Decorating Risks to Wake Up Your Bedroom

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    Take a Decorating Risk

    Mix pretty floral patterns in the bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of housetohome

    There’s a reason playing it safe is so popular when it comes to decorating… it’s safe. And while it’s true that following general decorating guidelines generally leads to a room that is welcoming, attractive and functional, it’s also true that playing too close to the rules can be a little bit boring. If your bedroom has fallen into the “okay, but nothing special” rut, why not shake things up a little by taking a decorating risk? You have nothing to lose but a case of the decorating doldrums.

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    Black Walls

    Black bedroom walls.
    Photo courtesy of Stylizimo

    It’s not a look that’s for everyone, but if you want to take a real decorating risk, consider painting your walls a matte black. Keep the ceiling, bedding, window treatments and flooring white or another light tint, and the effect is quite glamorous and a bit mysterious, not at all gloomy or cave-like.

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    Have Some Fun

    Have some fun in your bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

    Even the most traditional bedroom can benefit from a dose of fun, so why not add something completely unexpected to your bedroom’s décor? Whether that’s a silly wall-painted message, as in the room shown here, a quirky piece of art, a crazily patterned bedspread, or a whimsical design on upholstery, area rug or lampshade is entirely up to you.  But be careful… the line between quirky fun and brash or tacky can be a fine one.

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    Paint the Ceiling

    Bedroom with painted ceiling.
    Photo courtesy of Houzz

    Even when bedroom walls are painted a color other than white, the ceiling usually remains pristine. In fact, if your bedroom walls are painted a very dark color, such as navy blue, slate gray or black, it’s usually best to stick with a white ceiling to avoid a cave-like feel. But if your walls are white or a light hue, why not use your ceiling as an accent wall and go for bold color up above? Add a few accents to match, and now you have a bedroom that breaks the rules, but still looks harmonized.

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    The Statement Headboard

    Super bright headboard.
    Photo courtesy of Mexsii

    There’s nothing wrong with a wooden headboard or an upholstered number in a neutral or soft hue. Both are safe choices that work beautifully in any bedroom. But if you’re tired of playing it safe, why not choose a headboard that practically screams, “Look at me!” like the one shown here? A super-bright or boldly patterned headboard is strong enough to wake up even the most neutral bedroom, yet isn’t going to overwhelm the space as long as you keep the rest of the room under control.

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    Wallpaper Goes Bold

    Floral wallpaper in bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of House to Home

    Wallpaper is back, and it’s better than ever. No longer difficult to hang or remove, you can even use wallpaper in a rental. And why not? With so many bold, colorful patterns to choose from, you can paper one wall as an accent, or cover all four walls with color, and watch your bedroom go from oh-so-safe to wow! Need more convincing? Just take a look at the fabulous floral wallpaper used here.

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    Make Your Lighting the Star

    Bedroom with contemporary antler light fixture.
    Photo courtesy of Grand Bohemian Hotel

    Every bedroom needs at least two sources of light beyond sunshine – a bedside lamp, a ceiling fixture or floor lamp set across the room, and if the room is large, another lamp or two along with ceiling spotlights. But often, those light sources – especially ceiling fixtures – are ho-hum. If you want to wake your room up, forget about playing it safe, and instead, choose a ceiling fixture that makes a bright statement, like the contemporary take on the rustic classic shown here. If you can’t use a ceiling fixture in your room, choose a lamp that goes beyond the expected.

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    Repurpose It

    Repurposed nightstand ideas.
    Photo courtesy of DIY Network

    Playing it safe means sticking with a traditional set of bedroom furniture. Taking a risk means replacing at least one of those pieces with something unexpected, like the repurposed typing table used as a nightstand here. Repurposing something simply means using it in a way that wasn’t its original intention. There are many ways to repurpose in the bedroom:

    • Try a set of old shutters or an antique door as a headboard
    • Use a stepladder, writing desk or barrel as a nightstand
    • Swap out your traditional footboard for a pair of ceramic garden stools, bench or surfboard
    • Use an armoire once intended to hold a television for storing clothes or toys in a child’s bedroom