Decorating the Bedroom With Leopard Print

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    Decorating With Leopard Print

    leopard print on wall
    Photo courtesy of Modern Home Ideas

    No one creates glorious designs like Mother Nature, and when it comes to choosing the most intriguing design of all, it’s hard to beat leopard print. This sleek and spotted classic is perfect for adding a touch of wild to a room that is otherwise mild. Get carried away with leopard, and you run the risk of a bedroom that resembles a zoo. The trick is keeping the big cat confined to just one prominent accent.

    Leopard Wall Accent

    While an entire wall of leopard print is too much, a fun accent, like the leopard heart shown here, is just right. This simple bedroom would be acceptable, but oh-so-bland without the heart. While the wall decoration is surely eye-catching, it isn’t overwhelming or tacky. You can paint a similar design on your own wall, or use a stencil or wall decal if you don’t trust your own artistic abilities. Use a bright color for the design, and it would be a great addition to a teen’s bedroom.

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    Leopard Blanket

    leopard blanket
    Photo courtesy of Decoholic

    Heat up your bed with a luxurious, faux fur blanket and you’ll feel a little bit wild when it’s time to hit the sheets. While the neutral tones of leopard work with any color scheme, the bedroom featured here demonstrates how brilliantly the big cat print adds grown-up sophistication to an otherwise sweet palette of pastels.

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    Leopard Carpet

    leopard carpet
    Photo courtesy of Miles Redd

    Think an entire carpet of leopard print is too much? Not when you use it in an otherwise pattern-less room. While the gorgeous bedroom shown here is full of glamorous details like the chandelier, ornate mirror, and partial canopy, there is virtually no pattern other than on the floor. If you want to use patterned carpet successfully, keep the pattern throughout the rest of the space to a minimum.

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    Leopard Shams

    leopard shams
    Photo courtesy of EMI Interior Design

    This neutral bedroom has country charm but is simply furnished. There’s a risk of decorating ennui in such a room, but it’s easily chased away with a touch of big-cat interest. The leopard print accents on the bed here continue the neutral color scheme while adding a massive dose of "pow!" to the space. You can use this trick in any room with a monochrome palette and simple décor – just add a little leopard to wake things up.

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    Leopard Bench

    leopard bench
    Photo courtesy of Blackband Home & Design

    You need somewhere to sit while you tug on your boots in the morning, so why not make it a leopard print bench? Notice how the pattern spices up an otherwise contemporary bedroom with a taste of glamour, sexiness and exotic flair. Create the look with a similar bench, or with a pair of leopard-patterned ottomans sitting side-by-side.

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    Leopard Rug

    leopard rug
    Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

    If an entire floor of leopard is too much commitment, or you want to show off a lovely hardwood floor like the one here, then choose a leopard-print area rug. If you mix leopard with other patterns, as this bedroom does to great effect, make it work by keeping the colors in the same intensity, or picking a black and white leopard rug instead of the natural brown and black. You could use a rug like the one featured here with just about any decorating style or color scheme.

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    Leopard Bedding

    leopard bedding
    Photo courtesy of King Linen

    One of the easiest and most obvious ways to take your bedroom for a walk on the wild side is with leopard-print bedding. The look stays sexy and sophisticated – not tacky -- when you keep the rest of the room fairly neutral and add in a few contemporary touches such as the interesting bedside lamp shown here. Leopard bedding is also a very popular choice for a preteen or teen’s bedroom – especially if it’s in bright colors instead of the natural neutrals.

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    Leopard Chair

    leopard chair
    Photo courtesy of Rilane

    The mirrored nightstand, contemporary leather bed, and taupe walls tether this bedroom firmly in the present day, but the unexpected leopard-print, midcentury modern chair adds whimsical grooviness while showing off the owner’s sense of both humor and fashion. If retro isn’t your thing, you could accomplish the same effect with a more traditionally styled chair upholstered in untraditional leopard print.

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    Leopard Throw Pillows

    leopard pillows
    Photo courtesy of Swoonworthy

    It takes nerve to use so much color throughout the bedroom, and even more guts to paint all four walls black, but if you like a dramatic style, you can pull it off just like the owner of the bedroom shown here (Kimberly Duran, UK blogger of Swoonworthy). Notice the leopard throw pillows on the bed, and how beautifully they work with all the rest of the color and pattern in the room. That’s because the intensity of the leopard print is equal to the intensity of the other colors.

    Takeaway tip: If you want to use leopard to punch up brights, go with a strong big-cat design, not a paler version of the print, but a pair of leopard throw pillows is perfect for any bedroom, regardless of the palette.