Decorating the Bedroom With Black

Using Black in Your Bedroom

Bedroom decorated with black
Niche Interiors

Every room needs at least a touch of black. This versatile color—or actually, this versatile absence of color—is the workhorse of the spectrum. Use just a touch of black, or use it as the backbone of your bedroom palette—the result is a look that is sophisticated, calm and just a bit glamorous. If you thought that decorating your bedroom in black would make it look like a cave, take a look at the eight bedrooms featured here. Each makes different use of black, but each is gorgeous and highly livable.

Mix Patterns

This charming bedroom has a lot going on—the bright pink walls and the throw pillows, the luscious green headboard, the ornate chandelier, a mirrored bedside table, and a shiny white leather bench. What it also has is a lot of patterns. But because the pattern is all black and white, the total effect not only avoids any hint of business, it even works to tone down the overall appearance of the room, and ties together all of the individual elements that make this room so special. So go ahead and mix stripes, dots, and ornate, old-style botanicals—just limit the palette to black and white, and you’ll be fine.

Add a Bright Accent

Black room with bright accents

Black, gray and cream make a soothing, neutral palette that looks very contemporary. Such a low-key color scheme, however, presents the danger of monotony. The answer, as this bedroom shows, is to spark up the scene with a touch of one bright accent color—it’s yellow in this bedroom, but you could substitute any bright color for the same effect. It doesn’t take much…just a pair of yellow trays on the bedside tables, a yellow patterned throw pillow and a yellow-and-gray toss blanket on the chair. Take it a little further with metallic accents, and your bedroom is a winner.

Black Furniture

Black bedroom furniture

If you don’t want black on your walls or floors, but still want to use it as a major player in your bedroom, choose black furniture. As long as the furniture is the right style, a black finish works in any decorating theme from country to contemporary. Set off your black bed with white or light bedding and prevent an overly heavy or dark feel with a few further touches of white or color. If you like the slightly country, mostly transitional bedroom furniture shown here, you can buy it at Wayfair.

Black as an Accent

Black accents in a bedroom
Studio Ten 25

Black makes an excellent accent color for any style of bedroom décor. Sophisticated, a bit glamorous and yet level-headed, it both adds interest and keeps a style that might be a bit over the top from getting out of hand. It doesn’t take a lot of the color black to make an impact—look at the bedroom shown here. Its neutral and turquoise color scheme is pretty, and the overall look is a bit glamorous, but it’s the black chandelier, black chairs at the foot of the bed and the black-and-mirrored nightstands that really give this room a dose of wow.

Black Gets Sexy

Black bed

Want to take black for a little walk on the wild side? Then add a touch of shiny patent leather, as in the bedroom shown here. Just look at that headboard…it’s sexy, a little bit edgy and yet not at all overly dramatic or overwhelming. This bedroom really demonstrates how a few well-chosen touches can transform a ho-hum space into something special. For proof, imagine this room with a plain wooden headboard, side table, and bench. Attractive, sure. Special, no. But instead of Plain Jane basics, choose a mirrored nightstand, a bright red-coral bench, a couple of leopard throw pillows, and of course, a black headboard that really makes a statement, and suddenly, your boring bedroom goes wow.

Black All Around

Black bedroom
Atmosphere Interior Design

Think black walls and floor is too much? Not at all, particularly if you limit the black to one accent wall. The secret to using black on walls and floors without turning the space into a cave is keeping the ceiling white. You’ll also want to add a generous helping of white or another pale color throughout the room. In this bedroom, the palette is limited to black and white, with just a few metallic gold accents to liven up the style, but you could add more color and still have the same effect. It’s elegant, sophisticated, very grown-up and quite calming—not a bit cave-like.  

Black With Brights

Black with bright colors

Just as you can use bright accents to liven up a black or gray bedroom, you can use black accents to tone down a bright space. This cheerful room is anything but quiet: bright turquoise walls, sparkly silver pendant lights, bright mandala throw pillows, white leather bed, and white lacquered furniture. It’s beautiful, but that’s a lot of stimulation for the bedroom. The solution is simple—a black throw blanket stretched over the white bedding quiets the room down just enough without losing a bit of the wonderful style. You can use this trick in any bedroom primarily decorated in a bright color.

Zebra Print

Zebra print in a bedroom
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This traditional bedroom already has several touches of black in the picture frames, furniture and floors. It’s a lovely room, but what takes it to extraordinary is the black-and-white zebra bench at the foot of the bed. Whatever your decorating style, it’s hard to go wrong with zebra. Black and white and always right, a touch of this classic pattern adds unexpected whimsy and wild style to any bedroom.