Decorating the Bedroom With Bright Colors

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Is your closet full of bright, cheerful clothing, but your bedroom decorated in neutrals because you’re afraid that using lots of color in a room is overkill, or something best left to the pros? Although neutrals are beautiful when done well, there’s no reason not to use bright colors in the bedroom as long as YOU are a fan of intense hues. Take a look at the 10 cheerfully colored bedrooms shown here: you’ll find a decorating range of brights-as-accents to all-out-color to everything in between. You’re sure to find some inspiration for your own space. And it isn’t that hard to get color right—read on for tips and tricks for making color your own.

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    Color as Accent

    Use bright color as an accent against white walls.
    Photo courtesy of Causa Design

    Want to ignite your room with color, but afraid of a decorating burn? The solution is simple; keep your walls and bedding white, and then add sizzling artwork, throw pillows, small furniture and window treatments to the space. The result: just look at this bedroom, decorated by Causa Design. Fun, funky and colorful, but not overwhelming at all.

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    Bright Bedding

    Super colorful bedding is a great way to spice up a bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Colorfulmart

    It IS your bedroom after all, so if you are looking for an easy—and safe—way to add bright, bright color without making a permanent commitment, then go with a duvet cover or comforter that’s a riot of pattern and rainbow-bright hues. The duvet cover shown here mixes funky leopard print and chevron designs with a whole lot of color. What fun!

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    Take the Edge Off

    Use white beding to tone down bright color.
    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    This gorgeous, Moroccan-inspired bedroom is full of color and pattern, and yet it’s not excessively busy or bright. There are two main reasons for that:

    1. The colors are very slightly muted, not overly intense, and
    2. The large expanse of white bedding and the romantic white canopy provide a cooling counterpoint to all the hot color.
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    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Super-colorful bohemian bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of DigsDigs

    Not everyone wants this much color in their bedroom, but wow, if you have a gypsy soul, love the bohemian look or just have a personality that cries out for self-expression, this is the room for you. The owner of this bedroom followed only one decorating rule—if I love it, then it’s right for me—and what a glorious result.

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    Colorful Walls, Neutral Furnishings

    Gorgeous Bedroom With Red Walls
    Photo courtesy of The Redbury Hotel

    Here’s a room that isn’t afraid of red—at least, not on the walls. It’s powerful and dramatic, and yet, the room looks rather sophisticated, not garnish and not a teen girl. That’s because while the walls are rockin’, the rest of the room is a mature blend of black, white, gold and wood tones. To keep the look balanced, plenty of bold patterns—large enough to hold its own against such strong wall color—is spread throughout the bedding, bench, and artwork. Fabulous.​

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    Get Complementary

    Blue and Orange Bedroom With Lots of Pattern
    Photo courtesy of Bright Side

    If you want to get compliments on your skillful use of bright color, but you aren’t sure where to begin, go complementary. The result is high-contrast and hot-color decor that works every time. Complementary colors are those that sit directly across from each other on the decorating color wheel:

    • Blue and orange
    • Green and red
    • Purple and yellow

    Add plenty of white to keep things under control, and you have a color combo that looks great in any room.

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    Bright Plus White Plus an Accent

    Bright Red Bedroom Walls With Blue and White Accents
    Photo courtesy of housetohome

    It’s a classic palette: any single bright color plus white. The color is lively, the white is serene, and the result is a decorating scheme that is fun yet grownup. If you’d like to take it just a bit further, though, take a tip from this gorgeous bedroom, and add a totally unexpected shot of contrasting color on the legs of the furniture. It’s just enough to shake things up, and a great touch of whimsy.

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    Analogous Is Failproof

    Tranquil Purple Bedroom
    Photo courtesy of Interiorholic

    One of the easiest ways to develop a mistake-proof decorating palette is to use analogous colors. These are any three (or four, if you want to get fancy) colors that sit right next to each other on the color wheel. For example, blue, green and purple; or green, yellow and orange. But you can go even deeper: red, dark orange, and orange. Or, as in the room shown here, deep purple, lavender, and turquoise blue. As long as you pick hues that are color-wheel-cousins, it’s a failproof palette.​

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    Climb the Walls

    Bright Striped Accent Wall in Bedroom
    Photo courtesy of The Handmade Home

    Looking for a new idea for an accent wall? How about painting it with ribbons of hot color? Add a couple of throw pillows and a throw blanket that tie into the wall’s palette; provide balance with white bedding, walls, and drapes; get unexpectedly rustic with a reclaimed wood headboard, and the result is a bedroom that looks as great as this one.