How to Decorate With Metallics in the Bedroom

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    Get Your Shine on in the Bedroom

    metallic bedroom
    Photo courtesy of Housetohome

    Almost every decorating style benefits from a little touch of bling — shiny metallics that add light, glamour and a touch of luxe to the bedroom. As with most strong decorative elements, however, a little bit of metallic goes a long way. So whether you only want a hint of metal, or you want an entire wall of shine, these ten bedrooms will show you how to do metallic right.


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    Mixed-Metal Wallpaper

    luxurious and spacious bedroom
    phototropic / Getty Images

     If you’re going to use wallpaper on an accent wall, you might as well put the emphasis on “accent.” This gorgeous metallic wallpaper overlays a pale silver base with gold, bronze, and pewter leafy fronds. It’s dramatic, yet not overbearing. If you don’t like mixed metals, there are many single-metal wallpapers available that are equally lovely.

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    Copper Bed

    Copper Bed
    Photo courtesy of House and Garden

    Wow! The design might be simple, but the bright copper of this bed is a showstopper. The copper drawer pulls and bedside lamp ties the space together and adds further shine to a room that is actually very simply furnished. The fuzzy white pendant lights add a touch of whimsy, while the gleaming comforter is a final touch of bling in a room that combines glamour and minimalism beautifully.

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    Gold Curtains

    Gold Curtains
    Photo courtesy of Theme Rooms

    This Moroccan-inspired bedroom has plenty of exotic charm, but it’s the metallic gold curtains framing the matte gold, ornately-carved screen at the head of the bed that make it look like the sleeping quarters of a Moroccan princess. Golden curtains might be a bit too much for most bedrooms, but neutral curtains with a metallic design would work in any room.

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    Brass Bed

    Brass Bed
    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    One of the most traditional styles of bed, particularly in cottage, country or coastal décor, is a brass bed. Although this warm metal fell out of favor for a while after the shiny excesses of the 1980s, it’s back in a big way. If a brass bed isn’t your style, it’s still very easy to work this versatile metal into your bedroom — look for picture frames, curtain rods or a sunburst mirror.

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    Silver Headboard

    Silver Headboard
    Photo courtesy of Decoist

    Mixing contemporary style with retro glamour, this bedroom shows how to do silver right. The oversize tufted headboard, with its pale silver upholstery that complements the bed, is luxurious enough on its own, but by adding in the silver mirrored bedside tables, silver lamps, and silvery-gray wallpaper, this bedroom takes glamour to a whole new level.

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    Gold Ottomans

    Gold Ottomans
    Photo courtesy of The Mirror and the Drape

    With an unexpected palette of brown, black and aqua, this bedroom is already lovely. But it’s the two golden poufs at the foot of the bed that really add the “Wow!” to the space. Add a touch of bling to your own bedroom with a similar ottoman: gold or silver would work equally well. Notice the gold dots on the wall at the head of the bed — there’s no need for a headboard when your wall is this dazzling.

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    Copper Ceiling

    Copper Ceiling
    Photo courtesy of Faux Finish

    Who said you have to have a white ceiling? Instead, do something entirely unexpected, and paint your ceiling a warm, gleaming copper. This stunning look is created with a base of red paint and an overcoat of metallic copper specialty paint from Behr. You’ll find full instructions at Faux Finish.

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    Silver Nightstand

    Silver Nightstand
    Photo courtesy of Decorating Den

    The nightstand shown here might be a very traditional French style, but the silver metallic finish is anything but old-fashioned. This bedroom shows how easy it is to liven up traditional style with a touch of metallic — and yet, nothing here is overdone or tacky. This is the elegant side of silver.

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    Gold Bedding

    Gold Bedding
    Photo courtesy of Horchow

    You’ll feel like royalty sleeping in a bed outfitted with golden sheets and a gorgeous metallic gold floral-patterned comforter. But it doesn’t stop there — check out the gold bedside table and the gold lamp. What keeps this room from looking garish are the simplicity of the palette — just gold and cream — and the simple lines of the furniture. If you love the bedding, you can buy it at Horchow.

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    Copper Pendant Light

    Copper Pendant Light
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    What a serene, soft and simple bedroom. The cozy palette of a soft blushing peach, silvery gray and the lightest tint of sage green are very soothing and quiet. When color is this muted, however, there is always a risk of monotony. Not a chance of that in this room, however — not with the simple yet striking copper pendant light and the open-weave copper table by the bed. They provide just enough shine to create contrast without taking anything away from the overall tranquil feel of the room.