7 Easy Feng Shui Decorating Tips for a Wealth Area Bathroom

Modern bathroom with large white bathtub and patio door

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A bathroom in any feng shui bagua area is considered challenging, and a bathroom in the feng shui money area is particularly so. This is because bathrooms, with their many drains and flushing water, can sap energy from the area, and if the area is a center of wealth, there is the potential for your wealth to go down the drain. But just because this is a challenge does not necessarily mean bad feng shui. It just means you have to put more time and effort into keeping the energy in your bathroom clear and fresh. It also means you have to closely monitor the quality of energy in your money area bathroom because the energy is shifting all the time.

Dealing with a challenging area like this must be an ongoing effort. Applying good feng shui to a bathroom once does not make the challenge go away; it simply provides a better, easier way to keep things in check.

Keep It Clean and Orderly

The first thing to do when you are dealing with any challenging feng shui area is to commit to keeping it very clean, orderly, and clutter-free. There can be no good feng shui without cleanliness and order, and this especially applies to a challenging bagua area.

Provide Fresh Air and Light

Air and light are the foundations of good energy. Maintain high air quality in your bathroom with plenty of ventilation and a source of fresh air. (Keeping the space clean and free of dirty laundry and linens also helps to maintain freshness.) You can also improve air quality with an air purifying plant such as an areca palm or a rubber plant. For beneficial light energy, provide as much natural light as possible or use artificial lighting to create a bright and inviting space.

Use the Right Colors

Use the colors you like the most from the three feng shui elements of Wood, Water, and Earth:

You can add color with wall paint or with art or practical or decorative accessories.

Try Lucky Bamboo 

Eight stalks of lucky bamboo are considered a good feng shui cure for wealth and abundance. Fortunately, bamboo works well in most bathrooms.

Add Crystals 

Bring in a bowl of feng shui crystals. For an especially rich, energizing feng shui wealth cure, combine several types of crystals, such as citrine, pyrite, amethyst, and jade.

Use Wealth Images

Bring in images of wealth (bathroom appropriate, of course). These might be colorful photos, various art posters, or fresh images from nature.

Create a Spa Feel

Create a luxurious, spa-like feel in your bathroom with pleasing mirrors, candles, soothing scents, music, and other creature comforts.

Keep the Lid Down

Last but certainly not least, always keep the toilet seat down to alleviate the common feng shui concern (especially in the money area) of letting your money go down the drain. This will also minimize the problem of the bathroom being the main area for leakage of energy.