20 Ideas for Decorating With Candles Throughout Your Home

Closeup of a dining room table decorated with candles and colored glass candle holders

The Spruce / Jason Donnelly

If you're a candle lover, consider the following rooms as an excuse to fuel your obsession. The 20 spaces we've highlighted below prove that there are so many innovative ways to use candles as decor all throughout the home—scented, taper, pillar, you name it, the choice is entirely yours. Truly, when it comes to candlelight, no room is off-limits!

While we certainly witness an influx of candles throughout the home during the holiday season, keep in mind that candles can (literally) shine in your space all year long. Ready to get decorating? Keep reading to see how others have seamlessly integrated various types of candles into their houses.

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    Decorate the Dining Table

    candles on dining room table

    Alexandra Nicole Nolan

    Candlesticks of various sizes shine on this dining room table. Candles are excellent components of a tablescape all year long and will be even more key during the winter holidays. Don't be afraid to cluster a few as seen here.

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    Add Vintage Glam to the Bar Cart

    candles on bar cart

    Kristel Gonzaba

    Bar carts certainly don't have to solely be for housing alcohol and glassware. Why not set out some of your favorite candlesticks, too? These candelabras add a touch of vintage glam and will make hosting friends for a happy hour feel way more festive.

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    Make a Nonworking Fireplace Shine

    candles in fireplace

    @mariannesides / Instagram

    Nonworking fireplace? No problem! Place candles inside to create a welcoming glow. Whether you opt for real candles or faux, battery-operated ones is up to you. The more, the merrier.

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    Finish Off a Stylish Vignette

    twisted candles

    Jacqueline Clair

    Purchase taper candles in a fun shape and use them to create a charming display on your dresser. These candles are stunning even when unlit and add welcome height to any vignette.

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    Add Height to a Sideboard or Buffet

    candlesticks on buffet

    Julia Dags for Julia Dzafic

    Display tall candlesticks on your dining room buffet table to add some elegance to your main entertaining space. Here, blue and white candle holders fit the theme of the room perfectly.

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    Relax in the Living Room With a Scented Candle

    candle on tray

    Kat Jamieson

    It's always nice to have a scented candle burning as you relax in your living room. Placing small accessories on a tray on top of your coffee table will help your space look more complete. Keep a stylish matchbook nearby, and you're golden.

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    Go Big With a Dramatic Candelabra

    candelabra on dining table


    While it's common to group together various candlesticks on a dining room or kitchen table, displaying an oversized candelabra can add some dramatic effect. A setup like this is excellent for when you want to go big and make a statement!

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    Incorporate Candles Into a DIY

    candles in toolbox

    Lindsay Aratari

    There are plenty of ways to get creative and repurpose household items to use as part of your candle display. Here, an old toolbox houses flameless candles and adds some shabby chic elegance to this living room.

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    Adhere a Sconce to Your Built-Ins

    candle sconces on built-ins

    @grandmillennialmama / Instagram

    Add a wow factor to your built-in shelving by installing a candle sconce so that it adheres to your bookshelf. Light the candles as you please and pretend you're relaxing in an old-timey library. Bonus points if you pick some artful candlesticks—these striped ones are stunning even when not lit.

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    Place a Candle Under a Cloche

    candle on bar cart

    Kathleen Barnes

    Here's another stylish example of placing candles on a bar cart. A cloche is an excellent way to add some oomph to your candle setup. Here, a single jar candle is given extra special treatment and really stands out.

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    Fill the Length of a Table in Candles

    candles in row on dining table

    Lauren McBride

    If you're decorating a long dining room table, consider placing a series of individual candles side by side with a bit of space in between in order to cover the whole length of the piece. During the holiday season, weave in some garland and finish off the look with some tealights for some extra brightness.

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    Don't Forget About the Bathroom

    candle in bathroom

    Louis Duncan-He

    Don't forget to place a candle in the bathroom! It will come in handy in eliminating everyday odors and making your room smell more pleasant to guests who come over— be sure to keep something fragrant lit while entertaining.

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    Keep it Simple and Classic on the Mantel

    candles on mantel

    Erin Williamson Design

    The mantel is one of the most common places in which to display taper candles. Cluster together two or three together to avoid cluttering up the space.

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    Think Outside the Box With Colors and Shapes

    black candles in holders

    Gray Space Interior Design

    Note that candles come in all shapes and colors; don't be afraid to think outside the box a bit. Here, black pillar candles blend in with their holders perfectly and result in an incredibly sleek setup.

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    Light Candles in the Kitchen

    candles on kitchen table

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    You sit at your kitchen table most of all, so why not elevate the everyday? Even when you're eating leftovers, you'll feel a little more glam dining by candlelight.

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    Try This Twist on the Classic Sconce

    candle sconces on wall

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Throw it back to simpler times by hanging candle sconces on the walls in your dining room. Note that you can still opt for more modern-looking fixtures if your aesthetic leans contemporary.

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    Light Up Your Entryway

    candlesticks on entryway table

    @afrobohemianliving / Instagram

    Place a cluster of candlesticks on your entryway table to make guests feel welcome from the moment they walk in. Candlelight has a way of encouraging people to be celebratory, after all.

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    Bring Charm to the Kitchen Counter

    candle on kitchen counter

    @cottageandsea / Instagram

    Add ambiance to the kitchen by placing a candle on your countertops. Whether you opt for a taper candle like this one or something scented is entirely up to you.

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    Make Getting Ready Feel Fun

    candle on vanity

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Make getting ready feel like less of a chore by outfitting your vanity so that it feels glamorous and is filled with your favorite things. Lighting a scented candle every morning will help you get the day started on the right foot.

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    Keep the Coffee Table Simple

    candles on coffee table

    @cottageandsea / Instagram

    If you're not one for coffee table decor galore, simply setting out a few candlesticks can make a major impact. Light them at night when you unwind in front of the TV and turn off all of the overhead lights.