Inspiration for Decorating Red, White and Blue Bedrooms

small guest room in bungalow wood paneling

A red, white, and blue decorating theme isn’t just for the fourth of July—it’s a fantastic palette for the bedroom any day of the year.

Combine the serenity of blue, the tranquility of white and the excitement of red, and you get a color scheme that is easy on the eyes and the mind, making it restful, yet with just enough contrast and spark to keep things lively.

And while red, white, and blue is suitable for a patriotic decorating theme, this versatile color trio works for many other looks, as well. If you need any more convincing, take a look at the other bedrooms shown here.

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    Red, White, and Blue's Whimsical Side

    Bedroom with blue walls, red carpet, and red and white bedspread.

    When you use the softest shade of blue as the backdrop to hot red accents and cool white furnishings, you get a dramatic room, yet not at all overbearing.

    In this room, the pale blue keeps the red carpet under control, while highlighting the wonderfully whimsical “four-tree” bed. The rather retro, yet still contemporary, round red ceiling fixture lends another touch of surprise to the room.

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    Red as an Accent

    Bedroom with blue walls, red chair, and blue and white bed.
    Live Like You

    While blue and white is a classic bedroom color combination, it benefits from a little dose of heat. What better way to turn up the flame than with a few red accents, as in the room shown here?

    This bedroom is also an excellent example of the power of a simple—yet strong—pattern. Imagine this same bedroom without the striped lampshades, chevron window shades, funky chair cushion, and unusual throw pillow.

    There wouldn’t be much pizzazz, demonstrating how powerful a mix of bold patterns can be even when limited in color.

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    Nautical Red, White, and Blue

    Bedroom with red and white striped rug and nautical blue bedspread.
    Home Decor and Design

    Blue and white with red accents is one of the most common palettes for the nautical decorating theme.

    This charming bedroom hits all the maritime high tones: anchors and other boat motifs, distressed wood furniture, stripes, sea life (check out the wooden “Jaws” shark hanging over the bed!), casual vibe, and most of all—a blue-and-white palette with a touch of red for contrast. It’s a bedroom that feels like it’s on permanent vacation—blissful.

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    Mostly Red and White

    Blue bedroom with red curtains and red and white floral bedspread.

    Just as you can decorate with mostly blue and white, using red simply as an accent, you can also create a gorgeous bedroom in red and white with just a whisper of blue to keep the look from overheating.

    Here, it’s accomplished with the softest wash of blue on the walls, pale blue touches in the quilt and a grayish-blue nubby area rug. This is a good trick when using red as your primary bedroom color—it’s very dramatic and stimulating, so you’ll benefit from blue’s cooling vibe.

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    Red, White, and Blue Child's Room

    Blue child's bedroom with loft bed and red chair.
    Port of Design

    Suitable for boys and girls alike, red, white, and blue is a great palette for a child’s room— whether you are decorating for your new baby or “growing up” your teen’s digs.

    This bedroom also demonstrates the optimum use of very limited space. A loft bed with a study area underneath is both fun and space-wise, while tall bookcases show the best way to add storage space in a tiny room—go vertical. And the red chair with floor lamp adds the third of the three essential areas in a teen or preteen’s bedroom: somewhere to relax, study and sleep.

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    Country Grows Up

    Red gingham curtains and blue polka-dot bedspread in a bedroom.
    Country Living

    Red, white, and blue is a traditional country palette, but it doesn’t have to be patriotically themed or overly cutesy.

    Here, you see how well dots, gingham, and a touch of toile play together, and how country can be quite grown up and sophisticated without the frills and fussiness that were popular in the 1990s country style.

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    Red, White, and Blue Cottage

    Red, white, and blue bedspread in a bedroom.
    Ralph Lauren

    Wow, just take a look at that gorgeous bed! The stunning red, white, and blue bedding is an unfortunately discontinued collection from Ralph Lauren, but you can still find many equally gorgeous substitutes.

    To create a cottage look as charming as the one shown here, mix stripes, floral, and gingham, add some wicker, stick with a traditional brass bed, and keep the overall feel light and airy. Just lovely.

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    Contemporary Red, White, and Blue

    Light blue bedroom, brown curtains, and red pillows.

    While it’s a color combination often associated with country, cottage, and coastal decor, you can give red, white, and blue a very contemporary makeover by adding in a fourth hue—a grayish brown that is neutral enough to add today’s style without detracting from the colorful touches.

    This bedroom only uses the color trio on the bed and the artwork—the rest of the space is very current with pale gray walls, lots of dark taupe on the curtains and headboard, and of course, the wonderful round mirror.