26 Clever Ideas for Decorating With Greenery

White and wooden decorated living room with greenery near window

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

There are plenty of reasons for being hung up on lush, leafy greenery. For starters, planted beauties scrub indoor air while invigorating décor with a chic 1970s vibe. Plus, compared to fresh-cut flowers, houseplants last much longer giving you a bigger bang for your decorating dollars.

Do not have green fingers? Faux plants or dried bunches such as eucalyptus are also perfect for bringing lovely leafage into your abode. Even better, both are typically cheaper than living houseplants. To help you make your space feel brighter and more lively, here are our favorite tips for decorating with gorgeous greenery.

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    Decorating a Bar Cart

    bar cart with plants
    Swoon Worthy

    Plants can magically soften edgy décor. Kimberly, the design-obsessed do-it-yourselfer behind Swoon-Worthy, created an indoor garden in her thoroughly modern apartment using a bar cart. In her case, the greenery brightens an awkward recess. The best part is the trolley makes it easy to wheel plants to the kitchen or bathroom for spritzing or pruning.

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    Tropical Houseplants

    three different houseplants in living room
    Candy Pop

    Natasha Denness, the simple living expert behind Candy Pop, says houseplants help her create that summery feeling year-round at home. The trick is picking greenery that you might spot on a far-flung tropical vacation. Her top three choices include succulents, ​cacti, and palm trees.

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    Faux Houseplants

    greenery in bathroom
    The Ordinary Lovely

    This beautiful botanical themed bathroom by Rachel at The Ordinary Lovely uses verdure-inspired décor to green up white space. Because the blogger does not have much luck with living houseplants, she went with a faux palm tree. She says while up close it may not fool a plant aficionado, it is lifelike enough to brighten the room. To boost the feel-good green feeling, she added a few pieces of botanically inspired décor including the cute hamper on the left.​

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    DIY Greenery Arrangements

    person holding self-made bouquet of greenery
    Melanie Lissack Interiors

    Making hand-tied bouquets out of homegrown or found foliage can be a tad intimidating when you are not in the know. These rules for getting it right by Melanie Lissack Interiors will help you achieve beautiful results. Her recipe for creating a vibrant explosion of color and texture involves combining five different types of flowers with two kinds of contrasting foliage. So you can easily slip your arrangement in a vase, strip off leaves from the stems below the binding point as shown.

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    Decorating With Houseplants

    greenery used as focal points in lounge area
    Lisa Dawson

    Stylist Lisa Dawson uses plants to create soft focal points around her living room. On the left, a Swiss cheese plant perches on an end table. On the right side of the sofa, a fern plant gets an extra boost from a stack of books. The biggest houseplant in the bunch, a fig tree, is set down in front of the patio doors.

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    Indoor Palm Trees

    two indoor trees flanking sofa

    A sun-drenched room is ideal for tall plants that require lots of light to flourish. A personal favorite is the Kentia palm. Two are shown flanking the sofa in this space by ​Homepolish. The elegant and durable tree can thrive in a container, and because it grows slowly, it is well suited for indoors. Also, if you do not have the budget or space for lots of plants, a single palm tree is a great statement piece.

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    Dried Eucalyptus Branches

    eucalyptus on a coat rack
    Just Kaylee

    We dig sprays of dried eucalyptus because a bouquet usually costs less than $10. Even better, it can last several years with regular dusting. To display, steal this decorating tip from the blogger who pens Just Kaylee. She added a splash of greenery to her entryway by hanging a bundle of eucalyptus on her coat rack.

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    Fake Trees Can Look Great

    artificial tree and fake spider plant
    Lazy Daisy Jones

    If you live in a dark apartment or do not have the patience to take care of a living thing, decorating with fake plants is A-OK in our book if you use artificial greenery that looks somewhat real in your home. In this living room, Ashley, the mind behind Lazy Daisy Jones combined a faux tree that came in a cute, metal bucket with a couple of real houseplants.

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    Mini Greenhouse

    Large plant terrarium
    The Pink House

    Make your entryway more interesting (and welcoming too!) with this idea by Emily Murray, the editor of The Pink House. The blogger keeps a brass and glass greenhouse filled with tiny succulents near her front door.

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    Stems and Leaves

    large palm leaves in a glass of water
    Leaf and June

    A few leafy stems or branches will bring a pinch of Mother Nature indoors. Interior plant designer Lisa Muñoz from Leaf and June prefers to use clear, glass vases to display fresh cut greenery.

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    Create a Plant Shelf

    Plants on a gallery wall
    Lust Living

    Add a pop of greenery to your gallery wall with a well-placed shelf. Olivia Silk from Lust Living used a tiny copper shelf to show off several succulents. The Swiss cheese plant on the floor and the banana leaf print on the wall round out the layout.

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    Trailing Succulents

    vine-like plants in a shower
    Beth Kooby Design

    Trailing fishhook plants, which are reasonably easy to grow, liven up a white bathroom by Beth Kooby Design. To keep these succulents happy, place them in a bright spot with indirect sunlight and plant them in a pot with drainage so their roots can quickly dry after watering.

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    Pair Plants with Floral Wall Art

    console adorned with plants
    Swoon Worthy

    A flowering houseplant like a peace lily (shown on the right) can prettify a space for many years. Pairing the shade loving plant with floral wall art added color and pattern to this living room decorated by the blogger behind Swoon Worthy.

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    Hanging Greenery

    hanging planters assortment
    Amber Interiors

    Instead of filling that blank wall in your living room with art and photos, you can display hanging greenery instead. To green up her space, Amber from Amber Interiors used some cord to suspend a selection of plants in striped ceramic planters.

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    Add Something Colorful to Greenery

    eucalyptus around picture frame
    12th and White

    Courtney from 12th and White created a colorful ​eucalyptus arrangement for her daughter's first birthday party by adding a few faux flowers.

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    Leaf Decor

    leaf in bathroom
    Alvhem Makleri

    We love decorating ideas that do not cost a cent. Here a beautiful found leaf from a Japanese maple tree injects a dollop of greenery into a white bathroom seen on Alvhem Makler.

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    Bring Geraniums Indoors

    geraniums on a table
    Fantastic Frank

    Geraniums are a favorite outdoor garden plant. But with a little watering and lots of sunlight, they can thrive indoors too. We think they are the best bet if you are looking for greenery with beautiful blooms. Shown in this apartment from Fantastic Frank is a type of geranium called Allure Light Pink. Also good to know is that other varieties can fill your home with a lovely scent. Examples include the leafy lemon balm or peppermint geranium.

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    Safe Plants for Cats

    hanging air plants
    Don't Cramp My Style

    Many cat owners deny themselves the joy that comes with indoor greenery because they are safeguarding their pets. If you count yourself among them, here is some good news: air plants are safe for cats to chew. But if you want to keep these plants out of your kitty's reach, this DIY from Anna at ​Don't Cramp My Style will keep your air plants safe. She whipped up the geometric wall planters shown using air-hardening clay.​

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    Indoor Herb Garden

    greenery and fresh herbs in kitchen
    Fantastic Frank

    Growing your own herbs indoors is an efficient way to green up a kitchen. On hand in this cooking space seen on Fantastic Frank is a mint plant on the left and a thyme plant on the right.

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    How to Hang a Staghorn Fern

    woman hanging a staghorn fern
    The Fresh Exchange

    Plants can help you get over the blues—for real. And thankfully an eight-step tutorial by The Fresh Exchange makes adding something green and leafy to your home during those chilly months a cinch. The project shares how to mount a staghorn fern to any wall in your home that receives moderate sunlight. FYI, to keep this plant happy you will need to cover the roots with organic matter like peat or compost soil.

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    Indoor Plant Trellis

    vertical wall planter
    Vintage Revivals

    Here is a spectacular way to flaunt a collection of greenery. Mandi and Courtney from Vintage Revivals transformed a bare kitchen wall in their home into a vertical garden with a DIY trellis.

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    Mix Artificial Plants with Living Ones

    mix of fake and living plants in a bathroom
    House Mix Blog

    Yes, you can recreate this gorgeous plant wall for less money than you think. To get the most bang for your dollars, Kate from House Mix Blog suggests combining real plants from your local garden center with inexpensive fake ones, which you can find at stores like IKEA or Home Goods.

    The living houseplants she purchased cost on average $10 a pop, while the faux greenery cost up to 75 percent less. Because Kate hates cleaning her bathroom, she selected living greenery that does not shed lots of leaves.

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    Creating a Faux Centerpiece

    fake stems and greenery arrangement
    White House Black Shutters

    These ideas from Ann Marie at White House Black Shutters share how to make faux greenery look like the real thing. First and foremost fresh sprigs are naturally droopy so you should bend the stems of your fake greenery to give it a natural look. Just like you would with a fresh-plucked bouquet, strip off any leaves from the lower half of each stem. It will make arranging your display in a vase a little bit easier. If you are putting your arrangement in something transparent like a Mason jar, consider adding simulated water to complete the realistic look.

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    Decorating with Fruit Tree Branches

    orange stem and tall planter
    Studio McGee

    Another tip worthy of borrowing is decorating with kumquat branches. The cute arrangement on the desk in this home office styled by Studio McGee features the tiny fruit hanging from leaf-filled branches. In the corner on the right is a fiddle leaf fig tree.

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    Creative Houseplant Ideas

    greenery incorporated into decor
    Alvhem Makleri

    As long as living greenery gets enough sunlight and water, you can get really creative with plant placement. In this apartment featured on Alvhem Makleri, a kitchen light fixture doubles as an indoor garden.

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    Play with Scale

    three different plants flanking bar cart

    When filling your abode with pops of greenery, try playing with scale. Oversized clippings like the palm leaves shown on the right in this living room by Homepolish add an exotic element that will raise your home's chic factor.