the key to growing your blog.

If you are outgoing and have a love of decorating or home decor, home decor sales can be a great way to dabble in interior decorating without having a formal education or degree. These jobs are easy to get started in and can also be very financially rewarding to those who possess a knack for sales. For more information on starting a home decor sales business along with a list of home decor sales companies, see our article.

Home Organizing

Home organization (aka professional organizer) is a growing field for those who would like to work from their homes and, depending upon what you choose to concentrate on, can be very similar to interior decorating. Even the field of home organization is becoming more specialized with home organizers concentrating only on garages or playrooms or financial papers. You don’t need a degree to become an expert in home organization and pursue this career.

Though there are home organizing classes and certifications offered through various organizations and companies, many home organizers are avid do-it-yourselfers whose only credentials are a talent for organizing and a desire to help others who don’t possess the same. For more information on becoming a professional organizer, see our article here.

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