Decorating Secrets for the Perfect Guest Bedroom

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    Where to Start Decorating Your Guest Bedroom

    Sherwin-Williams Yellow Bedroom
    Sherwin-Williams - Solaria

    Choosing bedding for your guest room is a simple way to start your decorating project, even if you're not sure what you'll want in the space. The bedding is the best place to start your decorating makeover because it can offer up a ready-made color scheme. The accent colors of your guest room bedding are where you'll find your paint color inspiration. If your bedding is a solid color, or you don't see a color in there that would work for your walls, look for throw pillows or artwork that offer more accent color options. 

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    Create a Color Palette

    Zen Guest Bedroom Ides
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    Once your bedding is chosen, it's time to choose the wall color. You'll want to decide what type of color scheme you'd like to create. An inexpensive color wheel can help you create your new color scheme.​ Use the color wheel to decide what type of scheme works best for the mood you'd like to create in your guest room. Of all the color schemes you can choose from, a monochromatic color scheme is the easiest to create and is the most relaxing choice for any bedroom. The beauty of a monochromatic scheme is that it can be created with any color. You can achieve a relaxed look with any color, as long as your color palette features lighter and darker shades of your main color.

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    A Guest Bedroom for Everyone

    Welcoming Green Guest Room

    The secret to a guest room that can please any guest is finding a style that is unique and memorable, but not so specific that it feels awkward to some of your guests. A relaxing or fun color scheme with a whimsical design element, like a stenciled accent wall or kitschy artwork, appeals to most guests. Spend time looking at decorating sites and blogs to find inspiration for your new guest bedroom. Unless your guest bedroom is also used as a home office or shared space, you can really decorate it more imaginatively than a room that's used every day. 

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    Have Fun With Your Guest Bedroom

    Behr Misty Isle - Guest Bedroom

    It's okay to have fun with your guest bedroom decorating. The same decorating rules for other bedrooms don't apply in your guest bedroom. You'll want to start with the right bedding and finding the perfect guest bedroom paint color, but your choice of accessories and personal touches are what make your guest bedroom special. You can express your own style in the guest room to share a bit of yourself with your guests. While you won't want to display family photos in your guest room, you can display favorite photos or artwork that you've created for a homey look. 

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    Should You Decorate Your Guest Bedroom in Neutral Colors?

    Gray Bedroom Ideas

    If you love the simple look of neutral colors but want more color in your guest bedroom, adding colorful accents and pops of color is an easy choice. Be sure to choose your neutral colors carefully and watch for undertones that can complicate your neutral color scheme. When you have chosen your neutral color scheme, add one or two accent colors to finish the space stylishly.

    It's totally fine to use neutral colors as accents if you want more color in your guest bedroom. All shades of gray are awesome as accent colors, but charcoal gray and silver are your best choice to stand out in your color scheme. Yes, silver and gold metallic are considered neutral and are amazing as color accents to a simple color scheme.

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    You Need to Think Like a Guest

    Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    How do you know what your guest wants for the guest bedroom? It's most likely exactly what you'd like. Think of your favorite inn or hotel and the little touches that make your stay perfect, and then add those to your guest bedroom. Your guest room should be welcoming with its amenities and design. You can use color to create a welcome space with a sunny yellow paint color like Clark+Kensington's Vintage Treasure to brighten up an accent wall. 

    Don't forget to add the little things that make your guest's stay more enjoyable. Staying one night in your own guest room is the best way to know what it needs. A good reading lamp, a throw for chilly nights, and an easy-to-reach charging station for phones and electronics are some basics that every guest room should have. 

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    Decorating Is All About Comfort

    Yellow Bedroom Ideas

    Create a guest space that would make you feel comfortable and welcome. Choose paint colors that make you feel good when you're in the room, and choose fabrics and surfaces that feel just as good as they look. It's easy to become focused on the look of your guest bedroom and forget that comfort is the most important feature of the space. 

    If you have space for it, you'll want to add a comfy chair or two to your guest bedroom. Having a choice of seating in the room will make your guests feel more comfortable and able to kick back and relax without sitting on the bed. If your guest bedroom doesn't have space for a chair, try an upholstered bench at the end of the bed. 

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    How to Know What to Change and What to Keep

    Neutral Guest Room

    The best guest rooms are relaxing and uncluttered. If you're redecorating a room instead of creating a new design, you'll need to edit out furnishings and decor that no longer works in the space.

    Decorating with what you have can include buying a new duvet cover for comfortable but outdated bedding, and adding new throw pillows. Simple updates like a new lampshade, or even an accent wall, can totally change your guest room without costing a lot of money. Small changes and new paint color are simple changes you can make in just one weekend. For a pretty backdrop for your newly redesigned guest bedroom, try a gorgeous neutral paint color like Clark+Kensington's Tiramisu and add off-white and blue accents.

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    Secrets to a Low-Maintenance Guest Room

    Neutral Guest Bedroom Ideas
    Robert Daly/Caiaimage/Getty Images

    Having guests can be so much fun, but it can also be a lot of work. There are simple steps you can take when decorating and furnishing any guest room that can give you more time to enjoy your guests. Start with essential bedroom organizing tips for basic ideas on how to organize your guest room.

    When you are decorating your guest space use these tips to create a low-maintenance space:

    • Choose mix and match linens for the guest bedroom and bathroom. When every sheet and towel can be used interchangeably, you'll cut down time hunting for matches when guests are on their way.
    • Buy a supply of travel-sized toiletries to place in a basket in the guest room. Guests will be able to quickly grab what they need at any time. 
    • Make sure that there is adequate task lighting for reading, knitting, and hobbies.
    • Leave local postcards, stamps, and pens on a table in the guest room. This saves the last minute search for them before your guests head home.
    • Buy extra blankets and throws in your guest bedroom color palette so your guests won't have to ask for them. The extra blankets can be stored on a bench at the end of the bed and still look stylish.