Decorating Your Bedroom with Green, Blue and Purple

Purple, green and blue comforter set.

There’s a reason the cool side of the spectrum is so popular when it comes to decorating in the bedroom. Blue, green, and purple are calm, tranquil colors, but they have far more personality and zip than more sedate neutrals. Put them together, and you have a palette that’s full of life, but won’t keep you awake at night. Because these colors are analogous (next to each other on the color wheel) you can mix and match various shades without fear of clashing or color cacophony. As an added benefit, cool colors make space look larger, perfect if your bedroom is smaller than you’d like.

Take a look at the following nine bedrooms. Each takes a walk on the cool side with wonderful results. The stunning comforter set shown here is from

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    Cool Elegance

    Purple walls in a sophisticated bedroom.

    In this bedroom, the cool palette goes elegant, with just a bit of global flair. The rich plum on the walls is not only quietly dramatic; it also—contrary to what you might think — helps a dark room appear brighter. The bedding mixes a variety of colors, textures and patterns that might be too much on a more ornately styled bed, but on this simple, contemporary-style black-framed bed, they work perfectly. Just as jewelry completes an outfit, the mirrored bedside table topped with the green lamp completes the elegant, sophisticated style of this bedroom.

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    Sweet Romance

    Romantic purple, blue and green bedroom.
    Janet Lohman Interior Design

    Everything about this room from Janet Lohman Interior Design shouts out romance—the luxuriously plush purple headboard, the upholstered bench at the foot of the bed, the skillfully mixed throw pillows, and most of all, the faux canopy over the head of the bed. There’s a lot of color here, but the cool tones keep it under control, as does limiting pattern to stripes in the canopy and a few of the throw pillows.

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    Traditional with a Twist

    Purple and white traditional bedroom.
    C'est si Bon! La Joie de Livre

    Think a colorful trio like purple, blue and green can't be used in an ​otherwise traditional bedroom? Well, perhaps this gorgeous space from Kate Dickerson of C'est si Bon! La Joie de Vivre will change your mind. The lovely periwinkle walls are bold, but not overwhelming. The rest of the room is decorated with soft tints of blue, green and purple, along with plenty of white, creating a space that is traditional, feminine and yet unexpected.

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    Teen Dream

    Purple, green and blue teen girl's bedroom.
    Laurie Woods Interior Design

    Looking for bedroom decorating ideas for a teen girl’s bedroom? Just look at how fun this bedroom from Laurie Woods Interior Design is. There's plenty of texture, shine, color, and pattern, but not at all childish or overly sweet. The colors here are fairly bright, but their mid-tone intensity keeps them from overwhelming the room. This bedroom includes everything a teen’s room needs: a place to sleep, a spot to study, and a comfy chair or beanbag for relaxing.

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    Have Some Fun

    Gorgeous purple and blue bedroom.
    At Home In Arkansas

    Here’s a bedroom (from At Home in Arkansas) that uses purple and greenish-blue to great effect, while having a bit of fun with the decor. Notice how the purple on the walls extends only halfway up—a great way to keep a strong color from overwhelming the space. The almost-herringbone pattern on the upholstered bed isn’t overbearing, but it sure makes a statement in the room. Add in the fuzzy ice-blue throw blanket and the wonderfully ornate turquoise ceiling fixture, and you have a bedroom that exudes a sort of sassy sophistication—grownup, yet willing to take chances and have some fun. It’s a room that would thrill not only teen girls but young adults (and plenty of older adults!) as well.

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    Small-Space Color

    Adorable purple, green and blue bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Mint & Pistachio Home

    There’s a lot going on in this small bedroom from Mint & Pistachio, but it all works together wonderfully without cramping the space at all. There are several different patterns here—which can be risky in a small room—but because they all mix one color with white, and are fairly small, they don’t close in the space. The green on the walls matches the green of the bedspread—a good way to make a​ ​small room look bigger. The wall-mounted nightstands and sconces are also smart touches for a small bedroom.

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    Asian Influence

    Asian inspired blue and purple bedroom.

    Although blue and purple aren’t colors usually associated with Asian décor, here’s a room that proves they can rise to the occasion beautifully. In this simple yet lovely bedroom, deep shades of plum and amethyst sizzle on the walls, the bed, and the area rug. The turquoise ceramic garden stool and lampshade keep the room from being overly dark with their much-needed touches of bright color. But it’s the Asian-inspired sheets, ceiling fixture, collectibles and birdcage silhouettes on the wall that give the room its eastern flavor.

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    Contemporary Color

    Contemporary bedding set in purple, green and blue.

    Think a contemporary decorating style means nothing but white, black or gray? Take a look at how well purple, blue and green work in this room, and you’ll see that contemporary doesn’t have to equal lack of color. The trick is a bedroom that combines furniture with simple lines, no distracting clutter, and bedding with a simple geometric design (it might look complex, but it’s really just stripes and dots) in a blend of harmonious tones of cool color.

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    Purple and Green

    Serene purple and green bedroom.
    Phoebe Howard Interiors

    If you prefer a more sedate pace when it comes to bedroom décor, pare your palette down to just two of the three cool colors. This peaceful room from Phoebe Howard Interiors uses mostly purple, with smoky lavender walls, darker purple window treatments, and touches of mid-tone purple and green throughout the space. Add in creamy white furniture, and the room is serene yet sophisticated. What a perfect combination. You can achieve a similar effect with green and blue or blue and purple—just keep the colors somewhat muted, choose simple, neutral furniture and keep the accessories to a minimum. So relaxing.