25 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Indigo Blue

Indigo accent wall

Becca Interiors

Rich, dark, and full of drama, indigo blue is a color that spans time periods and styles. A dark blue that’s more robust than navy (thanks to touches of purple), indigo has been in favor for centuries. The power of indigo varies wildly depending on how it’s used. As a wall color, it can contribute to a dark and moody atmosphere; as an accent color, it can be light and uplifting.

Indigo is often thought of as a deep blue with a hint of purple, but its definition varies. The color produced by the plant indigo errs on the side of teal or cobalt. In this roundup, we've incorporated a range of deep blues.

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    Experiment With Indigo Kitchen Cabinets

    Indigo navy kitchen

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Leave wood and white behind. Indigo works a treat when painted onto kitchen cabinets. You won't get bored of having a bolder shade in your cooking space, but it's not too far out of left field either. Keep the rest of the kitchen features neutral and it'll stay timeless.

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    Try an Indigo Couch

    Indigo couch

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Leather couches fell out of favor awhile ago, making room for fan-favorites linen and bouclé, but this deep blue version makes a case for why you should reconsider. In a space like a living room, there a plenty of soft furnishings already. The smooth finish of the leather mixed with the unique color choice makes it a great standout piece.

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    Give the Walls an Indigo Wash

    Indigo walls in office

    @jennpablostudio / Instagram

    Blue is a fantastic color for a wide range of reasons, one being that it's incredibly versatile when it comes to influencing the atmosphere and mood of a room. Whether it's in an office or a dining area, indigo is a good pick for adding a cozy, but elevated tilt.

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    Go Matchy-Matchy With Accents

    Blue bedspread and artwork

    Erin Williamson Design

    Though blue is often seen as a bright and bold color, it's not one to shy away from. As this bedroom shows, coordinating your bedding with artwork, lighting and other accents isn't overbearing. The end result can feel fresh, bright, and more invigorating than a neutral space.

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    Make Modern Moves With Indigo

    Indigo kitchen cupboards

    House of Chais

    Modern rooms aren't limited to the most muted colors of the rainbow. As this delightful kitchen proves, dark blues like indigo can be just as useful for getting across the mod message. The addition of matching accents and rugs makes it all the better, too.

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    Create a Grounded Bathroom

    Indigo bathroom cabinets

    Cathie Hong Boutique Interior Design Firm

    Light and airy is the name of the game in this minimal bathroom, but the dark indigo cabinets below make it feel grounded and cozy. Monochrome spaces (particularly white and lighter hues) can feel like they're lacking some kind of dimension, but a deep shade instantly diffuses that situation.

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    Roll Out the Indigo Rug

    Navy indigo rug in playroom

    Calimia Home

    Rugs are a perfect way to incorporate indigo. It adds style and dimension without the same permanence as paint or wallpaper. Because they're so easy to change out, you'll be able to create an entirely new feel to the room whenever you feel like it.

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    Envelop a Kitchen in Blue

    Indigo blue kitchen

    Erin Williamson Design

    Love indigo and other shades of blue? The kitchen is just as good a space as any for bringing in indigo and a variety of other blue colors. Whether it's through tiles, cabinet paint, appliances, hardware, or a mix of several things, it's a lovely palette to work into your prep, cooking, and cleaning areas.

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    Bring Indigo Into a Sitting Area

    Under stairs sitting area

    Erin Williamson Design

    The best parts of many homes are their unique details. If you have a wall niche or a fun sitting area, it's a great candidate for infusing a little indigo blue. As this minimal area shows, the blue adds a splash of color without taking away from the space's serenity.

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    Incorporate Indigo Into Wallpaper

    Indigo bathroom

    Maite Granda

    An indigo pattern (and matching wall to boot) can be the perfect way to bring this color into a bathroom. This is a particularly good shade for powder rooms and primary bathrooms that have darker fixtures or surfaces as this dark blue complements them nicely.

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    Add a Tiny Touch of Indigo

    Indigo details in living room

    Maite Granda

    Decorating with indigo doesn't require you to paint the whole place in the blue shade (though that's totally fine, too). Instead, you can opt for the most subtle of touches as this room does, incorporating indigo in patterns on rugs, throw pillows, or through decorative objects.

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    Try an Indigo Accent Wall

    Indigo accent wall

    Becca Interiors

    What better way to add depth and sleek flair to a room than through an indigo accent wall? This dining area was primarily white and beige, but the addition of a deeply saturated portion of the wall instantly infuses more style and an eye-catching statement.

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    Layer Shades of Blue and Indigo

    Blue room

    M. Lavender Interiors

    The rug, ottoman-meets-coffee-table, and couch in this living area shows that your indigo and blue shades don't need to match perfectly to look fantastic when paired together. This color invigorates beige walls and the surprising pops of red make it all the cooler of a space.

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    Opt for Indigo Tile

    Indigo tiles in shower

    Beauty Is Abundant

    It's hard to think of a better space for indigo tile than one that's surrounded with water, such as the shower. In this bathroom, rectangular shapes are modern but the shade and shiny finish feel playful and fresh.

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    Frame a Room With Indigo

    Navy blue room

    Design: Blakely Interior Design / Photography: Robin Ivy

    Like the accent wall seen as earlier, indigo makes yet another case for why it belongs on your walls (at least one of them). Keep it plain, or follow in the footsteps of this space and create a chic pattern or a mural with indigo as the primary color. It'll frame a bed perfectly, or really any other furniture you place.

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    Use Indigo in an Unexpected Place

    Indigo island cupboards

    Britt Design Studio

    If you adore the look of a modern all-white kitchen, that's completely understandable. That being said, you might be looking for spots to add a splash of color. This kitchen is a great example: deep blue is tucked away beneath the waterfall countertop island. It's like a little surprise every time you see it.

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    Install Indigo Curtains

    Indigo curtains and accent chair

    Britt Design Studio

    A good happy medium between paint or a tiny splash of indigo is through bigger items of furniture or textiles. The curtains here frame the window but also play off all of the well curated accents throughout the room, from the leopard-print accent chair to the round side table.

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    Select Indigo-Toned Furniture

    Indigo dining chairs

    Louis Duncan-He Designs

    Traditional dining rooms can incorporate modern touches for a room that blends the best of both. Indigo is a color that comfortable straddles both those design worlds. The rounded blue chairs on two sides of this table still feel cohesive with the seating at the heads of the table, but adds some visual interest.

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    Throw in Indigo Bedding Accents

    Indigo accents on bedspread

    White Sands Design | Build

    Get cozy with indigo accent pillows and blankets in your bedding setup. To make this blue shade really pop, add a foot stool or ottoman (like this room has) to spread the color around the space even more.

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    Bring Indigo Into the Laundry Room

    Indigo laundry room

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Laundry isn't fun, but completing the chore in a well-designed room makes it a little less painful. Indigo is a great choice of color for a room like this. It feels sharp and clean and makes it easy to work in a wall of fun textures and patterns, as this space shows.

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    Mix Unexpected Colors

    Indigo and yellow living room

    Louis Duncan-He Designs

    Indigo is a pretty bright color in and of itself so you're probably not considering other bold tones when it comes to pairing secondary colors. You might want to think again. This contemporary living room makes the blue couches feel almost neutral thanks to the vivid pops of yellow throughout.

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    Paint an Indigo Blue Accent Strip

    Indigo wall in room

    Yael Weiss Interiors / @sketchfortytwo

    Accent walls don't need to be full paint jobs or intricate murals, you can get creative with proportions, too. Roughly 1/3 of this bedroom's walls is lacquered in a muted blue, which looks lovely against both the blue accents pillows and complementary orange sofa.

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    Make Indigo Tiles a Focus Point

    Shower tile with indigo tiles

    Victoria Bell Design

    As another bathroom proved already, indigo is a perfect color for tiling, but there are many ways you can go about it. This room is already outfitted with a statement pattern on the walls, but a deeper shade of indigo tile carves out the shower area and grabs the attention.

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    Create a Serene Sanctuary With Indigo

    Indigo palette room

    Victoria Bell Design

    Blue can invigorate and elevate, but it can also provide a sense of calm. It's a popular choice for bathrooms and bedrooms for this reason, and indigo should be another shade that's considered in this realm. When paired with a slate blue and white, it feels especially serene.

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    Cover a Powder Room

    Indigo bathroom

    White Sands Design | Build

    The wallpaper in this bathroom leans teal but still has the depth of indigo. Anyone unsure of covering a full room in a deep blue will find that a power room is the perfect place to try it. It's small enough to serve as an experimental design choice, but you'll likely find it'll become one of your most stylish rooms in the house.