Decorating Trends on the Way Out in 2019, According to Top Influencers

Emily Henderson​


When it comes to staying on top of the latest design trends, it's just as important to know what's "out" as it is to know what's "in." That's why we polled top influencers about the design trends they're saying good-bye to this year. If you're wondering what's on its way out in 2019, you've come to the right place. Read on, or risk falling for a design "don't" instead of a design "do."

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    @em_henderson — Terrazzo


    "Terrazzo hit hard and fast in 2018. But as a whole I think it’s on its way out. That said, I would clarify that in the right space (i.e. your home's architecture can aesthetically support it), terrazzo can still be a total showstopper." — Emily Henderson

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    @bobbyberk — The Edison Bulb

    Photo by @austinhargrave


    "Although it wasn’t a trend that was particularly huge last year, the Edison bulb is still something that we see everywhere. Rather than the exposed bulb and exposed wiring, I much prefer a vintage piece of lighting that has stylistic cues from French or Italian modern design. These fixtures are refined, well proportioned, modern and have sculptural lines and shapes. Think Stillnovo, Bauhaus, or Sarfatti for wall sconces and lamps." — Bobby Berk

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    @thejoshuatreehouse — White Spaces


    "We’re anticipating more color in 2019, and a move away from strictly modern, all white spaces. Interiors will reflect a mix of modern and traditional." — Sara & Rich Combs

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    @graceatwood — Mirrored Furniture


    "I would like to see mirrored furniture vanish. You see those mirrored nightstands and cabinets (I had one!) and they're just the worst. I want them to go away!" — Grace Atwood

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    @houselarsbuilt — White Walls


    "See ya later, white walls! They were great for a reset, but I think people started to see that all the houses were looking the same. We need some more personality!" — Brittany Jepsen

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    @lovelyindeed — Minimalism


    "I think that there may be a trend toward a more lived-in aesthetic than the very clean, white, sparse, modern decor trend that has been so popular in the last few years. The minimalist movement is beautiful, but not always realistic for each space or the people in it. It's a tough aesthetic to maintain, especially if you have children, pets, or lots of extra stuff." — Chelsea Foy

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    @apartment_34 — Hygge


    "As much as I love Scandinavian-inspired design, I think all things hygge have had their day in the sun and that it's time to make way for more saturated and elevated style." – Erin Hiemstra

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    @bradytolbert — Boho

     Photo by Sara Tramp for Brady Tolbert

    "Boho (when done in the right way) will always have a place in my heart, but the overcommercialized boho-look that everyone has adopted the last few years is something that I am ready to see go." — Brady Tolbert

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    @liagriffith — Mid-century Modernism


    "The mid-century overload is so over. Though I do love the look of elegant Danish lines, I like my rooms to speak to 2019 rather than a past century. Mixing a piece in here and there? Yes!" — Lia Griffith

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    @thecraftedlife — Industrial Accents

    Photo by Mary Costa for The Crafted Life

    "If I had to guess, industrial accents. I see things becoming a bit more polished (think polished brass!)." — Rachel Mae Smith

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    @talirothdesigns — Brass


    "I think (I have said this before, as have others) that brass is so tired. I think a distressed brass will always be pretty, but new shiny yellow brass has left the building." — Tali Roth

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    @organize_it — Grays


    "Gray tones lack personality and warmth. When I walk into a room with gray tones, my energy is instantly affected. Gray has been a popular trend for so long but it's slowly starting to subside." — Rivka Davidowitz

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    @handmadecharlotte — Minimalism


    "This is a tough one! I think every trend or style can be amazing if done in the right way, but one trend I've been less excited about lately is minimalism—bring on all the colors, shapes, patterns, and textures!" — Rachel Faucett

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    @clutterhealing — Nothing!

     Photo by Juliana Slemenda for Clutter Healing

    "I don't believe that anything is really 'out.' Our homes are a deep reflection of who we are and should feel like a sanctuary every day. If someone prefers a minimal vibe, and another a layered floral pattern, I say let them have it! A happy and tidy home is the best kind of design." — Lili Pettit

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    @withinthegrove — Grays & Whites


    "I believe you’re going to start seeing less neutral spaces that incorporate mainly grays and whites. People are starting to crave a bold or even just a subtle pop of color and texture within their home design. This doesn’t mean that neutrals are out, but you’ll start to see the mixture of metallics, design styles, color and the use of warmer tones in spaces." — Elizabeth Rishel

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    @heywanderer — Gallery Walls


    "We are recovering gallery wall addicts. We recently dismantled a prominent gallery wall in our living room because we were ready for a change and we felt it no longer matched our tastes. It really made the room feel less cluttered." — Casey Freeman + Savannah McNeill

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    @ohsolovely—blog — Gold & Brass



    "All gold and brass everything. We’ve recently redone some bathrooms in our house and have used the mixed metal look. It works very well and feels less cookie cutter and more timeless to me." — Audrey Kuether