How to Decorate a Room Using Mint Green

Decorating with Mint Green
Lauren Flanagan

There’s no better way to freshen up a room than with a hint of mint green. It’s light, bright, cheerful and undeniably fresh. And the really great news is that decorating with this pastel hue is simple for even the most novice home decorators.

It's fairly easy to decorate with mint green because it pairs so well with a large number of other colors and works well in several types of rooms. But despite its easygoing nature, there are still a few important things to remember.

Mint Green Dos and Don’ts

DO decorate with mint green in rooms that have a lot of natural light. The light will reflect off the mint making it extra bright.

DO combine mint green with brass fixtures and fittings. While mint does work with chrome, the brass will give it a much warmer look.

DON’T commit to more than you’re ready for. If mint green walls and furniture are too much for you, try using it in accent pillows and throws. Even a small amount will freshen a space.

DO decorate with mint green in a retro-inspired room. Mint rooms are reminiscent of the ’50s and '60s making them great for people who enjoy vintage themes.

DON’T forget to add some warm accents in a mint room. Because it is so light and fresh, mint needs a warm and/or dark color to ground it.

DO mix mint green with other pastels for cute children’s rooms and nurseries.

DO combine mint with reds and corals for energetic rooms that pop.

DO decorate with mint green in place of other neutrals. It adds a touch of brightness but is still calm and subtle enough to have the same effect as a neutral. In fact, it could be argued that mint is a neutral.

Mint Green Color Combinations

Because mint green is so close to being a neutral, it can pair with almost any other color. The best thing to do is think about the mood you want to create and then trust your own eye. How it looks will always depend on the amount of natural light in your space so test out shades in your room before making final commitments.

  • Mint and White: Mint and white is a crisp, clean combination. Try pairing mint walls with white furniture or vice versa. Also, white trim and molding against mint walls really pops and adds architectural interest.
  • Mint and Black: For an edgy way to decorate with mint green, try pairing it with black. There are tons of ways to do it—a particularly sleek and luxurious way is to pair mint with black lacquer furniture or moldings.
  • Mint and Coral: Pairing mint with coral is a great way to create a fresh and energizing palette. Coral window treatments and pillows look great against a mint backdrop.
  • Mint and Gray: Adding gray to mint is a great way to soothe its natural energy. To keep the palette soft use light gray rather than dark.
  • Mint and Aqua: Together these two colors create a real retro feel a la 1950s and '60s. To really make it fun, add a pop of red.
  • Mint and Lavender: Pastel shades always look great together and have a very feminine and “pretty” vibe. Lavender is a nice alternative to pink if you want something soft but not too girlish.

Mint is particularly trendy now, but it's safe to say that it will be around for a very long time. Mint’s energy will always be popular so don’t worry that your mint green furnishings will go out of style. That said, if you’re nervous about decorating with mint green, try incorporating it in small doses. Accent pillows, window treatments, even small vases and objects—they will all add a nice pop of freshness to any room. You can pull them out in the springtime when you want to add freshness, and put them away in the fall when you’re ready to change the look.