11 New Ways to Incorporate Distressed Wood

distressed wood headboard
Deeply Distressed
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    Old Meets New

    distressed wood tv stand
    thorsdesign / Instagram

    Sure, you could head to your local hardware store and pick out fresh new wood for your next DIY—but where's the fun in that? Reclaimed or distressed wood gives new life to old, discarded materials and lends a wonderful rustic texture to your piece. There's nothing better than a gorgeous reclaimed wood dining table or a stunning bookcase that used to be part of a barn. And if you can't get your hands on the real thing? You can always fake it. 

    This simple-yet-beautiful console table from thorsdesign is the perfect example of old meets new. The wood from this rustic TV stand has probably been around longer than the technology itself, but it just proves that you really can teach an old dog (er, wood) new tricks. 

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    A Wonderfully Distressed Headboard

    This rustic headboard from Deeply Distressed blogger Natalie makes us want to throw out our store-bought bed and recreate this, stat. For this piece, the new wood is made to look old with the help of wood stain and some handy sand paper. Pair this look with real vintage furniture (like the nightstand seen here) or with new, modern pieces to create a stunning contrast. Tip: Any DIY wood headboard can easily be distressed with a little elbow grease. 

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    A Uniquely Modern Fixture

    distressed wood light fixture
    rustycagedesigns / Instagram

    Looking for a way to use distressed wood that's a little out of the box? This wonderfully distinctive pedant light by rustycagedesigns is only slightly distressed—just enough that it looks a little rustic. When distressing your own wood, it's important to consider the overall look; for a modern piece like this, less is definitely more. 

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    The Perfect Wall Shelf

    If a DIY bookcase is a bit too ambitious for you, this adorable little wall shelf is just the ticket. Blogger Lobster and Swan uses the wonderfully aged wood shelf to display fresh plants and greenery, the perfect vibrant contrast to the vintage wood. If you have a black thumb, pick easy-to-care-for houseplants even a novice can handle. 

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    A Hanger for Any Room

    towel hook made from distressed wood
    makeitfranke / Instagram

    For a distressed accessory you can make in a day, look no further than this rustic towel or coat hanger from makeitfranke. This DIYer repurposed old fencing to create a charming hook perfect for bathroom towels. If you don't have any old wood on hand, some manually distressed plywood works just fine. 

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    Troll Your Local Flea Market

    With the help of a little white paint and a few paper towels, Sombremesa Stories took a boring hutch and created this vintage-inspired beauty. You probably have a few pieces of furniture worthy of a makeover—but if not, hitting your local flea market is a great way to find something yearning for new life.  

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    Take It Outside

    You probably know all about distressed or reclaimed wood dining tables—but for a twist, try it outside. This rustic-inspired patio table from City Farmhouse gives the backyard a barn-like feel that's perfect for any dinner party. Pair it with modern pieces (like these industrial metal chairs) to keep it from looking too traditional. 

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    A Charming Dresser for Any Room

    This adorable little distressed dresser from Salvaged Inspirations is extremely versatile. It's easy to imagine it in a bedroom filled with clothes, or holding plates and linens in a dining space. One of the best things about distressing an old dresser is that it works in more than just a bedroom, giving you some extra flexibility during that next makeover. 

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    The Prettiest Way to Display Art

    We're all about the gallery wall, but how about a gallery ledge? These adorable distressed shelves from Place of My Taste create the perfect place to show off a few prints and knickknacks. Layering the frames gives the look texture and keeps it from coming off as too staged. 

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    Distress an Island or a Countertop

    Sure, marble countertops are nice, but distressed wood makes a statement. Note how this distressed island seen on brandi sawyer becomes the focal point of the kitchen. If you don't have room for a large island, try distressing wood countertops in the kitchen or a vanity in the bathroom.

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    Update a Door

    Whether you have an unsightly door messing up the flow of your room or you simply want to add some visual interest to a boring closet, this antiqued look from table and hearth is the perfect solution. We love the half lite door used here, but you can easily distress any door or pantry.