5 Reasons Why You Should be Decorating With Charcoal Gray

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    Charcoal Sofas

    5 Reasons You Should Be Decorating With Charcoal
    Charcoal Sofa from Room & Board. ©Room & Board

    Why Charcoal Is the Best Neutral Color

    The top reason to decorate with charcoal gray is that it's a sophisticated alternative to black and a dramatic alternative to other neutrals. As an alternative to black, charcoal can be used in any color scheme in place of it. Some charcoal grays appear to be completely neutral but can have hints of brown or green as an undertone. The best way to ensure that your charcoal color is free of a potentially clashing undertone is to hold it next to a pure black color. The most versatile charcoal is free of noticeable undertones. If you'd like even more flexibility with your charcoal furniture, choose a textured upholstery fabric, like tweed. The variations of color and light give the illusion of many different shades of color, making a slight mismatch unnoticeable.  ​

    A Contemporary Charcoal Sofa Is Always in Style

    One of the best ways to jump into charcoal gray is with a gorgeous sofa. The visual weight of charcoal is the perfect match for a tailored sofa. Mid-Century Modern inspired sofas are especially well-suited for charcoal gray, with a nod back to the menswear of that era.

    Room & Board's Andre Sofa in Total Charcoal is a stunning example of how charcoal should be used on a sofa. The clean lines and appealing charcoal fabric, make this sofa the #1 reason to love charcoal decor. If you're not ready for a new sofa, charcoal accent chairs can easily refresh your living room style.

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    Charcoal Wallpaper

    Gorgeous charcoal wallpaper by Llewelyn-Bowen - Charcoal Decor We Love
    Why We Love Charcoal Decor | Color.About.com. Photo: ©Graham & Brown | Llewelyn-Bowen

    Charcoal Gray Wallpaper Creates Instant Drama

    Wallpaper has been back in vogue for a few years, and stylish new offerings are appearing every day. The wallpaper trend at first was a little timid, with delicate brocade designs, which were lovely, but almost apologetic as if they weren't sure they were welcome in your home yet. As the wallpaper trend took off, the patterns and designs became bolder and brighter, and even darker. 

    This is why the Paradise Charcoal Wallpaper by Llewelyn-Bowen earns a spot on the list of favorite charcoal decor. The tone on tone design of this swanky wallpaper can bring charcoal onto your walls, even as just an accent wall.

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    Charcoal Curtains

    Love charcoal linen drapes Restoration Hardware - Charcoal Decor We Love
    Why We Love Charcoal Decor | Color.About.com. Photo: ©Restoration Hardware

    Say Yes to Dressing Your Windows in Elegant Charcoal Gray

    I am so happy that dressing our windows is back in style. Blinds and shutters serve their purposes, but a room does not look complete without beautiful windows dressing. The padded valances and ruffled swags are gone, but flowing draperies in sumptuous color and texture are here. 

    Restoration Hardware's Belgian Textured Linen Drapes have a deliciously weighty presence due to their texture and can anchor even the most insignificant windows to transform them into a grand statement. Using a natural fabric with a bold or deep color is a brilliant way to keep your space from feeling too formal.

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    Charcoal Paint

    Kendall Charcoal Benjamin Moore - Charcoal Decor We Love
    Why We Love Charcoal Decor | Color.About.com. Image: ©Benjamin Moore

    Charcoal Gray Paint is So Versatile

    How can you use a deep charcoal paint? Try it as an accent wall, use it on a bookcase or cabinet, or for a dramatic powder room. Dark colors like charcoal gray can be surprisingly versatile if you manage your lighting in the room effectively. 

    Benjamin Moore's Kendal Charcoal is one of the most popular gray paint colors on the market today. This is a rich charcoal gray, with a hint of warmth, making it a good match with woodwork and off-white trim.

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    Charcoal Bedding

    This velvet bedding is so gorgeous - Charcoal Decor We Love
    Why We Love Velvet Decor | Color.About.com. Photo: ©Z Gallerie

    Dressing Your Bed in Charcoal Gray

    Bedding can be a difficult choice as it's easy to tire of prints and fussy patterns. Charcoal bedding can feel a bit masculine at first glance, but the secret is in the fabric you choose. A luxurious satin or velvet fabric can soften the serious nature of charcoal bedding.

    The Brooklyn Quilted Bedding from Z Gallerie is a rich charcoal color appearing in a textured velvet that makes it sweet and appealing. Charcoal bedding can be the focal point for a master bedroom, or guest room, giving you unlimited accent color opportunities.