How to Decorate a Bedroom With Yellow

Dark blue shiplap accent wall and yellow throw blanket folded on made bed

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Sunny, cheerful yellow adds a lighthearted touch to any space. On its own, however, it's a stimulating color and potentially has too much spunk for the bedroom. Luckily, it’s an easy-going team player that works well with every other color and easily adapts to any decorating scheme. Here are nine bedrooms that know ​how to do yellow right.

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    Yellow with Blue and Green

    Yellow, blue and green bedroom

    This bright and cheery bedroom is nearly bursting with color. The buttery yellow walls are warm, but the touches of green throughout the room and the turquoise midcentury modern chair cool things back down. It’s this balance between warm yellow and cool green and blue that makes this palette a winner, whether you go with brights like this room or tone it down with softer tints of the colors.

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    Pastel yellow bedroom
    LOOK Photography / Getty Images

    While pastels are sometimes considered suitable only for children’s bedrooms, they actually work very well in the primary bedroom. Here, the pastel yellow walls provide a dreamy backdrop to the pastel peach, pink, yellow, gray, and brown throw pillows, and the peach bedding. The strong contrast of dark brown accents adds a grown-up air to the room. If your bedroom is decorated in cooler pastel tints of green, blue, purple, or gray, you'll achieve the same effect with black or silver accents. 

    About This Term: Primary Bedroom

    Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    Romantic and Contemporary

    Yellow, black, and white contemporary bedroom

    When you’re decorating with strong contemporary colors like black and gray, a bright accent keeps the look from dreariness or cold sterility. Here, yellow plays the part beautifully, sparking up the room with colorful touches on the bed and the nightstands. This room does a great job of mixing contemporary style with romantic accents. The sunburst mirror, antique bedside tables, draped wall, and throw pillows add romance, while the color scheme, strong bed, abstract geometric wall art, and black lampshades keep the look modern.  

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    Yellow as a Neutral

    Gorgeous gray and yellow bedroom

    Although it’s not a neutral in the same sense as brown, black, gray, white, or tan, yellow takes on the feel of a neutral when it’s a muted shade like the one shown here. This traditional bedroom uses a palette of creamy white, gray, and subdued golden yellow to create an elegant, yet relaxed vibe.

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    Yellow With Dark Walls

    Bedroom with dark blue walls and sunburst mirror
    Design Sponge

    Moody indigo walls are all the rage, but too much dark color can be overwhelming. The solution is a liberal dose of lighter hues throughout the room, providing contrast to the walls. In this bedroom, the gorgeous blue walls come to life with the addition of the yellow throw blanket folded at the foot of the bed, the golden sunburst mirror, and the soft green bed.

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    Yellow and White French Country

    Yellow French country bedroom
    CBID Home Decor and Design

    A palette of white plus one other pure color is a classic look, and for good reason. The white keeps the look fresh and simple, while the color adds contrast and depth. The room here matches white to a buttery shade of yellow on the walls and a slightly darker yellow on the bedding. The cheery sunflowers provide the crowning touch on this restful and lovely French country bedroom.

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    Contemporary Mustard Yellow

    Contemporary golden yellow bedroom
    CBID Home Decor and Design

    Love yellow, but prefer to avoid bright colors? No problem, just use a spicy mustard shade like the one shown here. It's a natural fit for many rustic decorating styles, including Tuscan, colonial, lodge, and country, but it also works very well with contemporary looks. This rather glamorous room updates the shade with the rest of the color palette and modern furnishings.

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    Bright Yellow Girl's Room

    Bright girl's bedroom
    Better Homes and Gardens

    Although many adults prefer to avoid bright color in the bedroom, children rarely have that same inhibition. What girl wouldn’t love this cheery room, filled with flowers, color, and pretty accents? The bright yellow walls give a sunshiny glow, while the green, peach, pink, and blue add a riot of color. When decorating a child’s bedroom, it’s time to have some fun.

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  1. Real-estate reckoning on 'master bedroom' as a racist term took place after years of discussion — yet many home builders dropped the term years agoMarket Watch.