23 Home Decorating Ideas With Baskets

Brightly-lit living room with gray couch, tall houseplant and tan basket near window

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

If you glance around your home, you've likely got a few baskets tossed here and there, but they're likely an accessory you don't spend much time thinking about. Sure, they do a good job of organizing your craft supplies or carrying your picnic lunch to the park, but they're often overlooked as statement pieces in their own right. It's time to rethink that notion. Baskets are cheap, lightweight and look great when proudly displayed in a room (after all, when was the last time you showed off your Rubbermaid storage?). 

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    Storage You Won't Want to Hide

    rustic living room with modern touches

    Becca Interiors

    There are endless weaves and materials to choose from, making it easy to match them to your personal style. Using a wicker or woven basket to store throws is a common practice, but have you thought about using one to store wood for your fireplace, like in this stunning living space as seen on Becca Interiors? Another unexpected idea: Try keeping coffee table books or photo albums next to your sofa instead of on your coffee table.

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    Use Different Baskets as Decorative Planters

    plants with different baskets as planters

    Leaf and Lolo

    Using baskets as planters make for stunning decorative accents. You can mix and match different types of baskets, as Leaf and Lolo did in her living room, to keep things from feeling too matchy and repetitive.

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    Organize Your Bathroom

    bathroom with woven baskets displayed under sink

    Maite Granda

    Wicker baskets in a bathroom could attract mold and mildew, so we love this bathroom Maite Granda that uses cloth baskets instead. This spa-like bathroom uses beige baskets with handles to keep everything in order. Roll guest towels, organize face products, or store those fuzzy slippers you love hopping into after a bath. Tuck them away on a floating shelf and your bathroom looks extra tidy.

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    Utilize Wasted Space

    kitchen with basket sitting on top of fridge

    Design: Emily Henderson/ Photo:

    The awkward space above your cabinets or on top of your fridge is often left to gather dust. Put it to work by adding a few storage baskets for things you rarely need. If your shelf often gets greasy from stove use, we recommend a wire or fabric basket you can easily clean. Otherwise, find a basket sturdy enough to hold your items but stylish enough not to look misplaced.

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    Add Some Flair

    colorful no sew basket

    Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photography

    While tan and neutral-colored baskets can easily be used in any space, that doesn't mean you can't go for something more playful. The colorful basket in this bedroom photographed by Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photography can serve as a hamper or extra much-needed storage. The woven colors in the basket give it plenty of personality to match the rest of the room.

    Another option? Create your own no-sew basket that can easily be customizable to your preferences, from color to accents.


    This No-Sew Basket is Totally Customizable

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    Hunt for Vintage Baskets

    living room with built-ins decorated with books and vintage baskets

    Becca Interiors

    For another take on using baskets as art, this farmhouse look from Becca Interiors is an attractive way to display gorgeous vintage baskets. Troll your local flea market or thrift store, and you're bound to run into a few hidden gems like these. Because they're often too fragile and delicate to use as storage, display them on a shelf or over a kitchen breakfast bar instead.

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    Provide Storage in the Guest Room

    attic bedroom with baskets

    Arbor & Co.

    No guest room linen closet? No problem. Make your guest feel right at home by displaying extra pillows and blankets in an attractive basket as seen in this cute display from Arbor & Co. Towels, guest slippers, or even a robe will go far to remind your guests just how happy you are that they came to visit.

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    Hang Baskets as Works of Art

    bedroom with navy comforter and gallery wall of baskets hanging above bed

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Who says baskets have to be used for storage? Traditional African baskets make for a great gallery wall above a bed or in an entryway if you want to incorporate a more global decor style into your home. This eye-catching design from Ashley Montgomery Design requires at least one large basket on the wall, but you can mimic the design by adding your personal touch. 

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    Plant a Tree

    Tree planted in basket

    Cathie Hong

    If you want to bring the outside in, what better way than planting a tree? Cathie Hong used a thick woven wicker basket to house a gorgeous tree. Baskets are lighter than standard planters, making it easier to move very large plants like this one around as necessary. Just make sure to plant the tree in a plastic planter first to catch the water. 

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    Use Baskets as Drawers

    wicker baskets used as drawers

    Afro Bohemian Living

    If you would prefer not to line baskets up in a row, opt to use baskets in place of regular drawers. This smaller version by Afro Bohemian Living keeps a modern white frame but uses wicker baskets to give a more bohemian feel. The result looks organized without feeling rigid.

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    Store Comfortable Blankets

    basket used for blanket storage

    Afro Bohemian Living

    While storing blankets out of sight can give a sleek appearance, there is no shame in wanting your blankets out for others to see—especially those with vibrant colors and patterns. Using a wide, bowl-shaped basket gives you easy access to your throws in a way that looks intentional instead of cluttered.

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    Use for Entryway Storage

    entryway with woven basket for umbrellas and a basket for shoes

    Becca Interiors

    A perfect way to dress up your entryway on a budget? Using baskets to serve as storage. This entryway from Becca Interiors uses a large basket perfect for shoes and a taller basket to store umbrellas. A mounted accordion coat rack above the vintage bench ties the whole space together.

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    Use White Baskets in a Modern Bathroom

    white woven baskets in modern chic bathroom

    Burchard Design Co.

    Wicker and woven baskets can potentially make a space feel more vintage or farmhouse. However, that doesn't mean you can't implement versions in a modern space. This modern bathroom from Burchard Design Co. showcases a marble sink, square subway tile, and a primarily white color scheme. You'll notice a few woven white baskets below the sink that fit right in with the rest of the room.

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    Try Unconventional Displays

    woven basket inside faux fireplace

    Camilia Home

    While shelves, under sinks, and coffee tables are prominent places to display decor, you can opt to try something out of the box to grab attention. This living room by Camilia Home stores a large basket in the faux fireplace. While not your usual location to see decor, it definitely works well within the space.

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    Use Shallow Baskets for Smaller Items

    small basket on shelf in guest bedroom

    Camilia Home

    Your nightstand is ideally where you keep essential items you don't want to lose—but it can also mean the surface becomes cluttered quickly. Keeping a shallow basket on top or near the nightstand can help keep the surface clean without losing track of necessary items.

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    Organize Your Pantry

    pantry with clear containers and baskets to keep snacks

    A Fresh Space

    While pantries may often be hidden behind closed doors, that doesn't mean they aren't worth showing off. Baskets can help keep certain things in order, like this pantry from A Fresh Space. Multiple baskets hold different snacks that still allow for easy access, but still make the pantry look sleek and organized.

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    Try Multi-Tier Baskets

    multi-tier wicker basket in kitchen

    JC Designs

    Try something more on the elaborate side rather than sticking with one singular basket. Multi-tier baskets are great for storage and style. This gorgeous wicker version is the perfect addition to JC Designs' kitchen and serves as a stylish statement piece.

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    Use as Makeshift Displays

    colorful bathroom with plants and stacked baskets for decoration

    Martina's Cosy Crib

    This gorgeous, eclectic bathroom by Martina's Cosy Crib has plenty to notice. While bathrooms may not have tons of space to display decorative items, you can still find creative ways to do so. Martina stacked two smaller baskets with lids as a makeshift table for plant life. As a bonus, those small baskets can also double as hidden storage.

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    Keep Your Counters Clean

    Bathroom counter basket

    Esther Schmidt

    Organizing counter space is a task no one wants to do, but we all feel much better once it's taken care of. This enviable bathroom counter by Esther Schmidt uses a low, wide basket to keep bathroom essentials in order without hiding them from view. This shallow basket also works well on a coffee table to organize candles, pens, and other useful but cluttery knickknacks. 

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    Clean Up Your Laundry Room

    woven baskets for laundry room essentials

    Design: Emily Henderson/ Photo:

    With detergent, dryer sheets, laundry bags, and a host of other items to keep up with, your laundry room could always use something to keep things in line. A few baskets can help alleviate the issue—use a couple of medium-sized ones and keep them near your washer and dryer or anywhere you need quick access.

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    Add Some Storage to Your Mudroom

    blue mudroom with wicker baskets underneath bench

    Whittney Parkinson

    Like your entryway, your mudroom can become chaotic quickly if you don't have a way to keep things clutter-free. Adding a few baskets is ideal for shoes, scarves, and other necessities that you don't necessarily want lying out in the open. Tuck them underneath a bench, like in this mudroom by Whittney Parkinson, to keep a clear path.

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    Organize Your Office With Wire Baskets

    home office

    Design: Emily Henderson / Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Your home office has plenty of important documents and supplies that you need to keep track of. However, your office shouldn't have to look like a warehouse or plain cubicle in the process. Using black wire baskets to keep important items organized is ideal for a modern-style office that allows you to visibly see what you're looking for.

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    Keep Toys Out of Sight in Your Child's Playroom

    playroom with wicker baskets in cubbies for storage

    Stephanie Hoey Interiors

    Your spaces aren't the only ones that can decorate with baskets. Your child's nursery or playroom likely has plenty of toys, books, and clothing that needs a place to go. Using baskets allows an easy way for your child to get what they need while still looking sophisticated. This playroom by Stephanie Hoey Interiors uses small cubbies that are child-height yet look fresh and sleek.