Decorating with Fake Pumpkins

​There are about as many ways to dress up a fake pumpkin as there are ways to dress up yourself for Halloween. Artificial craft pumpkins--otherwise known as "Funkins"--look quite realistic in their natural state and are often used on porches and in seasonal vignettes throughout the fall. Since they're not perishable, however, crafty people have discovered countless ways to paint them, cover them in glitter, or use trim, decorative fabric, and paper to cover them to be used as seasonal accents fall after fall. (Plastic jack-o-lanterns--often used as candy buckets for small children--can also be painted and decorated in a number of ways.)

But artificial pumpkins can actually serve a purpose beyond just a decorative one. These 11 creative uses for craft pumpkins are as pretty as they are practical, and look festive for fall, too. 

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    Faux Pumpkin Flower Pot

    faux pumpkin flower pot
    Make a Faux Pumpkin into a Flower Pot. I Heart Naptime

    Press faux pumpkins into service as flower pots for your front porch or patio. Place potted mums straight from the garden center into craft pumpkins without even taking them out of their plastic containers. 

    Or, hide a shallow vase inside a faux pumpkin and fill it with cut flowers from the grocery store to bring the splashy colors of autumn indoors.

    Project Source for Faux Pumpkin Flower Pot: I Heart Naptime

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    Framed Art-ificial Pumpkin

    framed faux pumpkin
    Frame a Faux Pumpkin. Creations by Kara

    Cut a craft pumpkin in half to use as framed art. Mount the pumpkin slice to a piece of foam board covered in decorative paper or fabric as a sweet seasonal accent. Prop the framed art-ificial pumpkin on an entry table, or use it in a fall vignette on a mantel or open shelving in the kitchen.

     Project Source for Framed Faux Pumpkin: Creations by Kara

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    Faux Pumpkin Door Decoration

    pumpkin door hanging
    Faux Pumpkins for the Front Door. via Smart School House

    Craft pumpkins improve curb appeal when they're cut in half and hung on your front door. This is a great way to welcome fall--not to mention guests--to your home. 

    You could choose to hang multiple decorated pumpkins as seen here; however, just one large orange pumpkin on the front door would make a statement that could be seen from the street.

    Project Source for Faux Pumpkin Door Decoration: Smart School House

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    Carved Address in a Craft Pumpkin

    carved craft pumpkin
    Carve Your Address Into a Craft Pumpkin. In My Own Style

    Speaking of curb appeal, consider carving your house number into a craft pumpkin as a unique way to add fall flavor to the outside of your home. Your last initial could work, too.

    This is a great idea if you're hosting a trick-or-treating party and want a more festive way to direct guests to your home.

    Project Source for Carved Address in Craft Pumpkin: In My Own Style

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    Pumpkin Guest Book

    pumpkin guest book
    Use a pumpkin as a guest book. Something Turquoise

    Having a fall wedding? A faux pumpkin makes a unique guest book! Not only will your guests enjoy writing their best wishes to you on it, you can display it every fall as a nod to your nuptials and a reminder of your special day.

    Project Source for Pumpkin Guest Book: Something Turquoise 

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    Fake Pumpkin Ice Bucket

    fake pumpkin ice bucket
    Keep wine cool in a craft pumpkin. The DIY Playbook

    If you plan to host a Halloween or other fall-themed party, an artificial pumpkin makes a great vessel for chilling drinks.

    Cut the top off a large craft pumpkin, then fill it with ice and bottles of wine or beer. This setup is the perfect touch for any fall-themed party. Place it on a bar cart stocked with wine glasses and appetizer plates so the party can move wherever your guests do.

    NOTE: Artificial craft pumpkins are not food safe. Do not use to hold ice to put in drinks.

    Project Source for Fake Pumpkin Ice Bucket: The DIY Playbook

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    Craft Pumpkin Cookie Jar

    craft pumpkin cookie jar
    Make a Cookie Jar from a Craft Pumpkin. The Inspired Hive

    Similarly, you could use a craft pumpkin as a cute cookie or treat jar throughout the fall season. A chalkboard label affixed to the outside of the pumpkin announces what sweets lie inside.

    NOTE: Artificial pumpkins are not food safe. Line the pumpkin with a plastic storage bag before placing unwrapped cookies or other treats inside. Seal the storage bag between uses to keep items fresh. 

    Project Source for Craft Pumpkin Cookie Jar: The Inspired Hive

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    Pumpkin Tray Holders

    pumpkin tray holders
    Pumpkins as Tray Holders on a Buffet. via The Glamorous Housewife

    Use faux pumpkins as a great trick for elevating party treats on a buffet table at a Halloween or other fall-themed party. Look for fairly flat-topped artificial pumpkins on which to perch trays laden with appetizers or desserts. 

    This technique also adds interest and height to your buffet table, and makes it easier to reach munchies positioned near the back of the table.

    Project Source for Pumpkin Tray Holders: The Glamorous Housewife

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    Craft Pumpkin Candy Holders

    craft pumpkin candy holders
    Craft Pumpkin Candy Holders. By Stephanie Lynn

    Decorate then carve craft pumpkins to use as self-serve candy vessels when you're going to be out-of-town or unable to answer the door on Halloween night. Trick-or-treaters will delight in grabbing their treats from these wide-mouthed monsters, and you'll love that you can use them year after year.

    Project Source for Craft Pumpkin Candy Holders: By Stephanie Lynn

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    Craft Pumpkin Candle Holder

    pumpkin candle holders
    Pumpkin Candle Holders. All You

    Craft a set of candle holders from artificial pumpkins! Ring the candles with faux leaves and berries for extra color and interest, and display this "bright idea" on a dining room table as a beautiful fall centerpiece. Use a variety of sizes grouped together--as seen here--or line up a row of same-sized pumpkin candle holders down the center of a table for a more modern display.

    Project Source for Craft Pumpkin Candle Holder: All You

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    Pumpkin Lantern

    craft pumpkin luminaria
    Craft Pumpkin Luminaria. HGTV

    Here, a real pumpkin was drilled with a fretwork design to be used as a lantern for a real candle. To version this idea for a craft pumpkin, simply swap a battery-operated LED candle for the real thing to avoid a fire hazard. 

    Pumpkin lanterns like these would look gorgeous lining the walk or front steps to your home. Alternatively, create a grouping of pumpkin lanterns carved in a variety of designs on a fireplace mantel for a showstopping seasonal display.

    Project Source for Pumpkin Luminaria: HGTV