Decorating with Blush Pink

When it Comes to Feminine Elegance There's No Better Color Than Blush Pink

Blush Pink Mood Board
Blush Pink Home Decor Lauren Flanagan

If you want to add softness and elegance to a room there’s no better color than blush pink. Blush pink is inherently feminine, and while that’s not to say it can’t be used in a gender-neutral or contemporary way, it does lend itself to certain feminine qualities (ruffles, lace, shapely silhouettes, etc.)

Not to be confused with sugary sweet bubble gum or bold and sexy hot pink, blush is a barely there hue that can almost be considered a neutral (but not quite…). It's soft, pretty, and can be used in just about any style of room.

If you’re unsure oh how to use blush pink in your space check out some of the following ideas.

Blush Pink Do’s and Don’ts

Do use blush in a room that’s meant to be relaxing. Blush has a calming effect so it’s great for stress relief and winding down after a long day.

Don’t use blush in a room where there’s a lot of busy activity such as a mud room or kitchen. It doesn’t translate very well to high-energy rooms.

Do use a touch of blush to add elegance. A side chair, pillow, or even a vase of blush flowers can add a classic, elegant touch to a room.

Don’t limit blush to only classic and traditional spaces. It can work seamlessly in modern rooms with contemporary lines.

Do add blush pink to your holiday decorating. It combines beautifully with metallics like gold and silver making it perfect for the holidays.

Don’t be limited to furniture and accessories. Pink lamps and light fixtures can add a hint of blush in an unexpected place.

Do add decorative elements such as pin-tucking, nailhead trim and button tufting to blush pink upholstery.

Don't mix blush with citrus colors like yellow and orange.

Blush Pink Color Combos

Because blush pink is so soft it blends beautifully with a lot of different colors.


When paired with white, blush pink looks simple, bright, and fresh. It’s perfect for those who don’t like a lot of color yet don’t want their rooms to look plain either. A living room full of white furniture with blush décor accents such as drapes and patterned pillows is pretty without being too girly.


Mixing blush with silver or chrome is great if you want a contemporary look. Look for pieces with simple silhouettes and clean lines.


Pairing blush pink with gold is perfect for a girly glam look. Combine it with ivory and you’ve got a recipe for the ultimate in feminine glamour.


Blush can be tempered with various shades of grey to create a more masculine feel. The darker the grey the more masculine it will feel.

Indigo Blue

Blush pink and deep indigo are a great mix if you want to add drama to a space. The pink will pop against the blue and also add a touch of masculinity.

Mint green

Blush pink can work well with other pastels such as mint green. Just be sure to add a third color to ground it. Silver, white or black is a great third option to pair with two pastels.

If you want your home to be a relaxing sanctuary, blush pink is definitely worth considering. It's relaxing, elegant and very pretty.