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15 Stylish Ways to Decorate With Mirrors

Open Your Space with Reflection and Light

Twin mirrors with colorful frames
South of Market

Mirrors are a great way to open up a space, using reflections to make a room feel larger than it actually is. Not only can mirrors be fun to decorate with, but with a little creativity,​ they can easily become the show-stopping centerpiece of your home. Here are several ways that you can do amazing things in your home with mirrors—from the simplest uses to the most innovative.

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    Geometric Statement Piece

    Faceted gold framed mirror wall art
    Simply Smitten

    When picking mirrors for your favorite room, don't feel confined in your frame choices to round, rectangular or a few curly flourishes around the edges. They're all great approaches that work well in a variety of settings, but don't be afraid to go for something a little bolder. This mirror's large, gold frame shaped in a stunning geometric pattern is so alluring that the reflective surface at the center almost seems like an afterthought.

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    Oversized to Open the Space

    Oversized floor length mirror with ornamental frame
    Waiting on Martha

    This massive, ornamentally framed mirror works on so many levels. Not only does it give you all the mirror space you could possibly need, but it also opens up the room beautifully by giving the optical illusion of more space.

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    Mirrored Gallery Wall

    Framed gallery wall with large mirror centerpiece
    Centsational Girl

    Mirrors make a wonderful addition to gallery wall displays, especially when they're featured as the central attraction. In this home office, a pair of elegant-looking mirrors are flanked on both sides by wall art. Identical framing brings the look of the whole wall display together while the addition of the round mirror at the top breaks up the shapes adding visual interest.

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    The More the Merrier

    Framed mirrors in a gallery wall
    William Abranowicz/ Domino

    When it comes to mirrors, the conventional wisdom is one per room. But why stop there? Another way to approach using mirrors in a gallery wall like this one is to create an entire display of mirrors.

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    A Hall of Mirrors

    Hallway decorated in framed mirrors
    Curbed NY

    This hallway expands on the mirror gallery wall concept to cover an entire entryway. Mirrors are always a good idea in any small space, and using a gallery wall adds an artistic twist to a traditional design adage.

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    Function and Fashion

    Mirror wall behind a free standing bath tub

    Just about every bathroom has a mirror over the sink, but a mirror wall behind the tub is definitely a unique statement. Combined with a freestanding tub and a chandelier, this antique mirror wall adds a touch of old world charm to this bathroom.

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    Pleasing Pendants

    Three small diamond shaped hanging mirrors
    Maison Wiz

    Mirrors are very functional pieces to have in your home. But it doesn't have to end there. This trio of hanging pendant mirrors makes a beautiful hanging wall statement that is way more fashion than function.

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    Create a Motif

    Mirrored credeza in a living room
    Olivieri Berni Interieurs

    This wall-mounted, crystal-shaped mirror is an eye-catching piece all by itself. Pair it with a mirrored credenza and you've got a centerpiece that will set the stage for your entire room.

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    Add a Splash of Color

    Large mirror with bright, multi-colored frame
    Desire to Inspire

    We rarely think of mirrors as helping out with a room's color palette, but with the right frame and a little creativity they can do just that. Painting the frame on a large mirror can make it a big part of the color story in your favorite room. Here, a combination of bright yellow and orange makes a big splash in a modern, eclectic room full of interesting, colorful pieces.

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    Mirrors in Unexpected Places

    Mirrored doorway
    The Luxuriante

    Walls and floors are the perfect places for functional mirrors. But embracing mirrors as a design feature opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. In this home, a doorway mirrored in a metallic sheen gives the space a new layer of character as well as some much-needed warmth.

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    The Kitchen Backsplash

    Kitchen backsplash done in mirrored brick tile
    Desire to Inspire

    A mirrored backsplash is an amazing way to give your kitchen additional bling. Comprised of mirrored tiles arranged in a brick formation, this backsplash is a creative, modern update of an industrial style kitchen.

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    Elevate Your Bar Cart

    A bar cart with mirrored interior
    Be Colorful

    Mirrors aren't just for your walls. There's any number of other places where a surprise mirror can give your decor the extra boost it needs. In this gorgeous bar cart, all it takes is a few strategically placed mirrors to create a classic effect with a luxurious feel.

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    Reflective Art

    Bedside artwork made of hexagonal mirror tiles

    This innovative art installation features hexagonal mirrored tiles that start on the wall and travel down to take up part of the floor. Displays like this liven up the room in interesting and unexpected ways while still leaving space for little flourishes, like the missing tiles that give the display that extra touch of character.

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    Mirrored Stairs

    Mirrored stairs
    This is Glamorous

    Mirrors on your stairs are likely not for every home, but it's hard to deny that as a standalone concept, it is pretty cool. Try experimenting with mirrors in unexpected spaces as a way to make a decorative statement.

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    Simply Classic

    Stylish modern mirror above a bedroom credenza

    Of course, at the end of the day, there's absolutely nothing wrong with sticking with the classics. This large, round mirror is a beautiful addition to an understated room with an abundance of style and charm. What makes playing with mirrors so much fun is how versatile they are. No matter how simple or bold you want to be, there's a mirror that sees things the same way.