23 Bedrooms Decorated With Lavender

Cans of pink, purple, and lavender paint


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Lavender: It has the sweetness of pink, the strength of purple, and the coolness of blue, without any of the baggage those three colors can carry. Using lavender to decorate your bedroom—whether as an accent or the primary hue—might seem like a bold decision, or something best left to a child's bedroom, but as this space from Amanda Nisbet's book, Dazzling Design, so beautifully demonstrates, lavender is a glorious decorating decision.

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    Lavender in a Boho Bedroom

    Lavender bedroom with wicker headboard
    Lucy Interior Design

    Love the color of boho style decor, but prefer a slightly more subdued bedroom? Then substitute lavender for the strong purple so often found in bohemian design, as in this space from Lucy Interior Design. The wonderful wicker headboard and turquoise foo-dog bedside lamps add a powerful dose of style to this room.

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    Lavender Ombre Walls

    Lavender ombre walls mark the bedroom in different shades

    For a really unique bedroom design, go ombre on your walls. Choose three or more of your favorite tints, or make it easier by using the colors on a paint sample strip. Just be sure not to make too big a color leap from stripe to stripe​patterns you'll lose the ombre effect.

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    Lavender Gets Glamorous

    Pretty lavender attic bedroom
    Jackson Paige Interiors

    Wondering what to do with a small attic bedroom? Why not turn it into a glamorous, pretty retreat, as in this room from Jackson Paige Interiors? The soft lavender walls are the perfect backdrop for the chandelier and lovely upholstered headboard. So pretty.

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    Lavender Accents in the Bedroom

    Blue and gray bedroom with lavender accents
    Martha O'Hara Interiors

    Lavender makes an excellent accent color to other cool hues, as in this blue and gray bedroom from Martha O'Hara Interiors. Used just on the chairs and window treatments, lavender softens the space without demanding too much attention.

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    Metallic Touches in a Lavender Bedroom

    Lavender and brass bedroom
    Lucy and Company

    Warm metal adds some unexpected sophistication to strong lavender walls, while providing the touch of shine every space needs. Lucy and Company added a touch of lime green and a shaggy white throw pillow for extra fun in this cute bedroom.

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    Lavender Bedroom Walls

    A lavender and yellow bedroom
    Tamara Mack Design

    If using lavender as a backdrop, as in this bedroom, make sure to tie the room's palette together by adding a few touches elsewhere in the space. Here, the throw blanket and pillows keep the harmony flowing.

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    Lavender With Neutrals

    Traditional bedroom with lavender throw pillows
    Bria Hammel Interiors

    The easiest way to add a hint of lavender to an otherwise neutral primary bedroom is with a throw blanket or throw pillows, as in this room from Bria Hammel Interiors.

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    Vintage Lavender Bedroom

    Purple vintage bedroom
    Architecture Art Design

    For proof that a vintage bedroom in a soft color scheme doesn't have to look dated, check out this lovely bedroom. The intriguing hanging pendants and artwork bring the space out of your grandparents' era and into today's style.

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    Lavender and White

    Lavender and white bedroom

    White plus any bright color is a decorating classic, but if you want to keep the look on the sedate side, choose a tint instead of a bright—here, it's lavender instead of purple—and creamy eggshell instead of pure white. The result: see for yourself. Relaxed, contemporary, sophisticated.

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    Red and Lavender Bedroom

    Dramatic red and lavender bedroom
    Tobi Fairley & Associates

    In this teen's bedroom from Tobi Fairley & Associates, lavender and red ignite a blaze of drama. Add in the unique light fixture, the striped walls, and the opulent plush headboard, and you get a bedroom that is definitely worth a second—and a third—look.

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    Lavender and Turquoise Bedroom

    Purple, blue and green teen girl's bedroom
    Matt Morris Development

    Purple in all of its variations is an old standby for a child's bedroom, but in this space from Matt Morris Development, the palette expands with blue and green, as well. What kid—and let's admit, most adults as well—could resist that turquoise hanging chair?

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    Lavender and Gray Bedroom

    Purple and gray master bedroom
    Robyn Karp Design

    Although gray has become a very popular neutral for today's decorating color schemes, left to its own devices it can be a little grim or dull. But when you add in touches of color—in this bedroom, Robyn Karp Design used lavender, purple, and blue—gray gets a whole new lease on life.

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    Lavender as Neutral

    Elegant gray and lavender bedroom
    Martha O'Hara Interiors

    This primary bedroom shows off a palette of softest gray, cream, and pale lavender. The result is elegant, serene, and just a bit unexpected. Lovely.

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    Try a Two-Tone Wall

    Lilac and white walls in bedroom
    Ideal Home

    If you like the idea of colorful walls, but fear the overall effect will be too much, take a tip from Ideal Home and just paint the lower two-thirds of the wall in your favorite color—here, it's lavender—while leaving the top third white.

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    Child's Bedroom Gone Wild

    Outrageous purple bedroom
    Robyn Karp Design

    Now here's a bedroom that's definitely not for the faint-of-heart. In this over-the-top space, Robyn Karp Design went wild with lavender and purple-pink, to say nothing of plenty of patterns. The crowning touch, of course, is the extravagant light fixture.

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    Colorful Bedroom

    Girl's colorful purple room
    Bella Mancini Design

    A ​little one's bedroom should show off personality and whimsy. In this room, Bella Mancini Design chose bright polka dots for the window treatments, a retro daisy design on the bed, and a thickly tufted lavender headboard topped with a bright purple faux-fur pillow. It's hard to imagine any little girl that wouldn't love to have this room as her own.

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    Lavender With Blue in the Bedroom

    Serene lavender and blue bedroom
    Nightingale Design

    Wondering what color will work well with your grayish-blue bedroom walls? One possible answer: lavender, as demonstrated in this bedroom decorated by Nightingale Design. Notice how the artwork above the bed ties the room's palette together.

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    Pastel Bedroom

    Lavender and turquoise bedroom
    Margot Austin

    Pastels lend a soft charm to a space, and have a peaceful feel that's especially nice in a bedroom. In this country cottage room, stylist Margot Austin chose lavender, pale blue, and a shot of turquoise for a colorful, yet not too bright, palette.

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    Lavender and Taupe

    Glamorous purple bedroom

    Lavender and softest taupe equal a bedroom that's feminine, serene, and just a little bit glamorous. When the wallpaper is as ornate as what's shown here, it's best to keep bedding solid in color to avoid sensory overload.

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    Soft Lavender Walls

    Simple lavender bedroom with mirrored nightstand

    This bedroom from Homepolish is very spare, but each element—the soft lavender-gray walls, the shaggy rug, the bright purple chair, the mirrored cabinets, and the canopy bed—add lots of interest, even though none has a complicated design.

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    Combine Colors in the Bedroom

    Lavender contemporary bedroom
    Architecture Art Design

    In this room, the bed and other furniture are quite simple in solid white, but the room sizzles thanks to the mix of lavender, purple, pink, yellow, black and white. Fun!

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    Lavender and Navy Bedroom

    Lavender and navy bedroom
    Ideal Home

    Like it moody in the bedroom? Then consider combining lavender with navy blue, as in this room found on Ideal Home. The traditional quilt pattern and patterned area rug keep the overall feel from being too dark.

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    Lavender Can Work With Neutrals

    Lavender and cream bedroom
    Amy Sklar Design

    People don't always consider lavender for a shared bedroom, but Amy Sklar Design proves it's possible in this neutral room set off by a soft lavender duvet cover. The globe pendant lights really make the space shine.